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  1. For an 11 and 14 year old boy they might be into Old Orchard Beach. Boardwalk, arcades, amusement rides, junk food, usually pretty crowded but good people watching. York's wild kingdom is a small zoo if they would be into that. Just about every town south of Portland has mini golf and ice cream places every few miles on route 1. Once you get closer to MDI some of the towns have rope courses and disc golf. My biggest advice would be to NOT drive home on a Sunday unless you want to sit in your car for hours on end. When you are in Bar Harbor bring a fresh water rod and some small spoons or jigs, the boys can catch mackerel and harbor pollock just about anywhere. Enjoy!
  2. One of the many things I enjoy about fishing at night is seeing/hearing the night critters. On the North Shore on my way back from fishing I see a ton of deer, the beach I frequent most has a very active coyote population. My last outing I had a huge owl almost clip my jeep driving home. When I fished closer to Boston harbor the amount of skunks and raccoons was crazy.
  3. Nothing but dinks for me but I am shore bound. Got into some big shad one day from the rocks oceanfront.
  4. Saturday night I fished a rocky area in Southern Maine and I was getting splashed with waves and had to wade through a few feet of water to get on the boulders, nothing dangerous but I was much more comfortable with the wetsuit then waders.
  5. When it's really warm (like this past week) I wear wetsuit pants 1.5mm and a rash guard to rock hop with korkers on and a very small plug bag with minimal gear. I also have a 3mm full suit that I will wear on colder nights. I don't push it too far but it makes me more comfortable if I were to slip of a rock or take a wrong step I wont have waders filled up.
  6. My cousin who I mentioned that hooked into the Bluefin on striper gear was mentally beating himself up for not landing that fish. I tried explaining to him its no different then showing up with a mickey mouse rod and 4lb mono to catch big stripers, light action is great but he was just under geared for the situation.
  7. Room for one more? I have Lami jigging rod and a BG 8000 I need to break in, would love to catch a smaller tuna on spinning gear. I've caught several tuna but always on 130's in the rod holder.
  8. Last year in late August I was fishing by boat on the North Shore of MA. Fishing a large school of Pogies and getting several stripers in the high 20# and low 30# range. My cousin hooked into a Bluefin on a Pogie, he was fishing a 9' Mojo Surf with a 6000 size reel. Only way to describe it was violent. He had the drag loose with a free swimming pogie, big difference between a bass pickup on bait and a Tuna. It was like he hooked onto a boat going 20 knots he cranked the drag a little and it snapped 30 pound leader like nothing. The rod was pointed at the water and it looked like he was wipping it up and down violently, whole thing lasted like 15 seconds. We were about 200 yards from shore and saw Tuna blitzing on the surface a few times throughout the day.
  9. I didn't realize this topic was already mentioned in another thread, I also didn't realize other fisherman felt it was taboo to snag and drop in states where it is legal to do so, like Mass and NH. I was just sharing my observations of seeing large numbers of bait fish after spending a week in coastal NH. For what its worth when I am on the boat I snag the Pogies on a spinning rod and transfer them to a boat rod with a 1 ounce egg weight and try to fish them below the school with a single hook. Last week the only time I was doing a true snag and drop was when I was fishing from shore, it's kind of tough to cast a live pogie the size of a laptop from shore.
  10. Out of the several days I was able to get a pogie on the hook ( by shore, kayak and center console) I probably had a free swimming live pogie in the water for around 4 hours total with only two quick run offs.
  11. Anyone else notice a solid amount of Pogies in close to shore in several parts of Coastal NH? They were in so close one day I was able to snag and drop from the shore. I also saw several lobster boats seining them close to shore for 6 days straight. I got a chance to get on them by boat Saturday AM, pods of Pogies everywhere with little or no bass on them.
  12. I can do that. PM sent with my contact info
  13. Yeah the fish finder is sold.
  14. Update; Kayak Wheelz are sold to Africaster. Fish Finder is pending pick up tonight. Everything else is available. Will be making a trip to Striper Shootout (Salem, MA) to drop off Wheels if anyone wants to meet for other gear.
  15. If you want to borrow my Wheaten Terrier she will get rid of your garden problem. She is much more silent then the .22 mentioned. Just give her some chicken and a belly rub. She is in the double digits for ground hog kills.