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  1. Thanks for the offer but I’m just really looking for the 3 styles above.
  2. Looking to trade new sparkle Lefty for BM donny jrs, pikies or dee darters. Looking for 2-1 unless it’s a rare oddball color. Thanks.
  3. I’m interested! Shoot me a pic
  4. Devan hope all is well bro. Lefty is 6” 1.3oz
  5. All 3 plugs are mint. Cyclone spoon lip, Cyclone Austin plug (son) and a sparkle Lefty. I am looking for nice BM dee darters, Donny jrs and maybe even pikies. Thanks.
  6. Any interest in a lefty?
  7. I’ll take the lot
  8. Thanks TimS & SOL. Thread closed.
  9. I’ll do that.
  10. Ss darter and needle in tuff to find colors. Both new $80 shipped.
  11. Thanks TimS & SOL. Thread closed.
  12. You got it Daniel. Pm on the way.
  13. 3 pencil lot. Used guppy 2.5oz, used dmag with rattles 3.4oz & new lefthook 4.1oz $80 shipped.
  14. I am going to close this down and open another thread. Thanks TimS @ SOL thread closed.
  15. I’ll do that. Pm on the way.