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    Learning all over how to fish from the beach
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    Fishing, Hunting, Travling
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  1. I would like to offer 650.00 paypal
  2. Easy there, I have two (2) grandsons in the army and one is over in that area doing what he was trained to do. I would hate to think that those back home here consider him FOOLISH, when its not an option upon taking an oath. I'm sure you really didn't mean it.
  3. That works for me.
  4. They are available for sale to YOU since you made the request, not the general membership.
  5. Interested in pics of t-hex lures.

  6. I'm not POSTING it for sale, nothing wrong with emailing photo is there?
  7. I have seven (7) $50.00 shipped, pm for photo.
  8. have several I no longer use, (no Hooks). If your interested let me know I can send photo.
  9. payment sent, thanks.
  10. Thanks but I'll pass, good luck with your sale
  11. I offer 140$ for the whole lot
  12. Hi dave, whats left ?
  13. ddddodc (sol member) is coming up from Flordia to purchase truck tommorow, if it doesn't happen I'll let you know
  14. Hi Tom, I'll take three (3) where ever, thanks