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  1. The Patriots won't have Dante Scarnecchia coaching up the O-line this year, which is a big loss.
  2. I'd stick with the old Hardy, it's a great reel. The only thing I wish the LRH had was an exposed rim for palming. I fish an old CFO 3 on my 9' 5wt. made by Hardy. It's super light and I love it.
  3. I thought the show was excellent until the last 2-3 seasons. It's obvious that the producer and writers wave a hard left political agenda and push it in the story line. i still think Frank is a great character.
  4. Future generations of kids will miss out on the Land O Lakes boob trick forever. oh, the humanity!
  5. Season 6 is supposedly going to be 13 episodes. Unfortunately, the virus hit during filming and everything's on hold, so expect a long wait. Sucks
  6. Just when I think the show couldn't get any better they continue to outdo themselves. Best written show on television IMO. I can't wait for the season finale next week.
  7. Thanks Kid, the material I used is called Loco foam and it's sold in that color. I think they make other colors too.
  8. I've been a fan from day 1 and still enjoy the series but the Darlene character is getting to be a little over the top. They try to make her as outrageous as possible to the point of being unrealistic. She shoots the Kansas City mob boss's kids pecker off and he lets it slide, cmon now
  9. What a slob. Nice looking fins too.
  10. The Hilltop cows (far left in the pic) are now located at Market St. in Lynnfield. I'm glad they saved them. And don't forget the orange dinosaur down the road, he's still there.