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  1. You'd better strap down the house
  2. Why do peanuts go deep at night?
  3. Of bald peanuts you sickos
  4. I have my sharing size can ready to go
  5. Those Poor Italians she is singing about.
  6. OP obviously not a Yankees fan. This is far from breaking news. It was very clear something was different from the first home game.
  7. Mother in Law arrived?
  8. You should go read what Carton puts in their beers. Rice and Palm Sugar sounds normal.
  9. Not sure that made your case any better.
  10. The girl is coming in this afternoon. Showing her how to change out her brake pads tomorrow. SIL's on Sunday.
  11. The C-King of SOL is Terri
  12. That is incorrect Thanks for tracking down the other information. Good to know.
  13. I might be the only one who didn't know you worked at that bank before you admitted it to everyone. But I doubt it.