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  1. Bump
  2. I bought them new and used them for 2 years.
  3. I had the pliers for about 2 years. They are in great condition and the cutters cut right through braid no problem.
  4. SS & Mag darter lots still available
  5. Any interest?
  6. *
  7. You got it buddy. Pm on the way.
  8. BMs- darter used troller new- $65 shipped SS- lightly used. Herring bottle doesn’t have rattles $70 shipped Mag darters new and sps are used $40 shipped
  9. I have these for $150
  10. Bump
  11. Bump
  12. Thanks for your interest but I’m not going to split at this price.
  13. $300 shipped
  14. Large mixed lot of bms, ss, magdarters and sps. Old stock mag darters are both new, both sp minnows used, SS are lightly used, the white darter is old stock and herring bottle does not have rattles, BM ice troller is new, the 3oz darters are used and the bunker maple spin is used. $225 shipped for all 14.