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  1. Ok good. Let me know when you're back and running. Circuit Boards do have a lot of wires. Need to be able to read schematic. I'd suggest taking a before pic of board before removing wires. Also get the # of the board that needs to be replaced. Example Integrated circuit board B18099-13 replaced board FOR MODELS GMP 050-3, 075-3, 075-4....
  2. How did you 'hot wire' the gas valve. Did you run 24 volts right to the gas valve. Like I said If you had a reading of 24v at gas valve with ignitor glowing and no gas. Valve is bad. No 24v at valve with ignitor glowing problem is else where.
  3. That is called a pressure switch. Proves good draft after the inducer/force draft motor is on and working. The ignitor wouldn't glow if either control wasn't on or operating correctly.
  4. Bad gas valve. If ignitor glows means everything is good to go. You can check for 24 volts at gas valve terminals posts. I wouldn't have 'cleaned' ignitor most are made of ceramic and will crack or get damaged.
  5. Parents live in Holiday City in Williamstown. They seem to really like it. I've been looking there also.
  6. No reason to stay in. 1 T.V. and mom watched her 'stories'. No a/c...
  7. Wouldn't pull my kids from a game but, school was very important in our family. Son passed up a swimming scholarship at DII school because he felt studying was more important. Said swimming would take up to much time. Graduated with a zoology degree and works at a small zoo as a zoo keeper.
  8. On the 'off beating path'. Mike the 'hot sausage guy' at 24th passyunk ave. Don't forget the slaw. Another good sausage is the guy at the home depot on Oregan Ave. Johnny Hot's on Delaware ave.
  9. I don't believe that. At daughters school coach wouldn't even talk to her if GPA wasn't high enough to gain admissions. Daughter has to maintain a 3.0 to maintain scholarships. Also must have passing grades to remain on team. Daughter has been All Academic Team 3 years.
  10. Yes, love the live stats.
  11. Sorry to derail the topic.
  12. Daughter would never be good enough for DI. She knew that. I knew that. She was happy that a few schools showed an interest in her to allow her to continue to play. I think it's not a 'give me' that all will get a chance to continue to play for what ever reason there may be.
  13. No state school $21,000. Private school $50,000. I think playing a sport helped getting various scholarships for my daughter. Plus, I think paying anything over what a state school charges is 'profit' for the private school. We don't pay much out of pocket for my daughter to attain the school. That being said, I think what some parents pay for their kids in showcases, team fees,& travel ect...trying to get a scholly they could have easily paid for college.
  14. DD is getting a college education and is getting to play a sport she loves. Gives me and the wife enjoyment to watch her play.
  15. I'm a stuttering fool.....