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  1. Very sad news .... may he rest in peace he will be sorely missed , The good lord has welcomed one hell of a lure builder . Condolences to his family and all who loved this man
  2. As to the exact location it was on a specific dock on the kill van kull
  3. From what i have been told the person asked for a cigarette and the gentleman didnt have one and the next thing he knew a gun was placed to his head and he was relieved of his possessions
  4. Have 3 sources who have confirmed that a fisherman who was fishing in the peninsular city was robbed at gun point and his phone and wallet were taken a few days ago . Desperate times gentleman please be careful out there .
  5. i have been using my 6000 without any issues to date , have submerged it dropped it on rocks so far so good . i rinse off after every outing and its ready to go . no issues
  6. Makes me damn proud to be a member of SOL when i see members looking out for one another in this manner , great job gentleman
  7. The denial of access to the false rip in my opinion is an orchestrated effort to deny the fisherman access to one of the premiere fishing locations in the entire state . It begins with the spring closure due to the plovers , which by the way is achieved by just enclosing the nest at other beaches that are used for nesting not closing beach access in other parks. Also do you find it incomprehensible that a plover never makes a nest where the public utilizes that beach for swimming ? there goes the beach badge fees and concessions god forbid . And now comes the dredging just when the the fall run is about to get underway is there no reason why it cannot be delayed until December or later ? Fishermen in this state contribute millions of dollars to this economy and are treated horribly . To add insult to injury no F###IN SURF DAY . 2020 cant wait for this year to be over what a disaster ! RANT OVER
  8. That would be a Kingfish
  9. Get a bike and keep it moving been there numerous times and have heard all the horror stories but my experience has been positive with most of the crowd . If you treat the place with the respect it deserves you will have a positive and enriching fishing experience and i will also add that the local people could not be more personable . And there are a few true charecters which only adds to the experience .
  10. finally read the whole thread and realize the ramifications of such an act but this thread is a classic and very funny " snapped off yam " r u kidding me ! But a terrible thing to do
  11. unemployment or disability
  12. Very glad to hear this , now they need to confiscate their fishing equipment which was used in the act of the crime . GREAT NEWS
  13. Lets be very careful guys about placing blame on a certain demographic , we r all to blame before u know it somebody is going to write a book about the whole wonderful experience and include pole numbers ...... oh sorry someone already has
  14. Wow very proud of you guys NJ wasnt mentioned until the 7 th page , feeling the luv all the way down here LOL
  15. OC numerous pods of bunker, caught 1 blue on PP , bunker were happy all day with no harrassment seen . Had a school just out of casting range for hours .