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  1. That’s what I’m talking about!!
  2. Thanks TimS & SOL thread closed.
  3. Nice fishy lot. All are new. Guppy is 3oz Left hook is 4oz and striper bite is 2.8oz. $155 shipped
  4. You got it on on the way.
  5. How about $145?
  6. Looking to sell as a lot.
  7. Dave if you pass on firstlites offer I will take 34, 44 & 103 as per my prior posts. Thanks.
  8. Sick lot!
  9. Thanks Jimmy
  10. I am going to try and twist your arm to split. $45 shipped for the mack wadd and I’ll take care of the fees. Good luck with your sale either way.
  11. You sure? I don’t want to jump in front of you. That’s a nice one.
  12. Nice!
  13. I’ll grab mack bm if 7 rivers doesn’t
  14. How much for just the jelly bean?
  15. Thanks TimS & SOL. Thread closed.
  16. 2 knives are used but in very good condition and very sharp. Benchmade Pardue axis and SOG Flash II. $85 shipped
  17. If anything falls through I’ll let you know.
  18. You got them. Pm on the way.
  19. I would like to try and sell them as a pair.
  20. Thanks TimS & SOL. Thread closed.
  21. Vs 150 in mint condition. No scratches minty and used only 1 time off the beach. As close to brand new as you can get. Comes with power knob, original knob, box, paperwork and pouch. $675 shipped
  22. IslandSurf I am going to move this over to the bst.