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  1. Beat till it fits, paint it till it matches
  2. I may have to leave work on Friday from Queens NY on Friday at 6pm to get wherever Mike is just to show him not to overthink how easy this is. Prove me wrong
  3. H2O, that is all. And maybe a fire extinguisher. Based on the picture it would take less than a minute to get the job done. And to try something even easier, someone pointed out that the pulley was already cracked. Take a hammer and chisel to that, it looks like it is cast and it should be easy to break
  4. I wish you lived closer, I would have brought the grinder to shorten this thread
  5. Here is the answer, Van Staal Wrench. You are welcome
  6. I guess I should make it official and say I’ll take it. We can move this to PM’s
  7. I was just bragging and trying to be cool. I’m an actually a building maintenance guy with a good title
  8. I am on the stationary side. HVAC and facility maintenance
  9. There is a new invention call water. Spray down the dry area before you start
  10. This will also work
  11. How about trying an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel ? Cut it almost all of the way through until you are about to hit the shaft and finish it off with a chisel and hammer. This way if it is threaded you don’t mess up the threads. If you are worried about sparks make sure the guard is on the grinder and make sure whatever the sparks are shooting at is a clean, non flammable area. You would have been done within minutes and enjoying a victory beer.
  12. Angle grinder with a cutoff wheel, Easy Peasy.
  13. Sounds good
  14. 3:30 will be cutting it close, I will be leaving JFK airport a little after 3:00. We could do another day if Thursday doesn't work out. I am in no rush.