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  1. No thanks looking for GRS or CV trollers
  2. I don't have any CV's for trade just the GRS and I'm only looking for trollers
  3. Nothing specific just looking for trollers to fish
  4. Worth a shot
  5. Still looking to trade this slim m blackfish for a troller
  6. Not to many of these out there
  7. Ok I'll trade for the black and pink.
  8. Are either of these two deep drivers ? If not I'm interested in the black and pink on the left that's a deep diver
  9. I'm looking for some trollers, GRS or CV. I have a slim m blackfish and a slim m silver flash with blue back up for trade. Show me what you got.
  10. Got thanks
  11. Still interested? I sent you a pm yesterday..
  12. Going to hold on to it and put it with another plug
  13. No thanks
  14. I'll do that