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  1. Glad I could help. Let us know what rod you are going to purchase if any.
  2. Rio Integrated Skagit Max Power has a 20 foot head. I wish they made heavier lines for my other rods. I remember you used Airflo heads and I looked at them, but I had no interest. Stayed with Rio. I also use these other lines on my 11 ft 10wt Exocett Surf. I do not use a Mow tip on the Rio. Chucker. Seems to cast better without it. Sometimes maybe a 3 foot piece of intermediate line. I welcome criticism
  3. I check their site earlier and still out of stock. They have been out of stock for a long , long time.
  4. That’s a bummer. I thought they would replace the hose.
  5. Mike Overhead casting As previously mentioned I use. 13 ft rod Echo King 10wt 14 ft Orvis Clearwater 9 wt ( old green color rod) Yes I realize these are spey rods but they work. I’ve been casting the Echo King rod for five years now and it has not broke. I know there’s a thread on here somewhere saying it is not an overhead rod, but I went ahead and purchased it. It has work very well for me. My new rod is an Echo Full Spey 8 wt I wanted a lighter rod. Purchased it primarily for spey casting, and Skagit casting. Picture below are the lines and mow tip I use. I also tried it for overhead casting it does not like to be overpowered so I pulled back on the power and let the rod do the work. I realize you don’t like that phrase “Let rod do the work” but it works for me. I keep telling myself when I’m overhead casting all my fly rods to pull back on the power and let the rod do the work and it works. I also call it dialing in on the power of the rod. What would you call it? Going to try again this morning crazy wind today down by the ocean surf. Northeast 20 gusts to 30 Really hard to the cast and to get that back cast straight. Most important. I welcome criticism.
  6. Do you still have to buy them lunch?
  7. Well I am not as knowledgeable as Mike Oliver and Killiefish. I’m sure they will not agree with me. I do what works best for myself. I’m out there every day someplace wetting a line. Lol Out Front in the ocean. Wind is a big factor. The Exocett Surf 11210–4 is not heavy enough to throw heavy grains and it is 2 ft short in length. I feel I am under gunned. It can be used out front by me only under certain conditions. Very light wind and calm surf. Out front I use a 13 ft. rod or a 14 ft rod. Line and Mow Tip for the 13 ft rod left in the picture. Line and Mow Tip for the 14’ rod right in the picture. I can fish or cast in all kinds of conditions. A lot of it depends how much I want to exert myself. I use other lines to mix it up, but not too much. Such as the Rio Chucker on 13 ft rod. I welcome criticism.
  8. I have been using this integrated” Rio line with a Mow T-11 tip. I use this rod and line in the back bay. I came to the conclusion it’s not an out front rod. If they made this rod 13 ft with heavier specs I certainly would have one for out front. I welcome criticism.
  9. T-8 intermediate? 2 1/2, 5, or full intermediate
  10. Checked out my Viair air hose and it's in good shape. I will keep an eye on it.
  11. Yes Keep the thread updated. Much appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I have a Viair 400P about 1 1/2 years old. A black hose. I will check it out tomorrow before going on the sand.
  13. Great job. Well done. Good luck to you Mike Oliver and thanks for your help.
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