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  1. What is the application and the lure jigging weight?
  2. Built several of them over the years and others. I have tried a number of set ups. If you are tough on you tackle and fish on rocky beaches and jetties I would recommend KLH Alconite #30H, 20H, 12, 10@6 or & plus tip. For sand beaches or back bays switch to #10 single foots.
  3. I was shopping at Capitol in the late 1960's just living a block away on 22nd Street. I bought my first Abu 6000 there for plugging for stripers in Montauk. What a candy store.
  4. I also only wrap with size A for offshore rods. Just apply two thin coats of CP and one thin coat of finish to both the under wrap and the first over wrap. For the final over wrap apply two coats of CP and 2-3 thin coats of finish.
  5. I agree that it was two bottles containing the same, resin or hardener. I hope you didn't coat a fancy wrap. You can try to carefully wipe it off as much as possible. Then apply two thin coats of properly mixed finish and let it cure for several days between each coat.
  6. Thanks to everyone. It's almost 22 years ago that I started the SOL Rod Building Forum. It was great to be a part of the development of SOL as a respected member of the fishing community.
  7. Try Bob's Tackle in Amity Harbor and ask for Steve or Atlantic Tackle in Freeport.
  8. I'm still using mine after 40+ years of building. I actually have two, the second is set up just for metallic threads. I tweaked mine by upgrading my thread tension springs and added longer spool rods to accommodate bigger spools. However, unless someone has an older Clemens or Renzetti lathe it will be difficult to sell.
  9. I use a heat gun to soften finish and a propane torch for removing any micro bubbles when applying finish. I do not use an alcohol lamp for safety reasons.
  10. Masking Tape off each end of the guide wrap. Slowly heat the each side of the wrap just to soften the finish then make a shallow cut with a new razor blade or exacto blade. Gently heat the cut and peel off the the guide wrap. Gently heat any residual finish built up under the guide foot then slice or peel off. Sand the area smooth with 400 grit and tack off. You should be able to save the under wrap. If not proceed to remove the under wrap in the same way. Now wrap on the guide. Align the guide, remove the tape and apply the finish.
  11. The Blackhole Challenger 731M is one of my "Go To" blanks for togging and deepwater sea bass and cod of Block Island, Rhode Island. We fish anywhere from 60-175 feet with sinker weights up to 16 ounces. If you don't want to spend the bucks for the 731M I would recommend the Jigging World Black Demon 7.5M. I have these matched with either an Avet SX 2-speed and a Daiwa Saltiga 14 star drag. Both are sweet set-ups.
  12. Belmo makes and important point by attaching the reel to the seat when trying to determine the reel seat position. In addition, consider the weight of the reel that will be used since that will effect the balance and how tip heavy the rod will be. Today's reels typically are much lighter and have large capacity using braid. Your father is dealing with a long rod and his ability to load the rod is critical. First have him swing the blank with his casting motion several times without the reel seat and reel. When he seems to be loading the rod well mark the blank between his middle and ring finger. Attach the reel to the seat, center the seat where marked and tape it in place. Have him load the rod several more times and see if it's comfortable for him. The rod may still be tip heavy but that can be solved by adding weight at the butt.
  13. Have your father place the rod butt against his armpit. Have him fully stretch out is his arm until his elbow is locked and gripping the rod. Have him slowly move his hand back until he slightly bends his elbow. Mark the blank with a grease pencil or magic marker between his middle and ring finger. That is approximately where the reel seat should be centered. Slide on the reel seat, center it, then mark the blank on each end of the reel seat. You are done.
  14. It's been more than twenty years for me. Met a lot of great people and have some long friendships. Thanks Tim for letting be part of your team in the early years. It's still my "Go To" site to check in every day. Here is to another twenty years.