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  1. Sold. Please closed thread.
  2. Hope its not too late. I think we can open thread up. $115 pp, I can ship it to CT. Will follow up in the message.
  3. Please close thread. No interest here.
  4. Its still available.
  5. There are pics in the link. I can post new ones too.
  6. I got the bag from here (thread below), trying get the same money I spent $100 for pick up. If anyone needs shipping, can do it for $125. Pickup around nassau county, LI.
  7. ok...lets figure out time/place
  8. Can you do $100.00 cash? I can pick it up this weekend from you in and around Shirley or Robert Moses.
  9. Had nice couple of nights, fish up to 23 lbs...
  10. worn couple of times - 3/2MM BACK ZIP FULL WETSUIT $99.99 shipped paypal only or pickup around Hicksville area LI. Similar to the one here
  11. Anyone has power running boards on their ride? How does it standup to saltwater abuse? Debating power running boards vs standard running boards... Thanks in advance...
  12. Whats your zipcode?
  13. Thanks SOL...locking thread.