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  1. have to be the biggest candy @$$e$ in the world. Letting those little punks run all over you guys. Tearing up NYC while you guys hid in your apartments. If ANTIFA* tried to do something like that here in Iowa. We'd tie 'em up and take them out by the Mizzou River and let the bugs eat 'em all night. They'd be hitch-hiking all the way back to whatever hole they crawled out of. LOL!
  2. You NY guys gotta show some balls and get rid of those seals at Montauk. Thin out those deer while your at it. BTW- I grilled a couple of deer backstrap steaks Monday for 3 1/2 minutes at low flame and they came out perfecto!
  3. All the fish are in his stomach.
  4. Went to Montauk last week. Thousands of schoolies in the rips- none were caught that I saw that were legal. There's several huge seals that have taken up residence at the point. They say that there are more seals than ever around the point.
  5. I started using my grinder this week to make deer hamburger out of the burger meat I have saved from last season. It seems to have turned out good and I'm going to try some out today to test taste it. The grinder is real easy to use and clean. Way easier than I thought it would be. I just had to keep the meat and pork trim fat I mixed together pretty cold. I tried to hurry and let it get too warm and it was just a greasy mess. I had to throw that batch away.
  6. hWhen I read about a schoolie blitz in Montauk I just ...yawn. If I'm there in the daytime and one starts I don't even bother to fish it if there's a picket line of guys casting right next to each other. I may stand far back of them and watch to see how the fish are reacting. Makes me laugh at how the NY guys react to reports about it. A schoolie blitz at Montauk in September or October...OMG! LOL! I enjoy fishing for schoolies but not like that.
  7. * I haven't been to Montauk for a long time and haven't kept up. I remember Jack shining his flashlight on me when I was the only one crazy enough to be out on the point.
  8. Try over a thousand...
  9. How is Jack doing these days?
  10. I beg your pardon!
  11. More than I expected. I wanted something a little easier to handle than the 45-70s I have. The light weight of this gun kinda offsets and advantage you'd have from the smaller bullet (as in ammo) but it's manageable.
  12. If you mean recoil...not as much as you'd think. BTW- I put an old 2x7 scope on it that was on a used rifle I bought years ago. The thing works pretty good on this rifle.
  13. I've found a nice load for the rifle using 296 powder, cases from Winchester ammo and 240 gr. Hornady XTP Mag bullets. I'm good out to 200 yards using shooting sticks. The next step is to take sandbags and a bench to see how accurate the load can be. You have to get used to the huge muzzle blast from the rifle even though the recoil is pretty tame. Must look pretty cool in the dark. I'm using a Limbsaver pad.
  14. I also bought a couple of boxes of Win. 250 grain ammo to break it in with. I put a cheep red dot on it and I'm thinking it shoots good enough at 150 yards to hunt deer with.
  15. Cool!