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  1. Amen ...always remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice...honor them this weekend.. .
  2. Sebiles reduced to $25 shipped...
  3. I owned both the VS 150...200...& 250...ZB's 22 & 25...sold all my VS and kept my Z's ...enough said...
  4. Sebiles still available...
  5. Danny sold to on the way
  6. A new Norcalkat danny at 5.25" and 2.05 ozs....$35 plus $4 shipping... Two new Sebiles...bunker floating at 2 1/4 ozs. and a magic swimmer...$24 plus $4 shipping.. Check or money paypal and no trades..
  7. Good job by the warden or police...being visible helps in the long run enforcing the rules...
  8. Very sorry for your loss..may your mom RIP...prayers sent...
  9. I will take these for the asking price..will pay via check
  10. the T hex's and the yo zuri for the two jckcrr pm on the way..
  11. Here are pics of what I can offer in trade...from top storm chug bug..large .yo-zuri hydro minnow,,,sp sinking jointed .floating sebile
  12. Let me see what I have in SP's that I can let go...I do have some new Sebiles in floating and sinking ...
  13. Blurple is my first choice but also interested in the the Redhead..what would u be interested in ...give me some options ..are they floating or sinking ?
  14. OK...lets trade..interested in both of the for the T-Hex's...are u in meet up?
  15. Interested...what is their length and weight?