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  1. There certainly should be a weight limit put on clothing for humanities sake.
  2. I’ve been wearing them for about 5 years and I still use the strength. I say wives tale
  3. Maybe they should hire you for quality control issues
  4. Great news, best of luck with the recovery.
  5. Maybe they pumped it out of me to dump and hopefully save my life
  6. I donated blood last week and was asked if I got jabbed and with what. I guess it is understandable in that case.
  7. I am guessing that he did not realize that Angie was a dude the first time they hooked up hence the face smashing
  8. What's the worst thing that can happen ?
  9. I'm not too worried about that. The rental prices should drop by then or I could take a shuttle to Islamorada and Uber when I need too.
  10. I just checked Jet Blue from JFK to Miami in December and the rates were about 280.00 round trip with seat choice.
  11. Could be a clogged or bad drain pump ?
  12. Exactly my thoughts. When I found the issue my first words were “Who knew a washing machine had a debris filter”.
  13. What kind of machine ? This happened to us a couple of weeks ago with a Samsung front loader. Turns out it was a clogged debris filter. Very easy fix
  14. Cuomo gave us the ok to go maskless starting wednesday