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  1. Sounds good...we can meet up...I will pm u my #...
  2. The bottom one with the paint chip is the peanut I am looking for..never saw the smaller version on the pic above much are u looking for the bottom one and the one above it...
  3. New or used...doesn't matter...
  4. Needlefish...I put it on and take it off confidence in it....
  5. Looking for a couple of Billy's small peanuts...can be used...lets see what u have....
  6. Honda Pilot..2016 and later...mine gets 19/24....
  7. When I passed it the other day only the building on Ocean Avenue was taken everything going?
  8. Sold to Catch on the way..
  9. Reduced to $23 shipped.
  10. Please close...
  11. Guess we will have to wait till April to get an answer...
  12. Did it to get Eli...will history repeat itself in the Giants play book....
  13. Just hearing Boomer and Geo this am Boomer thinks after watching him that the G men should do whatever it takes to get him and he won't be there for them at 6 so they would need to trade up..probable to #1
  14. Ohio State QBis coming out...will G men go for him or a OL guy
  15. Sold to on the way