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  1. Whenever you're ready to part it let us know
  2. Still have this torque?
  3. those are just beautiful!
  4. i got a gold vsb 250 interested?
  5. nty, not looking to trade, got more than enough reels =]
  6. bought this for my dad for christmas but it he prefer the bailless and my nasty habit of not saving my receipt made me hold on to the reel. too heavy for my liking so i am finally sellign it, only took it out of box to examine it before i bought it home and again to show my old man what it look like and lastly onyl for this picture, have never been in water and never any lines spooled on it. asking price is 800, i am local to cherry hill in south jersey. the reel is kept at home and does not travel with me. it has a blank product registration
  7. fished river on outgoing tide and got taps and got a 15lbs cat, after that few more taps on bloodworms but no takers. old man got a striper but it was 12" both were released. goodluck out there guys!
  8. no! i bought two rods last night, this would have been perfect.... goodluck to seller and new owner
  9. this is example of what i meant
  10. hey i just got an used mojo of local guy. and the handle is fine, wanted to do something to it that make it unique. i went to surf day and remeber seeing at century booth/stand a rod that a customer had built where he used orings under the flock. so i want that done on the mojo rod, so two question came up: how can i go about doing this myself? OR who locally will be able to do this and how soon? with a different color x-flock? i am local to south jersey (cherry hill-deptford) should i post this in new jersey forum or this is the right place?
  11. i can paypal 19 for that SS
  12. i will give
  13. i hope im one of the four....goodluck to the other three =]
  14. i didnt ask the workers at micheals, since i had some, and just bought some at joann fabric store, im sure walmart has them too in fabris area. you can ask the workers at micheals if the other places are not close
  15. how do you recommend me getting to that color?