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  1. South west long island
  2. What He said
  3. Korogard, google it
  4. So sorry for you and your family, may Kody Rest In Peace
  5. Alright sharpies, what kind of rigs am I going to need ?
  6. I think 180.00 my be my best offer, thanks for considering
  7. May he Rest In Peace and I hope you can keep memories of him alive with you
  8. I may need to rethink my career path. This seems pretty lucrative, thanks for the heads up
  9. God bless all involved
  10. What was the outcome ?
  11. I have an Avet LX 60 with a power handle on it pretty much mint condition.
  12. For transparency I bought this for asking price
  13. Red, Thoughts and prayers to you, your mom and the rest of your family bud. I hope she stays as comfortable as she can
  14. Nice work
  15. I am in Long Beach, let me know if that works for a drop off
  16. Where in Nassau county are you ?
  17. Great news. Your family will remain in my prayers
  18. Are there old messages that need to be deleted ? That’s all I got
  19. Only the father