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  1. Brian I have spare one you can borrow, give me a call and Ill hook you up with everything you need and location to clam.
  2. God bless him and his family, RIP Sgt.
  3. Prayers for you and your family, stay strong
  4. Thank god for you New Yorkers, before you came down here and purchased your summer homes we were all living in shacks and eating pine cones. Our kids were going to school in a one room converted chicken coup and we had no money because we were paying tens of thousands of dollars in taxes for our shacks. LOL
  5. For all those who stated they would go to "Their" other properties, would you really go if there was a chance you could spread the Virus. Or perhaps your just saying you would go because your being told not to GO. I would think most of us would just suck it up a bit longer and see how this virus plays out.
  6. i'm in, very nice of you
  7. Would you take $15.00 ?
  8. I been seeing the same thing for the past several years, change of migratory route could have a lot to do with this hype about over fishing. I fish a few hundred days a year in heavily targeted areas and I don't see many fish being kept by anglers in the pass 5 years like you did years before. Just my observation.
  9. I'll bring a tray of sausage and peppers
  10. payment sent for the last 2 blocks, thanks again
  11. if I can get another two, I would like 44 & 85, thank you
  12. that's fine, thanks
  13. or whatever two are available it doesn't matter, thanks .
  14. 40 and 67
  15. payment sent for four (4) boxes, thank you