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  1. All three were carried but not new...$25 shipped...check or money paypal...
  2. Please close..thanks SOL
  3. Please close..thanks SOL
  4. OK...$5 Added to lot on the way...
  5. Sold to on the way..
  6. Scabelly sold to sent...guppy still available for $20 shipped
  7. Used fatty glider at 3 ozs. in bunker...belly was touched up and entire glider received a new coat of epoxy..asking .$30 shipped..check or money paypal
  8. Lot 5 ..Sebiles if u ship and take my check
  9. Have this one at 3 ozs. in bunker...she was used but I touched up the belly and the entire glider was epoxied.....asking $35 shipped...check or money paypal
  10. Please close
  11. Keeping it open for a time...if no sale then the Scabelly is yours...
  12. Both new...Guppy Jobo Jr. @2 3/4 ozs. in pearl and a Scabelly 1 oz sinking glider....$50 shipped...check or money order,,no paypal
  13. I have a pearl JoBo but carried ...$26 shipped check or money order...don't have paypal...pic if u want to see it but just like pic on their site
  14. On my scale the approx. weights are for the three non lead heads 2 @ 3 ozs.& 1 @ 2ozs....the rest there are 4 @ 1.7 to 2 ozs. 5 @ about 2.4 ozs..and 4 @ less than 1 1/2 ozs.
  15. Will weigh tem tonight and post them or tomorrow...