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  1. I need to head down you way before freezer burn sets in
  2. Those swords. LOL. That was really good.
  3. The one is a nice size doe. She might be the mother of the last remaining smaller one. I could just crack the sliding glass door so I don't have to go out in the cold.
  4. We have had four does come to the backyard pretty regularly. Two showed up today.
  5. "Fought"? I dead lifted some sort of fish for about 10 minutes down in the Caribbean. No idea what it was but saw color well below the boat before the rig popped. Most other fish are fairly quick to land. I don't horse fish but I also don't showboat with a bent rod. Get it in and either revive to release or toss on ice. Bonefish are a pain in the ass to land because every time you think it's done, the effer runs for the horizon.
  6. Burn the house down and start over
  7. Good to see they finally painted some cans. That was a favorite from last time. I would probably buy cases of Haze and Hurricane if the opportunity arose.
  8. Oh hell yes. Preferably with a couple years on it.
  9. You mean to tell me those savages turn their cars RIGHT?!?!?!?!
  10. We could still build a wall along the delaware
  11. Double barrel aged chewy stouts Like the type CSJ pours onto the ground without even thinking that someone might actually want it
  12. that was funny I look forward to meeting Belmo Friday and then punching myself in the face for looking forward
  13. I like chewy stouts
  14. This ain't no pleasure cruise. We're Toggin. Save that stuff for flat fish tomfoolery.
  15. How many sammiches are you packing?