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  1. I'm going to have to stick to the $100 price, and I have no idea what that Penn is, I'm a daiwa and shimano kind of guy
  2. Barely used in great shape, have no need for it so figure time to try and sell. $100. Has 20lb power pro on it but will strip if wanted. Thanks. Will post a pic tomorrow
  3. Sold, please remove thread. Thanks
  4. Striper I'll do 750 cash if you come to me, I'm in marshfield
  5. Went smaller n got a 14000 also want to buy the new dogfight so looking to unload some stuff. Can't do 700 sorry, 800 is the lowest I'll go
  6. $800 cash picked up, on the south shore. Brand new never used
  7. 750 sounds good. Im on the south shore, should we meet somewhere or what. I believe we can now take this to PM?
  8. having trouble posting the pictures, sorry
  9. ~~Looking to sell a used daiwa 6500h. Was used for fishing the canal therefore the telltale handle and knob scratches are evident as seen in the pictures. Was sent to daiwa for factory lube and servicing as I send all my reels to the respective factory at the end of every season. Its a good deal, they usually only charge shipping to do it. It comes with box and all contents including spool band and all papers. The box does have a small hole which is also in the pictures. I am asking $800. Thanks
  10. This was my buddies daughters catch last weekend, 5lb 12oz. Never seen a rainbow that big in person
  11. I had the same problem with a sustain 5000, turns out it was just the reel support, that little gear pictured above. I bought it online from a parts place for a $1.96 and problem solved. I'd like to tell you where I bought it but you know the rules about that,lol
  12. I'm looking to get some replacement parts for a few reels and also some new rod tips. I know what I need when it comes to the reels, thanks to schematics and parts lists, but I'm not sure of the size tips I would need. Anyone maybe know of a website I can search it or good local joint that will know what I need? As always, all answers are greatly appreciated, thanks
  13. I'd say throw the star rod away, they're pieces of poop in my eyes...bought 2 of them and both broke with less weight than suggested and not tossing with everything I've got...I thought they'd be nice but after owning 2 and having them break I have to say that they're not....I suggest trying to sell it and take the $$$ and get another Lami
  14. i've got a brand new one still in the box, you don't have to be very generou$$, maybe a trade, a plug or something, i like vmc hook 4/0 too. Something simple