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  1. Thanks you guys for all the advice hopefully i can get to start soon
  2. I have always been interested when I see someone fly fishing, being from the shore or kayak, I was living in LI but had to move to Charlotte NC, can anyone point me in the direction to getting a setup that can work in fresh and salt water, or is there no such thing?
  3. Wow Jerry your the man, every time I go to captain kayak he treats me like gold.
  4. Good luck I just got a revo 13 from him last week, before moving to Carolina same color, I love it,
  5. I did not know how to use the tubes, I wish i would have bought some from captain kayak though, they looked easier than the tman ones, and i got a question for you guys, who carries Hogy lures here in long island? I know it's off subject but any info is appeciated
  6. I caught sevaral blues and one striper on bucktaails love them
  7. So If your planning to go during the day only, you do not need to purchace the permit right?
  8. I have a Revo 13 so i just want the best second kayak that can cover a little more stuff than it
  9. I want to get my second kayak soon, I know everyone says test one before you buy it, but I had not find anyone with Jackson Cudas to test, and still looking to test a Wilderness Tarpon 140, I had a Ocean kayak prowler 15, but I had to get rid of it cause I want to stay in the 13 to 14 foot range So what do you guys think? Jackson kayak Cuda, Ocean Trident 13, or a Wilderness Tarpon 140.
  10. Eben you have a deal on the reel pm me on where to meet