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  1. Fished a few times at popular spots in the Merrimack, seen them jumping and others landing a few, they are mixed in with very small herring.
  2. The spot I am thinking of was around 2006 or 2007 and was closer to the Maine Diner. Google maps show's it's currently an Oil and Propane office. Maybe you caught the owner on a bad day. Every time I went in staff/owner were friendly and other fishermen were in the shop hanging out.
  3. Good to know, years ago I lived in Saco and worked in Wells. They had a great bait and tackle on route 1, not their anymore last time I drove by it was a seasonal burger stand type place. I will check out Webhanett
  4. I am too cheap to spend money on myself for that. Now buying some new stuff at KTP or a local tackle shop you are speaking my language.
  5. Sunday I am taking the wife up to Southern Maine for a birthday overnight. On the way up she is getting treated for a massage at some fancy spot in Ogunquit. What that means for me, I have about an hour to an hour and a half to fish. I have never tried for Shad in southern Maine and only have my salt water MA license (reciprocal with Maine). So give it a try for shad in a local river or throw small stuff for the elusive hold over striper? It's going to be warm and I have free time which is rare so daddy is going fishing.
  6. They closed a few beaches on the NH Seacoast last summer. They didn't prevent people from going on the beach but put up warning signs at entrances and near the waters edge. Just said high fecal bacteria readings and gave warnings. I blame the seals.
  7. I fished their from a boat years ago going for Tog in October with college buddies on the way by the plant they were like want to get some blues on top water, and my response was ahh yup. Went over warm water outflow type spot and were getting 8-10lb blues on every cast. My mind was blown that they knew blue fish would be stacked up their. For a few years now the juvenile bonita seem to be more common getting jigged up with mackerel on sabikis from North Shore MA up to Southern Maine.
  8. I saw the pic on a FB post. I had no idea she has only been surf casting a year. Talk about setting the bar high!
  9. For early season stripers I fish the same for the first few weeks from Maine to Boston. Light Action rod rated 1/2oz to 3oz or really light medium heavy freshwater rod rated to 1 oz. Throw 1/2oz jig heads with shad paddle tails or the built in hook swim baits like storms and tsunami. small buck tails, small slowly worked tins, minnow plugs; 5 inch bombers, smaller yo-zuri mag darter. I don't break out the 7' loaded needles and darters and bigger stuff for a bit. Usually until mid May I keep the rod lighter and offering's smaller at first. My other tactic is same as last year; fish as much as possible while still being a husband, father and full time employee without letting my fishing obsession take over other priorities in life at the moment.
  10. I saw someone on a F Book fishing group talking about the Gladiator, mostly guys trashing it. I see them around my town and on the road pretty frequently now. I think they look cool as hell but for anyone that is transporting car seats in the back or drives with other passengers I hope they are little. Be a nice little retirement rig tho. Hopefully they still make them in 30 years! For a daily driver it's not for everyone but I still think for a beach buggy it's a pretty awesome platform! If only I had enough cash to get a Rubicon Gladiator as my "Sunday Car".
  11. Before you go on vacation you spend 2 hours on google maps trying to find a new spot to fish and park or walk to. You go out for a nice anniversary type dinner, dress shirt, boat shoes all prepped out, after dinner strap on the korkers put the head lamp on and hitting the rocks while most people are snoozing.
  12. It's very true. The DIY mentality of people my age (35) and younger is crazy. All of my wife's friends think I am really handy because I will re-place a garbage disposal or put in a new thermostat, paint a bedroom real basic weekend warrior type mickey mouse jobs. None of their husbands would even attempt to fix something around their house. The first time my neighbor met me I was in the middle of painting / ripping up carpet and slowly moving stuff in. I talked to my neighbor for a few minutes and she said when do you think the owner will be coming by.....ah nice to meet you. I saw a work van a few weeks ago that people hire to pick up dog crap in their yards. That's all they do, rich people pay a service company to pick up their dog crap in their own yard.......
  13. Since I posted this I was thinking that I haven't tried the SS zig zag with belly treble only. I changed out the majority of my darters to dressed single hooks, both si-wash and spilt ring. I frequently fish most minnow plugs belly treble only and Sebile Magic swimmers, I have slowly swapped out the majority of my rear trebles to singles.
  14. So who is throwing Super Strike Zig Zag's with no rear hook? Looks like back in 2011 it wasn't too common.