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  1. Mike that was Dave Brown! About that time he was fishing that area all the time. Many folks on this site have met him and only know him as the kindly Irishman who gave them some advice and a few flies. I remember our nightly phone calls and as early as it was him beating me to our chosen spot. As in all life you’ll meet a character somewhere as I did and I’ll never regret it. God bless, Dave.
  2. If your planning on shooting into any steel 1/4 inch or more go for a 27 caliber.
  3. I've fished both plug casting 11ft sticks. 6501 C3 had a couple, casted light plugs well but drag even with upgrades wasn't there. Plus they corroded from the inside out. A nights fishing most times having to go to my backup. Mag Elite I purchased souped up, better than the 6501's but the moved on to Cal 400's. much nicer reel much less maintinance better drag. Didn't cast the lighter plugs as well though. I service my own reels, cals are tough but my 401TE has half again as many parts.
  4. Thumbs up on the Super Lube. Use it for all reels. It's teflon based and temp doesn't seem to affect it much.
  5. You are correct rails are horizontal, painting all edges must be done.
  6. Actually all the brands are about equal. Try to buy a solid core 1 3/8. They are above and beyond the Best Buy. Don't forget while shopping for doors that no matter what you pick it will still be the same amount of labor! Then the fact the solids will last for years to come. Hollow are mounded of Masonite which doesn't absorb moisture but the structure inside in the hollow is cardboard in an accordion fashion on edge glued in for support. Hope this helps
  7. Interesting conversation on this forum. I was a finish carpenter going on 50 years. Hung and seen thousands of doors. Those pine raised panel doors are old school not used much at all now. The center panels sweel and contract with humidity which causes your paint to crack. MDF is not particle board. Does not get affected by moisture. Lower quality doors (hollow) are Masonite and may have partical board fillers. I worked on very high end houses and the best doors were poplar styles and rails and mdf panels. Iwould recomend a 1 3/8 solid panel door. By the way you can hang something on these doors. The style is the horizontal piece between the panels.
  8. I also use the above pic on rigging for decades. I've fished next to guys with hackels, decievers, femlees and the rest. Red gills in my opinion always outfished them. If you can get them go for it. I rig with a 4/0 Oshannessy. Years ago they were tough to find but if you look you might find some deals? Last time I bought a hundred I rigged. This is for the 4 inch model. o
  9. Another thing to consider is where you drive. If you drive over something half buried like around jetties with rocks your rims will be toast or lose the bead!
  10. Brian the cops there use the plovers rightfully so as an excuse not to patrol or open to fisherman at night. There's so many animals driving that beach to control! Years ago we had so many foxes there I would count up to 8 at night leaving the Gunn. While bait fishing sitting on my tailgate they were under my feet? Well long ago the Super there told me on the QT that they had someone trapping the fox to protect the birds! It was never let out publicly cause of the animal rights people. HE said it was warranted to protect an endangered species.
  11. I too moved to NC 1 year ago but not for the fishing it was a family thing. I've really not fished the beaches as beach access is tough. I'm about 60 miles east of you. Having at least a dozen miles of beach to drive on Long Island is what I miss. Seems anywhere south of Cape Lookout surf fishing is bait only except on times too far between. I've sold a ton of big plugs but still have a bunch and a few rods knowing where I was going. There are drum red and black, specs, Spanish mackerel and here a spring run of Albies I'd love to connect on my flyrod. I tell folks here about what we had on Long Island as far as fish and acess for trucks and they can't believe what it's like. I'm still trying to figure this place out. Good luck to you.
  12. I only know of 3 things that could cause it. Line roller, cracked guide or spool lip on spinners. Checking guides is tough to do. As was mentioned the Q tip but doesn't always find it. I've heard of guys using nylon stockings? Mag glass works but be aware cracks can be very slight. It took me forever to find a crack on my flyrod!
  13. I'm thinking the spool shaft was stuck in the handle side bearing? That bearing should be suspect for corrosion I think. I have decades of experience with shimanos. Not your 700 but 400's and 200's and the 400te. That spool bearing handle side gets trashed from corrosion always first. Part of your regular maintinance is make sure you oil that bearing. Working on Shimanos is not for the average tinkerer unlike your Penns. Lots more parts! My 401te has half agian the parts of my regular 400's. make sure you check that bearing before assembly. Stick a pencil point in it rotate and if you feel any roughness it's shot. Good luck!
  14. Assembly problems aside. Most folks do grease drag washers whether factory recommended or not. Couple of reasons to do so is initial start up of the drag plus to protect washers from contamination. I've serviced my own reels for many decades. There are special greases made for this. First I was aware of was produced by Carl Newell then Shimano. They work great helping to protect from contamination and helping with start up but control slippage at the same time. Both greases have a high drag coefficient and are actually sticky to the touch. That said some reels reels are what they are? Fished and played with all kinds of abu's with not much improvement all my calcuttas it helped cept for my little 201 which like I said you can't make miracles.
  15. Fish calls work both ways my friend! Best day I ever had on the beach was a call from my buddy 7 miles away. Called to say something looks like it's going to happen! Well it did bass into the 30's in the wash all day long. After 8 hrs of a bass on every cast I quit. Sorry to hear you wouldn't call up a buddy to share. Yes times were different then, but we had many friends we'd share fish with.