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  1. They caught the Iowa killer. I think that this was not his first or only victim.
  2. I remember that this forum had a great thread on the Long Island Killer a few years ago. Maybe he moved to Iowa cause two weeks ago a college kid went missing in Brooklyn, Iowa. They had some all-out searches for her and found another female body. The tv news girl made it sound like this girl didn't matter (knucklehead). Google the story up and read about it. Wonder how many they haven't found and if they'll catch this guy.
  3. Mods please delete this thread. I accidentally posted it twice.
  4. I don't care if it's working or not. I just need one to fill the space in my dashboard.
  5. I don't feel that the 40 S&W or the 10MM are very "snappy" or have too much recoil. I even load the max loads in both and they're both reasonable to handle. I have the S&W M&P40 and a Glock 20s. The Glock was used and I need to shoot it more to get accurate with it this year.
  6. Anyone have one? I'd like opinions on the pistol.
  7. Here's the link:
  8. This time they have pics of the animal. Look on the KCAU TV Facebook page for the report that they posted about a week ago. It was located east of Winnebago, Ne. That's about 15 miles from the area I like to hike and hunt. It's cornfields, woods, river bluffs and river bottom.
  9. Anyone have one or know of one for sale? I'd rather get a S&W and not an aftermarket one.
  10. I'm going to close this thread because I found that I can just use some wire to hold the tank.
  11. I shot one with a 22-250 from 125 yards and it dropped on the spot. I was using a handload with a 60 grain Nosler Partition bullet. It was a max load. In the future the lowest I'd go is a 270. I just wanted to see if it could be done with a 22 bullet.
  12. It's for my neighbor. He asked me this morning if I knew of anyone who might have a used one. I'll ask. He told me but I forgot what he said.
  13. I took it to the range today and shot it with the red dot. I can tell that the red dot will be very useful with this gun. There was still snow on the ground so it was hard to pick up my brass but I zeroed the gun in at 15 yards. I'll wait for the snow to melt to try it at 25 and 50 yards. I want to experiment with different ammo laods as well. I had to use a medium load because I used plated bullets. I want to load some +P ammo in this gun and see how it shoots. Great fun!