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  1. Paul thanks for posting. I was just looking for the deck to hang on his wall.
  2. Reel was sold on another site.
  3. First and the best gasoline pattern out there.
  4. Still looking
  5. Closing it up. Thanks TimS & SOL.
  6. $625 shipped
  7. Ahh ok unfortunately I only have plugs. If you change your mind and decide to sell or trade for plugs please let me know. Thank you for posting.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Are you looking for plugs?
  9. $630 shipped
  10. I’m looking to buy a SCJ skateboard striped bass deck for my sons birthday. Please post pic and price. I also have plugs to trade if you rather go that route. Thanks.
  11. Bump
  12. 2nds on pichney darters if it falls through
  13. No, it is an original vs275.