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  1. I'm in Naples Florida! Sorry no plans to go back to the place of my youth. I used to walk by the spot, look at the "critter" imbedded there and walk on. Thought about chipping it out, then decided to leave it in pl ace. I'm sure it is still there , together with many others. It looked to be a large insect? maybe three or four inches square. Tough when you try to recall data from SEVENTY years ago. Tom If memory serves me correctly, there were several nearby locations which had "critters" Don't recall the type . Thanks for your interest. Try the Hudson River Fishermans association. They may be able to help. If you research the constucton of the New York Central railroad specifically at the Spuyten Duyvil area, you may be able to determine where the boulders lining the shore line came from. i'm sure they are local to that area and were blasted from the rock wall along the tracks. Good luck Tom
  2. Good morning, There was an article writen by the late Art Glowka, an active Hudson River supporter and Conservationist that is worthwhile reading. The article entitled , Subway Stripers, describes the fishery in the area where i found the ancient artifact. Great read, if you can find it. If you do locate it, please post where it is. Tom On a personal note, it would be great to revisit the area where I began my "stripah" pursuit. Tom Gav
  3. Good morning, It occurred to me that this is the time of year when striped bass are returning to the Hudson river from Long Island sound and points north. A great time to fish the Hudson! My personal best was 52 schoolies! My buddy whupped me with a record 58 schooies. Creek Chub poppers were the weapon of choice. all bass released of course. Contact the Hudson River Fisherman's association for info on this resource! Tom
  4. Good evening, There are items from thousands of years ago in the rocks along the Hudson river shoreline at Spuyten Duyvil. While i'm sure they are located all along the shoreline, the ones that I remember are between the railroad bridge and the small jetty about a thousand yards north of the bridge. All are above the water, so you won't get wet. Good hunting. If you find some please post some pics. Thanks Tom
  5. Good morning, I can do $80.00 Paypal Offer withdrawn. Tom
  6. Good afternoon, $285.00 for the three reels. Tom Offer withdrawn. Made other arrangements. Tom
  7. No problem. Good luck with the sale. Tom
  8. Good morning, I can do $75.00 paypal. Tom
  9. deal it is! Tom please pm your paypal acces. Tom
  10. I can do $35.00 paypal. Tom
  11. Good morning, Tom
  12. Thanks for your inquiry. Line capacity is as follows.... 275 yds of 15 lb mono 310 yds of 30 lb braid. No magnets. Tom
  13. Good morning, Tom
  14. Good morning, Soooooo, Make me an offer!! Poof you are an offer!
  15. Good morning, Tom