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  1. you would have convinced me BUT you never said "trust me"
  2. for those easily offended …..
  3. Hey.....I happen to admire his, um, FRANKNESS …..
  4. https://www.16personalities.com/ I got "defender" and whatever letters that came with it
  5. Geez......I wonder who the main source of recreational pharmaceuticals was around that neighborhood
  6. took the focus off the Deep States' removal of Epstein for a while anyway
  7. thanks to our sh*tbag DA Larry Krasner.....the HORRORS of the liberal mind …..W-T-F
  8. I'll betcha our liberal minded DA Krasner is ALREADY trying to downsize any charges against this sh*tbag…..he downsized charges against the two animals who killed Sgt. Robert Wilson who was executed by them in 2015, WITHOUT notifying Sgt. Wilsons' family first.....no Cops were killed last night....that'll be his "liberal reasoning" excuse
  9. there may be two narcotic Officers trapped inside the house above the shooters location complex situation :-(