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  1. yeah ..... every Bronco they'll be building are already spoken for, for probably the next year and a half !! don't expect to see them on dealers lots for a WHILE More Than 125,000 Ford Bronco Reservations Have Been Converted Into Orders, With 70 Percent New To Ford | Torque News my 08' F 150 only has 85K miles so I can wait ..... mileage isn't the best(10c/16h) but it's reliable
  2. the new Bronco's are only rated @ 3500 lbs max towing .....something to think about
  3. real nice setup ..... can't imagine the mileage tho' with those tires
  4. Ford Bronco vs. Bronco Sport: What's the Difference? (motortrend.com) pic 1 ..... ALL THREE - 2 dr Bronco - 4 dr Bronco - Bronco Sport pic 2 ..... 4 dr Bronco pic 3 ..... size comparison btwn Bronco(full) size and Bronco Sport
  5. don't confuse the Bronco Sport(small) with the midsize Bronco.....plenty of pics and info on bronco6g.com
  6. UFO

  7. and they'll look you right in the eyes smiling and tell you they're doing a great job..... even when you show them stats that homicides are on a record pace they stare at you and say ..... H-U-H ?? liberalism IS a mental disorder .....period
  8. yeah.....certain parts of Philly are "different"
  9. and one of his hires, anti-violence worker with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, gets involved in something like this..... 10/22/2020 Police: Philadelphia District Attorney Office employee shoots, kills male prostitute Police say the employee in the DA’s office tells investigators he paid 31-year-old Vernon Harris for sex in a car parked in the Napa Street lot. Afterwards, the employee claims Harris pulled a gun and tried to rob him, but the employee fired two shots from his own weapon killing Harris. The case has been sent to the Pa. Attorney General for investigation. The DA’s office said in a statement: “This is an active investigation that has been appropriately referred to another agency. We have no further comment at this time.” A spokesperson for the District Attorney’s Office at first answered "no" to a question if the worker was on the clock, during the shooting, but later wrote she couldn’t answer that question suggesting it was part of the Attorney General’s probe. On Twitter, U.S. Attorney William McSwain, a sharp critic of D.A. Larry Krasner, refers to the killing and writes: “The destruction Krasner has wrought on that office is a tragedy.” real professional DA, huh ?
  10. what DA wants to go out of his way to consider and pamper criminals and their "rights" ? defense lawyers yes, but DA's ? Krasner is crazy.....really
  11. Penn 525 Mags - got 4 of them.....for the few times I'll drown bait they're still rockin' 'bout 20 yrs now
  12. NYC Pride Bans NYPD Officers From Pride Parade, Votes To ‘Reduce’ Law Enforcement Presence
  13. "there is something horrible going on" (22:00 mark) .....Dr. Peter McCullough