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  1. I wear boots on a boat. Not a kayak. What the hell are kayak boots anyway?
  2. The look on his face at the plate when he's batting says it all. Like someone who's lost.
  3. I expect to see a pitch thrown at a Boston hitter tomorrow. Otherwise Boone is the worst manager.
  4. I actually wanted Boston to hit a home run
  5. Flip flops in a kayak
  6. Just sloppy That was game over
  7. Be nice to see Britton throw at Martinez in the 9th for the pair on Didi
  8. Fantasy sports God you people are ****ing annoying
  9. Flashing back to the third, why are balks and passed balls not errors?
  10. You'd think with a giant head like that, you could come up with something better.
  11. Or have a hot dog off the grill?
  12. Like Johnny Dangerously
  13. Trikes are for the velcro new balance crowd
  14. He put handle bar extensions on it so he can ride bitch all the time