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  1. I thought this was about the time you lost both waffle irons
  2. At least it's helping clean up Philly
  3. Nevermind. Get a bloagie with your hoagie
  4. Hot sandwiches are a different discussion
  5. Italian subs are not obscure dip****
  6. So basically the whole deal is a piece of **** Do it right or don't bother.
  7. Yes what we need is more ****ing humans Save everyone. Live forever. Blah blah blah.
  8. Eventually
  9. No we just need less people
  10. How do you reheat your day old grinder?
  11. Johnny Dangerously
  12. I had one of those last Thursday.
  13. We call him Mr Potato Head but that's off topic
  14. That one is great Saouuche.
  15. He didn't say toasted