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  1. Imagine the amount of cherry tomatoes those will support. A bumper season!
  2. How about reading the responses which have been provided already.
  3. You're speaking about "below" from an extracted view. The Earth does not work that way. As I'm sure you know. Trying to play ignorant will not make you so.
  4. Of course it does. You need to first understand how the Earth works before worrying about why streams flow down.
  5. You're idea of top and bottom is from an extracted view of course. You know that when you are standing on the Earth, Up is the sky and Down is the center of the Earth. At every single point on the spherical Earth.
  6. No that never happens on Earth. I think you're reading something incorrectly.
  7. But they are affected by the Moon's Grabbity. They are tidal towards the mouths where they reach the oceans. Kind of difficult to push water upstream. I've never seen that happen before.
  8. Excellent. You are catching on. Baby steps as they say
  9. The punishment is due
  10. Wow you are truly broken if you believe any of what you typed
  11. I just bury a bluefish under each tomato plant
  12. I left the peppers out all night by accident. They're good. If it was the tomatoes, I'd probably be planting seeds today.
  13. Those admin rights you have are skewing reality. Page 740 for us peasants
  14. Nope. It's a topic that is funny to me. That's all. I don't live with regret. That's worse than being stuck in High School.