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  1. To quote Newman, "Sometimes".
  2. IMHO Females/Girls (Parents) have been fighting for years to be on the BOYS basketball, footballs, baseball, etc... teams, even when there are Female/Girl teams available for them to compete in. They even fought to be in the BOY Scouts, when there is an organization called GIRL Scouts. They created this mess by demanding they were equal to the Male and should be allowed to compete in Male sports. Well now the tables have turned a little and they don't like it. Careful what you wish for.
  3. Prayers sent, best wishes
  4. I stand corrected, but I don't believe for a minute they would easy the regulations if there was 5000 nest. Yes I do believe EVERYONE should be entitled to every inch of the shore line for what ever activity they choose, fishing, hunting, surfing, swimming, boating, etc....with no restrictions. I don't mind sharing the beach with the animals, but obviously some don't want that. I noticed in your post you had nothing to say about the foxes being killed, why is that ?
  5. They are not endangered they are "protected" big difference. 125 miles of OPEN beach to do what Ever you want, where??? And what happens when 10 nest become 100 then 1000, since the birds return to where they were hatched every year, where do we go then. I guess your ok with shutting down the whole coast.
  6. Killed all the foxes on Island Beach State Park because they might have been eating the plovers, I guess the foxes had no right to live. If they could get away with it these tree huggers would wipe us out also. They preach about saving the planet but don't mind killing when it suits their agenda.
  7. Time tunnel Run for your life The fugitive Mr. Ed Magnum PI
  8. This is the way to go. If you have to fish go out front.
  9. Seaside Park should refund the money they accepted for Beach Buggy Passes if they closed access, but we know that won't happen.
  10. Im in, thanks
  11. Where you located at ? I m in Ocean county NJ, I could give you ten pounds no problem.
  12. Ill bring a tray of Sausage and Peppers
  13. Ill be there, will bring a tray of Sausage and Peppers
  14. I had the honor, Rams-3 Pats-0. That's how it goes
  15. Thanks John, I owe you, third year in a row I got a piece of the pie.