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  1. They are on the upstairs bathroom fans. Kitchen does not vent.
  2. There is hope for Maine after all
  3. That's what we had installed on the house for all the roof vents. They look good and do the job. Not sure how they handle any build up of kitchen exhaust. I do know that a number of guys I worked with who were from China would have some serious exhaust systems installed in their houses to handle the cooking they would do. Some even had custom wok stoves installed which would throw a ton of smoke.
  4. Nope you already explained it
  5. Yeah I finally looked it up I still remember seeing him flying out of the cabin and launching that thing into the wake.
  6. That barbarian hucked a perfectly fine banana into the water. Fortunately, they too are biodegradable.
  7. That guy is a moran
  8. Don't make me go all Jase on you
  9. Down In a block. Who hangs knives on the wall? They're not decorations.
  10. Peanut Butter Tuesday