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  1. Thank you! I really enjoy the feel of the old school fiberglass rods and the lure rating for the 136-3m is perfect for what I do. It's only my second rod build so it's far from flawless but I am excited that I have a new weapon in the arsenal. Can't beat the fact that I got the rod for around $20 and built it exactly the way I wanted it.
  2. I'm a little surprised at that. I feel like a lot of non fishing seafood eaters wouldn't be that into Striper. Maybe it's getting more popular in restaurants as specials when available.
  3. If you plan on putting in some mileage on your way to fish I would stay away from boot foot. I was always uncomfortable walking long distances in boot foot waders. Stocking foot and wading boots take longer to put on but I find the comfort / support outweighs the extra time.
  4. How I bring my plugs with me depends on where I'm fishing and how far I'm walking to fish. After foolish walking to a spot I frequent that consists of a mile plus walk with a heavy plug bag too many times I downsized. Cheap knock off military type sling bag with two home made pvc tubes and I pack light; One darter, one bottle plug, one needle, two minnow plugs a few bucktails and soft plastics and I'm good. Other spots where I don't walk as far I will bring the big plug back with more offerings. Early season like now I bring a plano box with some small offerings and throw it in a small backpack. For me it's like footwear. I don't wear korkers in the marsh or in the sand and I don't wear Crocs or hiking shoes on the slick rocks.
  5. I thought they only did like 55-60 mph wide open. The first video the guy gets it to 70 mph.
  6. If anyone is serious about buying them as someone above mentioned they have US whole sale people who buy them direct from Japan that meet the correct requirements to enter the country. I know of one in NH and NJ. I also researched a couple companies in the south that sell Japanese mini trucks all modified with lift kits and all terrain tires and nicer paint jobs. A kid on youtube that goes by the MotoCheez basically blogged his entire purchase and transformation of everything he changed on multiple mini trucks. Lots of cool videos on youtube of these things.
  7. I got into the rabbit hole of you tube looking on videos on mini trucks and easy modifications with ATV parts. The I figured I wonder if anyone on SOL posted about these things. I see them on craigslist sometimes. Some already decked out with lift kits and all terrain tires and some as is like they come from Japan. I think it would be a great little beach buggy / hunting rig if you didn't travel with it on the highway. Maybe in retirement I will deck out a mini truck as my beach buggy. minitruck.jfif
  8. Big learning curve for me getting in to shad fishing later in life. The first year I fished for them I was setting the hook too hard or had drag too tight and lost a lot of shad before I realized how soft their mouths are.
  9. This thread reminded me I have a Sporting Wood Montuak Darter I have never casted. Need to break it in on a decent fish.
  10. It's been very high in that area compared to years past this time of year. You usually need waders in that spot but currently very tough for shore guys.
  11. Currently MASS DCR is still closed at all "coastal beach reservation parking areas". Does that mean if you step foot on the beach you will be talking with law enforcement over trespassing or that you can't park in their lot?
  12. That report is a little specific considering it refers to a specific business on the large river. Also if you fish their keep your surroundings with you. I've frequented the spot for years at all times of the year and it has been getting worse with each trip. Home less people in the woods with camps, the ground is littered with syringes and trash and some very interesting individuals hanging on the banks of the river their.
  13. So you are saying when I do go to use the St. Croix I shouldn't throw a 5oz buck tail and give my hardest cast I can unload?
  14. Unless you are keeping 50 eels plus you don't need a 100 gallon tub. Old fish tank or rubber made storage tub an air stone from the pet store and a screen to prevent them from escaping. Look on craigslist or FB market for an old fish tank. Throw some ice to keep em cold, as long as the slime doesn't build up you will be fine.
  15. I don't know much about the Old Brown St. Croix rod. I was buying a trailer for my Lund and the guy I bought it from had a barn full of stuff. I asked him what he had for fishing gear and he had a few old fiberglass rods and only wanted $20 for several rods including the St. Croix. Couldn't pass up the deal but the rod has been sitting in my basement for like 3 years. One day I will pair it up with a reel and hopefully it doesn't explode like yours did!