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  1. Don't see a reduced price on the reel...
  2. Insane traffic yesterday on Ocean Avenue...get out early to hit the surf..invasion of the .bennies ...Pier Village should be renamed bennie village...
  3. So far after 3 games if C's can't cut down on their turnovers could be over when they go back to Miami...
  4. Sold to on the way
  5. Have one at 6 1/2'' and 2.65 ozs. new...light chartreuse on top and bottom with light white sides with sparkle...pic does not capture its true color..$55 shipped..check or money paypal
  6. Here is a pic of the RG glider...I got it at Surf Day 2020 in Brookdale College but never fished it...I believe it is slow sinking and the pic does not show it's true colors..light chartreuse top and belly with light white sides with sparkle flakes..very hard to get and if u do a search on SOL u will see that it is an awesome glider..selling because of health issues causing me to scale down my fishing time...Looking for $55 shipped..check or money order as I don't have paypal..
  7. Any interest in a new RG glider..have one at 6 1/2 '' and 2.65 ozs. color is a light chartreuse with sparkle flakes...RG's are hard to get but I am starting to scale down my fishing so letting stuff go..can post pic if you are interested..
  8. Like u said can't wait for those snappers grandson keeps bugging me to take him out for blues and he can't accept that they are not around...especially since I had him out on Easter Sunday night and he caught his first bass..
  9. Did well the end of March and April catching but staying away from the crowds..back problems caused me to miss the May action ..going today for the epidural shot in the back and hope to get back into the bite...
  10. For the surf or bay...
  11. I agree with everything u said...I never fished on Saturday evenings as that was always the evening I spent with my wife at one of our favorite places to enjoying dinner...
  12. Only have this one that I bought here on SOL but never used..would like .$15 shipped which covers my cost...
  13. Born and raised in Newark...commuted there to my job in downtown Newark for 37 happy I married and found a great home in Monmouth County..that ride in and bach was a killer...
  14. Looking for some Gibbs 1 1/2 oz. danny's preferable in white..used ok..
  15. Sold to 7 Rivers...PM on the way