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  1. A lot of THOSE people have what I call prop fishing gear, 5 foot freshwater rod and reel, one rig, no lures or bait. Checking them at Gilks,7 or 23 is not going to stop anything and yes it is going to cause a major traffic jam. They need to stop selling the permits online and limiting the number sold.
  2. Well I hope you Southern Boys don't think your coming over to the North side, we have enough to contend with, Bellringer, Fishless, Spig, ........LOL
  3. Question, Who ensures that the dealer catch reports are accurate at the dock. Is there some state inspector present or is it just an honor system, I'm asking because I have no knowledge of how that works.
  4. I am the general public, the issue is Commercial fisherman are NOT.
  5. You have some serious issues with your communication and comprehensive skills. I never stated to end commercial fishing, I'm not denying anyone to eat fish, I don't know why you would accuse me of Class Envy, (lol) was it because I suggested ALL need to make sacrifices, Power Tripping ??? I don't know what that even means.
  6. It's not hatred, it's the understanding that FISH is a luxury that the consumer does not need in order to survive. Fish numbers have declined for many different reasons, so All have to sacrifice, like it or not it's just a fact.
  7. I grew up in Matawan, NJ in the sixties, we did those drills all through grade school.
  8. Now why did you have to go and say a thing like that, that's how these things start....
  9. Wishing all goes well and a speedy recovery
  10. Ill take the mag darters
  11. Bingo, we have a WINNER. Said it myself many times during my thirty years on the job, also not only women but the cookies & milk boys who never had a physical altercation in their life before becoming a Patrolman. You should never be scared or afraid on hot calls, thats when you do stupid ****.
  12. You can make the fines as high as the sky and take the 25.00 rod & reel they have, it won't stop a Criminal from continuing his criminal act, that is what the majority of these poachers are. Lets be real, they are doing this for either money or to stockpile enough fish to feed them (FAMILY & FRIENDS). Yes Some People eat fish 3 to 4 times a week. That saves a lot of money when your not going to the fish market. If they are confronted by LE they give a false name and address or a bogus ID. Most guys are putting themselves in the Poachers place of thinking on how to deter them, problem is these guys don't think the same as you and me, they could care less what others think of them poaching fish.
  13. This post is it in a nut shell for most guys I know and fish with. Never take your limit and fish with conservation in mind. Our grandkids would like to fish some day and experience what we once did.
  14. I'll be there, I'll bring a tray of sausage and peppers
  15. I won't ask how that even came to happen, lol