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  1. Military Police Sniper at the White House. about time …..do what they have to do, PROTECT THIS REPUBLIC !!
  2. after your house is broken into and you and your family are assaulted you'll be the first to complain about how long the Police took to respond to your call because they're overwhelmed trying to stop your acquaintances' from looting, burning and tearing YOUR City apart . Go smoke a joint stoner.....Oh by the way, the Cops can't be everywhere at the same time.....proceed accordingly. Nitwit
  3. WOW.....from a man of his training to come out publicly at this time.....never thought he'd be a part of the Deep State..... sounds like adrenochrome overdose to me …..monumental disappointment in a former Military legend beyond WOW
  4. it's not even 10:30 am yet and you're into the hard liquor ? …..I'm calling the Cops, what's your address ?
  5. "king of the outlet pass"!..... the one thing I remember watching him when I was young he really was pure effort when he played :-(
  6. idolize the "Cos" much Cliff ?
  7. worse then NYCs" diBlasio …..criticizes true Patriots and his own Police Officers, guy is NUTS https://www.fox29.com/video/690594?fbclid=IwAR1rE93Un9YJT4-jepZGUFzvf7YfOjZEJGi4QAdUeTjFJRruS4qCI9Y_6NE
  8. hope that was a screw punch.....wonder if he's awake yet
  9. I think we still have freedom of choice in this Country ?? …..this time choices came with consequences.....GOOD SHOOT
  10. need an "after" pic of the putz with the Bow or is he still hospitalized ?
  11. Clever Churchgoers Avoid Arrest By Disguising Themselves As Rioters
  12. stunned how many of those young people joined in to beat the hell out of him ….. WTH is happening in this Country ?