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  1. 12 WT 9 ft. three piece gold cup (off shore angler) Rod is brand new and never even casted includes tube and sock. Price with shipping $150.00
  2. Well guys i bought mine for a trip that never panned out. Brand new never casted and i'm going to put it up on the buy and sell. Been sitting around and I dont have a use for it. Gold Cup entry level if anyone needs one.
  3. My idea for buying the 12wt was for boat fishing for large critters and maybe a shark or 2. Out front on the beach when the surfs up my 11wt Sage is an animal with larger flies and wind in your face. Otherwise it's my 9 or 10.
  4. Back in the 90's with the 36 inch limit at Montauk around evening all the 6 packs returning to port were culling before docking. We had floaters washing up along the north side all the time. Any fish with a price on it's head is doomed whether it's for market or boats for hire. Believe me when i tell you back in the mid 70's in back of town all the way to amaganset we had up to 6 haul seine crews each morning along the beaches. But there enough for everyone we thought? Then it crashed. I saw the handwriting on the wall when the 28 inch started.
  5. I've been on the beach close to 50 years. Back in early eighties we had a giant year class before that bass were going downhill. Around 85 we had a 24 inch limit. This new year class was around 21 to 25 inches then.NY protected this year class over the years all the way to 38 inches with a moratorium one year. dropped to 36 inch and bass all over for years. Problem was there was too much. Then came the 28 inch limit with 6 packs and party allowed to keep 2. All the research done over the years from the hudson Lilco and PCB's following the maturity sdize of bass was indicated.At 36 inch not all females were mature enough to spawn. So now its 28 taking some immature fish to appease Party and 6 pack boats plus the idiots that couldn't catch a keeper. All and I mean all my fishing is catch and release. I remember the good in the 70's the crash in the 80's and now it's happening again. Sorry for the rant as this fishery is close to my heart.
  6. I mostly use a 10wt for bass. Out front in the surf with larger flies my 11wt went the surfs up. The 12wt I bought for offshore in a boat for maybe larger critters.
  7. This wasn't a charter trip. My nephew in his 31 Contender. Bought a Gold Cup for a couple hundred figuring I'd destroy it on the trip.No way was I taking my Sage 11wt
  8. DaBig2na What,s the allocation for 2019? I just recently moved down. From what i see us yankees were spoiled rotten back in NY with our surf fishing oppurtunites..
  9. Just wondering how many of you actually own one. .I bought one for a special trip that never came to be. Mostly use my 9, 10 and 11wt in the salt.
  10. Brian looking at your post i wondered if al was still doing rods. That tourney used to draw tons of folks. Used to be we were snagging Bunker for striper bait in Northport or Huntington Harbor and couldn,t get a Bunker back to the boat between the Blues.
  11. Guys check out all your PM,s guys
  12. Guys try to PM me. Im having problems getting to you.
  13. PBFish as far as i know it is. its one of a BM lot of dozens i bought years ago. you deceide if you want it. I'll PM my contact info to all. Thanks.
  14. cowtamer its yours. PBFish do you want the black danny. MKF the top 4 for $35 each plus a black danny for $20 if you want I'll save these for all. Payment would be money order. Pay pal is not up and running just yet, moved out of state.
  15. all plugs are new in original plano boxes in my closet for decades.