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  1. D week is an all day hunt
  2. No elk this year Final week of Turkey coming up
  3. I have to grab a snack and water before dropping that prison sentence on myself
  4. My favorite is when you get caught rolling your eyes and she hits you with "you never listen" After a half an hour of listening to her yammering on
  5. The best part of going there is leaving
  6. What size are the tubes? Tempted.
  7. You should stop dragging them
  8. I have to work on my vocal emojis
  9. It's a shame you didn't lose a shingle in October 2012
  10. Isn't every roof in MoCo only around 9years old? Except my neighbor of course. He waited until today to get his replaced. Started hammering at 7:45 this morning.
  11. My test came back negative. Now I have permission go to Philthy tomorrow to be in a giant room with thousands of other jackasses who got jabbed and don't have to prove that they're not carriers. Such a ****how.
  12. Presidential resignation would be a great first step
  13. Wow that was fast
  14. Saved for when he says he didn't say this
  15. I can imagine it's Japan trying to develop some new type of sex toy that accidentally flew away