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  1. The backseat of that car would have to be replaced
  2. Any steakhouse worth visiting knows what Medium Rare means The morans at your local Sizzler have no clue
  3. There really are only a few items which should be deep fried. One of them is not steak. Or most other things violated by the county fair visiting demographic.
  4. All of them that don't deserve to be beaten into a deep fried atrocity But to be specific...Ribeye, end cut, medium rare.
  5. I'd rather my brain go to mush naturally than to push it along the way trying to figure **** like this out.
  6. Steak
  7. Want to see your parents age overnight? Have them move to ****ing Florida. I hate that ****ned state and what it does to people. It doesn't help when you do nothing to provide even a modest amount of activity in your life.
  8. Still bummed I had to let that one go
  9. I feel like I framed that shot rather well
  10. I sure didn't forget to text her around 9:30ish I added a few special emojis because I care
  11. I thought you were looking for a meth nerd
  12. Thank you
  13. Endurance is a great read