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  1. I am in good shape with gear, I have a Cabela's Salt Striker 3 piece travel spin rod paired with a stardic 2500. I'm also bringing an Allen 8 weight with floating line. Both set ups break down and fit in the smaller rod tubes. It looks like shrimp imitations and small bait fish will be what to throw. This trip is really getting me amped up considering its currently snowing again! Cant wait to be barefoot fishing!
  2. Heading down to Clearwater beach Florida for a family vacation with some much needed fishing mixed in. Doing a half day charter with Orvis endorsed guide Dan Malzone for some fly and light tackle spin action. Planning on fishing most mornings from shore early morning before the family wakes up. Hopefully snook from the beach. Anyone familiar with the Clearwater / St. Petersburg area? Planning on bringing an 8 weight and a small travel spin rod. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated!
  3. I think your best bet will be the after dinner adventures. The inner harbor (downtown Boston) has fish but much of the access is elevated well above the water line or high bridges making landing fish an issue. The towns just North and South of the city have access and more traditional terrain like beaches, jetties and marshes. Plenty of fish to be caught while admiring the Boston skyline. Good luck
  4. I follow a guy on instagram Drew Wilson (drewlr) he specializes in fish tattooing. He does some great work.
  5. The fish wasn't anything to brag about but it was pretty cool to get my first fly rod striper on a fly that I tied.
  6. Mark III Rotary Vise. $25. I go from tying trout flies to 2oz bucktails with no problem. Works great.
  7. Funny you brought this up. For years I have been thinking about tying something up with my Wheaten Terriers hair. I was worried I would sound crazy asking the groomer for a bag of my dogs hair!
  8. I was just going to say that! Full time job, wife, young kid, house to deal with. Problem solved, Club no free time! When I did have free time and I got the winter no fishing blues I would just get into other hobbies. Taking my dog in the woods and looking for antler sheds, re-finishing old rods, tying more flies then I will ever need, small wood working projects, finding open water and trout fishing.
  9. Thanks for posting, I will be attending tomorrow night. I went to one last year and couldn't believe the number of people. Looking forward to it!
  10. Drilled out and painted 704z for a co-worker. Wish I took a before shot.
  11. I got into tying because once I got heavy into surf casting I started tying my own buck tail jigs and dressing my own hooks on plugs. I always thought that fly fishing looked fun but never got into it because of the added expense. Two years ago I was fishing Plum Island,MA. I had my big 10 ft spin rod and 5000 size reel, all anyone was catching was micro schoolies. One guy was in the wash with a 7/8 weight fly rod and having a blast hooking into these 14 inch stripers. I kept thinking that if I had a fly rod I would have had a lot more fun that day. I ended up buying one fly set up for salt and one for fresh and slowly started practice casting and tying flies in the winter. It's humbling to realize how different it is from casting spinning gear.
  12. Since this post that St. Croix 511 has sat in my basement without a cast. I thought it would be fun to pair it with an old school reel. Too much gear and not enough time!
  13. I got out yesterday to one of my spots. So much water and beaver(s) made the typical smallish body of water huge. I set up a blind at this spot a few years ago and it was completely submerged. I saw more wood ducks in the first hour of light then I have ever seen at this spot.
  14. I'm in North Andover and was not effected at my own house, I'm on oil not gas. Whole area is a mess. I own a multi family in downtown Andover and had to shut off the gas myself. Thursday afternoon their was absolutely nuts. I must have passed 400 cars at a stand still trying to leave Andover as I was on my way in. All the exits to 495 coming into Andover/North Andover and Lawrence are still blocked off. I saw first responders from as far north and Epping NH and as far south as Boston! Gas company is telling me that I have a work order in to get the gas meters checked and each apartment cleared by a technician, they can't give me an estimate of time or date just claim they are going door to door one house at a time. No idea when power or gas will be back on. I'm hearing all sorts of conflicting info. I feel bad for the displaced people and those who lost it all. I have had a revolving door of friends and family at my house to take showers/ charge phones and grab some food. Local businesses are donating and each shelter has huge lines of people that want to help. Makes you realize how lucky you are when these things happen.
  15. Up in coastal NH I would get shad on Diamond Jigs in July and August randomly. First time I hooked one and I saw it jumping out of the water I knew it wasn't a small Striper.