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  1. Yeah, they could've called that. Home court advantage I guess.
  2. Tough loss. Good game though.
  3. Who gets the last shot? I want Horford to take it.
  4. Jaylen Brown has moments of greatness but he has bad hands. Turnover machine.
  5. Charged with disorderly conduct for filing a false police report. Is disorderly conduct the usual charge for a false report?
  6. I wonder what'll be left of that mil once his legal team is done with him. Unless someone else is helping out with his legal expenses.
  7. He'd have been lucky to have made two grand from that bit role. These actors don't always make what you'd think for movies. Barkhad Abdi ( I am the captain) form the Captain Phillips movie earned just $65.000 for a pretty substantial role in a major movie.
  8. When it comes to boxing there was only one "Greatest", but as far as New England goes, Marvelous Marvin Hagler was the best. Undisputed middleweight champ for seven years straight. His fights were must watch events. He used to do his roadwork in army boots because he considered running shoes to be "sissy shoes. Brockton guy.
  9. I'm pretty sure the only thing I've seen him in was the Mighty Ducks. Didn't know it was him until now.
  10. I definitely see your point but, c'mon, this guy was not an A list star at all. Maybe there are some Telemundo soap opera stars that pal around with the likes of the Obamas and Kamala Harris.
  11. For a C list actor that most of us have never heard of he's certainly had A LOT of interactions with some high powered people.
  12. Cook County states attorney, Kim Foxx has recused herself from the Smollett case. She hasn't given a reason for recusing herself at this point.
  13. I'm worried that Tatum's going to traded for AD. I'd love to see AD in green but Ainge needs to figure out how to do it without losing Tatum.
  14. At least they were smart enough to learn from their mistakes.