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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Planet They will definitely eat chunks of other blues. Use something with a longer shank to avoid getting bit off. Livebait hooks typically have short shanks. They will totally work, but you're most likely going to need a wire leader. Thanks for the info , I switched to making wire leaders and have been doing much better since using them
  2. Not alot of bunker around and was wondering will blues eat bluefish chunks ? And also is a live bait hook better to use then an octopus hook ?
  3. thanks CCB
  4. I'm using 50 Lb.wire and how light should my drag be set ? If reel engaged and drag is heavy hook can rip out the mouth ?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion's !
  6. Thanks , so for instace I can use 25 Lb. braid and 40 Lb. leader for fluking
  7. Question : If I'm using 30 Lb. mono leader does the braid have to be 30 Lb. or can the braid be less ?
  9. In dash or top mounts included , In dash mounts makes the unit removable. No transducer and no cable's ( 24.00 cable from garmin ) It's a 2006 model that works great
  10. Main to swivel to leader to tying leader to solid ring ?? Or use a knot from main to leader ??
  11. Tie to the solid ring
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by norcalkat You can use a ta clip but the idea is to have direct contact with the lure. I am sure it works but I personally wouldn't do it that way. If you are doing it to be able to switch out lures well your just doubling up, the split ring does exactly that. I just carry split ring pliers with me and it takes all of 10 sec to change jigs. The point is to change Jigs quickly , Above post about seems to be the best way with split ring pliers
  13. Using lb. braid and I put a 40 lb. top shot of fluorocarbon . Can I use a snap swivel or tie leader to butterfly