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  1. It's really easy to do yourself. Shouldn't cost much. I ran power back to my shed with the help of a neighbor. After watching, I could have done it myself. On a side note, can you ask your girlfriend if it would be okay to drown Terri in her pond? Thank you.
  2. Happy Birthday Mike Have fun buffing the whip today. Waxing the Benz you sicko...
  3. Anyone swinging by Kane today, I would gladly split 4pks of each of the two new releases. Sitting in the airport heading out for a bit.
  4. The least you could do is scarf down a platter of fried clams beforehand and be a team player
  5. Good. You should try to keep it that way.
  6. Grab a four of the fancy Tonic from Fever Tree
  7. You have a boat? Does P10 know?
  8. I can't wait to drive my rental from O'Haire to downtown ChiTown tomorrow evening.
  9. Not just yet. I just pick a few up here and there. I need to make my way through the rest of these 150's. LOL. I miss going into actual shops to grab some singles to try stuff out.
  10. Yeah. It was still an OK smoke
  11. I think the zest is a bit much
  12. grab a cotton swap and check your guides
  13. There is no way in hell they get a 1st degree conviction. Ever. They should be pushing for 2nd degree.
  14. Yup. With Looney Peppers.