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  1. Looking to buy a boga 30 post pics and price please
  2. Trying to sell together still sorry
  3. Sorry for the trouble I try and follow all the rules the best I can. I bought 2 others like this the other day so decided to sell the ones I already have. I'm not sure the time difference between posts but it was probably only a few I said I thought I closed this thread up before hand.
  4. They are I thought I locked this up with the others and no I didnt just purchase these.
  5. $100 each shipped
  6. All sold
  7. All yours pm coming
  8. Sold Pm coming
  9. Bump.
  10. I'll do $70 pp shipped
  11. No thanks
  12. $65 is the best I can do
  13. All plugs 35 shipped if you buy 2 add $3 if only taking one. Lil guy $30