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  1. The all important road win. Good game tonight by the C's. I hope Tatum can continue to put up numbers like tonight for the rest of the playoffs (he has to make those free throws though.) Hoping for the sweep!
  2. Fat stick o’ butter
  3. Just got home from the game. I had a blast. Had a free tee shirt waiting on my seat, got to see Red Panda in person for the first time (she's awesome) and more importantly, the Celtics won!
  4. Great post. This is awesome to see. I used to fish for them and the searun Browns back in the late eighties/early nineties. The Browns were great (and big) but it was the salters that we really wanted to see thrive. Now that I'm on the Northshore I've been trying to find natives ( not necessarily salters) close to where I live but haven't found any yet.
  5. Kyrie is certainly a drama queen, we've been bitching about him all season but, I think the Celtics low point is behind them now. I think they're going to have a good playoff run. If Kyrie leaves this summer I won't shed any tears. I think coach Stevens needs to figure out how to handle divas like Irving. Great coach but kinda walks on eggshells.
  6. Small stream brownie
  7. A lot of sporting goods stores sell cheap neoprene water shoes with rubber soles. You just slip them on. Buy a size or two bigger than your normal size. I saw them at Dicks for under $12.00.
  8. I don't like Jaylen as a starter. He's great once in a while but makes bad decisions. Poor handles.
  9. I fish a couple of ponds where the fish key in on the midges and won't Take anything bigger than a size 14-16. Simple emergers work well.
  10. I just found a close out deal on some breathables. Plugger, thanks for your response. please close thread.
  11. The only stuff I have to trade would be fly fishing stuff. I've got tons of fly tying materials including quality hooks.
  12. I'm looking to buy waders for my grown daughter. She'll only use them a few times a year so I don't want to buy expensive new waders. I thought I'd try here. She's a woman's size 7 shoe and 5' 4" tall. thanks
  13. First river fish of the year for me.
  14. Partridge and copper dyed peacock. for midge eating pond trout.
  15. With Hayward on the rise I think he should be the facilitator off the bench, NOT Rozier. Rozier just doesn't have the vision and basketball IQ that Hayward has. It almost looks like Rozier is improvising out there which leads to a lot of botched plays and turnovers. I like Rozier but I don't think he should be leading the offense off the bench. Morris has regressed after a great start to the season. I love the guy's heart and think he has some leadership qualities because of his toughness but he needs to lay off the low percentage shots that he's been chucking up lately. And don't get me started on the team's horrible rebounding.