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  1. Stop at Caputos and get some lard bread
  2. Pop, sink, swim, repeat. Pay attention on the drop and keep in contact with the plug.
  3. Hopefully I would see their little tails wagging with joy
  4. Did you slip on any rocks?
  5. Ringer has a boo boo. Pray for him.
  6. The word on the street is that Bellringer is a *****. I would hope he would defend his position
  7. I hope BB duct tapes his belly button
  8. Niffty's shelves are cluttered with skulls and dildos. No room for silly books
  9. Why do you hate art?
  10. In other words, the Yankees will fall short again next year. Perfect. They better not sign that DBag Machado. Total dickhead move the other night.
  11. If you shoot them when they're pregnant, you get two for one. Or six for one
  12. You would be correct. They're not people.
  13. What book? I can text it to you 240 words at a time.