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  1. Now that this reel has been out for a few years I'm wondering if anyone has any reviews to update. I bought one and only used it wade fishing with no contact with the salt water. I'm considering pushing the reel a bit further and swimming short distances to rock islands with it. I know their is a huge difference between a reel getting dunked, getting splashed and not actually reeling while under water. Just wondering if anyone has had the reel submerged for a short time and what the outcome was.
  2. Video is a little dull but they have been removing dams on the Shawsheen River for a few years. The Shawsheen doesn't flow into the mountains but it does go all the way out to Hanscom AFB in the Bedford MA area and dumps into the Merrimack which of course dumps into the ocean. Like Dinghy said check out Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition. They also have a youtube channel.
  3. I saw a Gladiator at a Jeep Dealership in Mass on route 1 the other day. If i wasn't on my way to work I would have stopped to see it in person.
  4. Like others said, it's not so much where you fish and walk around the water it's more important to focus on where you park and how you gain access to the water. For NH not having a long coastline I think it is pretty accessible for the shore based fisherman. I am lucky enough to have my mother in laws house on the beach in Rye, open invite and spend a lot of time their. Having a house on the beach does come with some drama. We have people park on the private road and walk through the yard to avoid paying for beach parking all the time. It's not that we want people to have to pay to park at the public lot but it's the liability of those people on the property. When people walk through the yard to get to the beach at this house they have to climb over a jagged rock wall similar to a jetty. My mother in law is afraid that someone is going to get hurt and sue her because it's her property.
  5. That's awesome! I hope he gets into some fish and has a good time hanging with the guys.
  6. I have a 14 foot Lund WC, I like the layout of the WC-14 DLX so much more. I am going to be painting the boat and refurbishing the wooden bench seats over the next couple weeks. The boat sat facing the sun for several years and the red paint is pretty faded. I have it paired up with a 15 horse Honda. The Lund community is kind of cult like.
  7. I'm sure you could imagine that Mass is kind of a nightmare when it comes to these things. Last year I registered a trailer with bill of sale and a copy of registration. The tough part was the boat, originally boat purchased in NH, registered for years in VT, now in my possession in Mass. I think the returned my packet of like 15 documents 3 times. Just don't expect the purchaser to have a quick outcome with the state.
  8. I use a plastic boot tray meant for mud rooms/entry ways in the hatch and cut it to fit. This keeps water and sand from ruining the carpet. Other then that I just try to remove the wet waders and boots and control the chaos every few weeks. I try to keep it civil but it usally gets out of control by July.
  9. That is pretty epic! Very cool to have someone with you to get the video and great photos!
  10. Without a boat or kayak it looks pretty useless for the shore guys, at least where I was.
  11. I attempted to Shad fish the Merrimack in North Andover yesterday. I have never seen the river so high. I wore waders and 5 feet from shore I was up to my waist and had trees 20 feet in front of me. The same trees that I was leaning rods against on dry land last year you cant even wade to.
  12. Fly Boxes are full, almost time.
  13. Hunter and Fisherman Harassment is unfortunately getting to be a common occurrence. I have had issues with people like this in the past, kill them with kindness and don't back down. Couple years ago I got done goose hunting public land and was at the truck unloading gear. Me and a friend got a few geese and had them on the tailgate. A women from the neighborhood walked up and was hysterical and yelling and told us that Canadian Geese were on the "protected species list" and that she was going to call the police. I told her to call whoever she likes and didn't engage. You tube is filled with these types of videos.
  14. I am in good shape with gear, I have a Cabela's Salt Striker 3 piece travel spin rod paired with a stardic 2500. I'm also bringing an Allen 8 weight with floating line. Both set ups break down and fit in the smaller rod tubes. It looks like shrimp imitations and small bait fish will be what to throw. This trip is really getting me amped up considering its currently snowing again! Cant wait to be barefoot fishing!