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  1. Cool!
  2. They don't want to be killed.
  3. Just an old scumbag.
  4. He knew but didn't give a damn...
  5. Bob was watching too many of those nasty videos...
  6. Asian girl: Me so love you long time... Bob: OMG!!!!!
  7. Mexico, Central America, South America or even Europe. That stuff is legal there. Stupid is as stupid does...
  8. There was a used 9MM Hi-Point Carbine for sale but I waited too long and somebody snatched it. I think 9MM +P loads would be fun to shoot out of one of those.
  9. One thing you need to look out for with a lever action (especially with a powerful rifle like this) is having extra bullets in the magazine that could go off with the recoil. That would be bad... be careful about what bullets you use.
  10. Hodgden has a magazine that comes out every winter with a bunch of loads/recipes for almost all popular bullets/ammo.
  11. We don't seem to have as many here in the plains. All I had to do is walk in the grass in NJ or Maryland and I was sure to have ticks on my shoes etc. Maybe it's because of all the wild turkeys we have here...
  12. Switched over to predator hunting with my 223, 22-250 and 17HMR rifles. I have a FoxPro Call Box and started using it on 3 sets so far. Nothin', Honey. This ain't gonna be as easy I hoped it might be....
  13. Remember to be careful...this load is the most powerful I deal with. Doublecheck every step when you're making up the loads. You make a dud load and shoot it then shoot a full load and you could get pretty "F"ed up.
  14. I bought a box of 168 gr. Hornady ELD Match bullets today just for chits and grins to try to see how accurate they would shoot in the handloads on my Remington 770 .308 rifle. The rifle seems to be pretty accurate since I put on a Nikon scope. Is it my favorite rifle to shoot? I think...yes! Has anyone tried out the ELD factory ammo or made handloads using these bullets?
  15. I made up 25 rounds today using a medium load of Varget with the 405 gr. cast bullets. It's going to rain for the next few days so I won't be able to test them out until at least Friday.