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  1. Some things I learned about leader building over the years.....First, stiffnes of the material is as much if not more important than diameter. If using lets say 4 different diameters of the same type of line stiffness is not something you have to be deeply concerned about. I have found that fluoro being stiffer helps to turn over bigger bugs and can drop down in diameter and still achieve a good turn over. Obviously when fishing sub surface a leader that sinks like fluoro is usefull as where mono floats and is better for top water. If you want to get into leader building for cheap pick up some Trik fish SW spools, its stiffer than standard mono but I wouldnt consider it "hard mono". You can get a spool of 50 yds for around $4 and with about four different diameters you can build hundreds of leaders or simply repair leaders when on the go. Alot of guys get caught up in these ratios of length and specific diameters, my take is try a 30/30/30 and go fishing, if you dont like it, lengthen or shorten. In the end your fishing and this isnt a science as much as people want to make it out to be, once you get the hang of what you like or need in a situation then worry about fine tuning.
  2. Hipkvw, than you can buy my 8wt hahaha
  3. Can you do 155?
  4. Fliesnplugs- Thanks for the offer but I'l have to pass, im trying to reduce my rod inventory and the only rod im in the market for is a 9 wt sage method. Thanks again though!
  5. Hey guys, I have a lightly used tfo Ticrx 9 foot 8 weight rod that needs a good home. The rod has only been used a handfull of times and has no major nicks or scratches, it was never used in saltwater and comes with blue rod sock and rod tube. I cant seem to get the pictures to upload but you can text me at *edit and I can forward them to you. rod is price 165 shipped conus. Thanks, Josh
  6. Pm sent!
  7. Sold pending payment to Slip!
  8. I have a used TFO 425 large arbor in pewter, reel comes with 200 yards of 30# orange backing. The reel has some rash on the bottom and a few decent nicks on the outside of the reel, the drag and reel are smooth as can be though. For pics please message me your email address. 150 shipped conus Thanks, Josh
  9. Not at all surprised by the Mirage reel. I have quite a few reels including two loops, the mirage is by far one of my favorites. Lighter then your typical sw reel and incredibly smooth/strong drag while still being sealed. Id put it right up there with the Hatch reels for about $200 less. I've used mine for everything including salmon to tarpon, 3 years later still running perfect!! On the other hand, the Loops are pretty sweet too!
  10. I see where your coming from! I use waders roughly 12 months out of the year, yes even when theres ice. If you are not going to use them to the point where you feel you have gotten your money worth I def would not recommend blowing 300+ on waders, spend it on gas. If you do use them alot then in the grand scheme, if the fit and durability is worth it, do it! It always amazed me when a guy would come in, drop 700$ on a rod and then a year later, " Yeah that rod I bought, I need a reel and line for it". Thats the type of guy that uses it on one or two trips and puts it away.......damn shame if you ask me. Pick up a pair from LL Bean and you should be set, if a problem does arise they will take care of you!
  11. I agree with you guys that switch rods are better two handers then overhead single handers.... about 95%! That 5% would only apply to certain switch rods, mainly ones with a faster taper and a light swing weight. I fish my switches 3-4 times a week as I live withing minutes of the water, most of the time is fishing them with typical two handed fashion. How ever, the great lakes have lots of harbors with walls and I guess what you guys call "jetties". A fast action switch rod with a lighter shooting head backed by mono will outcast a single hander any day of the week. I used a single hander for this purpose for many years, but after seeing a switch used in this fashion it was an easy change. Switches single over head allow you to make 100+ cast with a single back cast as the extra length allows you to arelize the whole head, vs where a 9' single hander is usually two or three. Now I already know whats coming "two hand overhead is more effective", I agree when conditions permit I use the second hand when ever I can. The real benefit of using a lighter shooting head single handed is being able to steer the head in the wind, and around obstacles ( railings and poles). Btw, not trying to start an argument!! just some food for thought on where this technique is applicable! I will agree a fish on a single hander is much much more fun though.
  12. First off, I was an employee of Orvis for a little over two years. They make some really nice things but waders are not one of them!!! The cut and fit is pretty nice but do not expect them to wear well or last. As an employee when they leaked I just brought them in and exchanged them so it wasnt a problem. before I left the company I bought a pair of $400 dollar pro guides, i made it roughly 11 months before the crotched leaked on a seam and then a week later the legs started to leak. I tried to bring them in with a receipt after 11 months to either exchange or return and they refuse to do so. Their SATISFACTION guaranty is nothing compared to LL Bean!! I own both products and Ive never had problems with LL Bean. Do yourself a favor and Buy SIMMS if you want solid working gear, if you want affordable gear with a good warranty LL BEAN is the one. ( I love LL Bean boots).
  13. Airflo Skagit switch heads are designed specifically for switch rods. They have a rear taper and a front taper as well, if you would rather go the beer can route the rio skagit shorts work as well. I have 5 skagit switch heads and they turn any switch rod in to a very very versatile two hander! NOW, single hand lines ive only found a few that work well. 28' shooting heads with mono for insane distance and Rio steelhead tapers for overhead with dries or skaters. Ive heard Wullf ambush's and upsizing a rio grand works as well. Any body have some experience with overhead lines feel free to share!!!
  14. Depending on where you are in San Juan if you are near any of the beaches snook and tarpon can be found in the mornings, also any river inlets or outlets are good spot to find tarpon. For lagoons I have fished some of them in San Juan by kayak, tarpon up to 50#s and snook are very very common. I would suggest renting a kayak and exploring in some of the back bays, be carefull though. San Juan is not the safest of places.
  15. I have looked into this myself, not for open water like you are doing but for lakes and rivers. I have heard some good things about the freedom hawks if you like to stand alot, they tend to paddle like a tug though. They also offer a trolling motor attatchment if youd rather use it as a small skiff.