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  1. Not as much fun as I thought it be:
  2. Try this:
  3. Built pre-fab log cabin/house. I lasted 1 day because the next day I couldn't straighten my arms out. I was really sore and I lifted weights everyday back then. Swinging a mini sledge hammer pounding in spikes.
  4. Pics of my chickens babies. Look how cute..........
  5. Tiger
  6. Made a copy of years ago.
  7. The kids don't get to choose who their parent/parents would be...... Or 'who be'.
  8. Basketball game daughter gives a HARD foul to a player during a lay-up. You should have seen the riot after that. Oh, it was against a Chester 16u team. I had to put my daughter behind me to protect her by going o n the court. Oh, I forgot I drink water mixed with ice tea all day.......