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  1. Those look great. The mallard collars are tricky to get to sweep back just right. It took me awhile to get the hang of it.
  2. After the yanks swept the Sox in the last series I'm a little nervous about the wild card game. It's looking like JD Martinez might be out for the game on Tuesday.
  3. Enjoy your retirement. I hope you have many years of fishing whenever you feel like it.
  4. One more pic that shows the colors a little better.
  5. Last week I had a 3 day window to go fishing. I’ve never fished northern Maine before but have wanted to for a while now. I threw the tent and fishing gear in the truck and headed north. I didn’t have a solid plan, I just wanted to explore the rivers up there. I arrived late in the afternoon and didn’t have much time to fish the first day so I drove around looking for likely spots to fish. The next morning I tried a section of river just off the road. I managed to get a 13-14 inch LL salmon. Then people started showing up and it got too crowded for me so I left and found a tiny stream with lots of little brookies willing to eat. The last day there I chose a river that I’ve read about before and bushwhacked upstream through the woods. I came to a great looking pool and started fishing a bead head nymph. One other guy showed up but there was plenty of room for both of us. I saw a few fish roll and realized they were taking something tiny just under the surface. I switched up to 6x tippet and a #18 emerger it took a couple of hours but I finally hooked up. I landed the biggest brookie I’ve ever caught. I lost two others but I was perfectly happy with the one fish. Unfortunately I had to head home, I’ll be back though. The other guy was nice enough to take some pics for me.
  6. One of the first fly fishing books I read when getting started many years ago was Joe Humphreys Trout Tactics. I learned a lot from that book. There are some great trout fishing pioneers from that region. Vince Marinaro's In the Ring of the Rise was another book that was ahead of its time. I learned a ton from that book.
  7. Win or lose, this is a lot funnier to watch than Cam Newton
  8. Londi's in Peabody Ma is great. Jamie's, also in Peabody is also fantastic. kellys is way overrated, they suck. Worst onion rings ever too.
  9. I never understood how Scarface was so popular. Cheesy movie with bad acting
  10. I worked in a fly shop in Boston back in the day. We sold those Marryat reels. They were really good for salt water compared to most other reels back then but, boy were they sensitive. If you looked at them the wrong way they'd go out of whack. They had a very unique drag system that was difficult to work on.
  11. Jessica Simpson: Hold my beer
  12. Happy birthday Jimmy. One of the most positive guys on the site
  13. Accidental post
  14. They had to shut down Provincetown high school because there are no longer enough kids in town to keep it open. Not much reproduction going on in P town.