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  1. That’s for sure. Seals everywhere watching me.
  2. Good post Lou T Thanks
  3. I was thinking about getting an E Bike I have two bikes dealers on LBI New Jersey that sell E Bikes. Aventon and Pedego. Both good bike dealers. The Aventon dealer is where I purchased my canal bike and then I rigged it up. Will be selling it if I purchase and electric bike. I will have to get two electric bikes. One for my bride. Lol
  4. My Home Depot has 660 sheets in stock. They must be selling it to somebody.
  5. You are thinking old school. Look into retaining wall block. They also have a cap piece.
  6. Somebody better make a quick road trip to New Jersey when he gets back. Sounds like a good deal. Of coarse depending on the price. Hook up the trailer and take it home. Don’t forget the money. When I bought mine I had the seller deliver it since he had a trailer that he wanted to keep. I had a bank check for him on delivery.
  7. Doing a small project. 2x4 8 ft Doug Fir studs $9 each. Crazy prices!!!! Ocean County, NJ
  8. 1/2” cdx Fir $62.65 Home Depot Ocean County New Jersey Lumber Yards are even more Lumber prices are insane. All building material lumber, plumbing, electrical and etc is expensive.
  9. My son went to Ithaca College $29,000 a year at that time. Then Bloomsburg University for grad school. I paid for the full ride. He had no debt when he graduated. Just what I wanted. My other son went to the University of Rhode Island. I did the same thing.
  10. Looks like the handle knob on my Stella 6000 XG. Seems big for a smaller reel. Should be ok. Good luck with it.
  11. Bigger reel. Bigger handle Thanks for the response.
  12. Is that reel an FE 4000 model reel?
  13. My Stella 4000 XG has a paddle handle. Great reel for plugging.
  14. I have nerve damage. When I used to go to the audiologist they would asked me what I did for a living he would put the sound on the decibel of a Skil saw. I didn’t hear a thing Hearing aids don’t work for me. Spent a lot of money on them.
  15. When I was kid I would tell my mother and father it’s sounds like WABC RADIO. Then later the roar of a crowd at Yankee Stadium. Now just noise 60 years now.