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  1. I bought a box of 168 gr. Hornady ELD Match bullets today just for chits and grins to try to see how accurate they would shoot in the handloads on my Remington 770 .308 rifle. The rifle seems to be pretty accurate since I put on a Nikon scope. Is it my favorite rifle to shoot? I think...yes! Has anyone tried out the ELD factory ammo or made handloads using these bullets?
  2. I made up 25 rounds today using a medium load of Varget with the 405 gr. cast bullets. It's going to rain for the next few days so I won't be able to test them out until at least Friday.
  3. I'd rather not take the entire carcass. I don't use the ribs or neck. I leave the rest for the coyotes. They have to eat too.
  4. The last 2 times I harvested deer it almost killed me. The first time I quartered the doe about a half mile from a highway in about 8 inches of snow. I had to put the meat in my backpack and also carry the gear I brought with me as well as my rifle. I thought I might have a heart attack. The last time I put the meat in a game bag and carried it up a steep hill a couple of blocks from my vehicle. Also kicked my butt. I'm thinking of buying a kid's wagon I saw at Bass Pro today to use to carry the meat out. Thoughts?
  5. Correction: His rig will do crimping as well:
  6. He should trade that for the hand press so he can crimp the ammo but I think his stuff may also be able to crimp. Watch the Logcabinlooms video to see. I took my 45-70 out today to the range. I had a cheap Leupold scope on it but I took it off to see if I could use the buckhorn sights. I think I can take a deer at 150 yards with those sights using the cast 405 gr. bullets I had made up. Not as much recoil as I thought.
  7. Lee sells a factory crimp die for the 45-70.
  8. I should correct myself and make it clear that I'm sure I reused Hornady brass from their FTX ammo when reloading using FTX bullets. It is a different length and although some have said that they used regular brass I would not take a chance on trying that. So you are right in trimming the cases you have to the right length. I did not notice a great increase in accuracy with the FTX bullets though ( probably because it's a lever action rifle with the barrel touching all over the place) so I doubt that I'll ever use them for reloading again.
  9. Had a nice doe in my sights yesterday and shot at it from a hillside with my Rem 770 .308. I sighted the gun in about 3 inches high at 100 yards...and missed! I think I was about 150 yards from the doe. I'm trying to use a Weaver Kaspa 4-12 x 40MM scope with the rifle. I've had a lot of problems trying to use it with different guns. I'm going to see where it hits at 150 and 200 yards tomorrow with the scope at 12 power before I give up on it. I may use a different rifle because I want to get some more venison for the freezer. I can sort out the .308 problems later.
  10. Here's the video ( uses a cardboard wad instead of a gas check):
  11. I've tried several bullets and powders but IMR 4198 is the main one. I have a bunch of 405 gr. cast bullet ammo made up as well as some jacketed Hornady bullets. The cast bullets shot pretty well and I didn't notice a whole lot of leading even though I didn't use gas checks. Watch the video by Hickok45 on loading 4570 ammo. I don't remember if he used gas checks or not. The 4570 kicks more than a 300 Win Mag though.,
  12. Any ideas about the ins and outs of making this stuff?
  13. Mods please delete this thread.
  14. I have made up rounds with the FTX bullet without trimming the case with no negative results. Fortunecookie45LC has videos about this you might watch.
  15. I use the Breech Lock Hand Press. IMO- you don't really need to chamfer the cases with this round. I also use the hand primer tool (I think) it's made by Lee.