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  1. Who says they are making a living off it. Pocket money
  2. Are we talking poachers or legitimate commercial fishermen ? I’m talking about poachers or are you saying everybody is a poacher.
  3. Then why do you blame the out of state folks ? It’s a local problem. Shore and boat. It’s inbred in them. Been going on forever.
  4. Lol. Classic post. Still laughing.
  5. Different era now and circumstances let them all go
  6. 1-SA Classic 5/6 420 Grains 1-SA Classic 8/9 600 Grains Excellent Condition No Trades Postal Money Order Shipped Eastern Seaboard $50.00 Each
  7. Hello Mike You are never going to be able to change the mindset of the striped Bass fishermen or for that matter any other species also. Just go to the MA forum. Forget about it. As you said legislate and enforce. Only way.
  8. This fellow summed it up pretty good
  9. RIP.
  10. Sounds like the gates will be pulled closed or no fishing after 10 PM pretty soon.
  11. Thanks for the reply. No boat here. Land base. Getting to old and don’t need something else to take care of. Are you the guy who was going to Bonita Springs area for last 25 years and decided to stop because of the conditions? I have been going to Sanibel fly fishing in February and June but did not go this past February and June because of the red tide and fish kills.
  12. So where do I go Florida or MA to salt water fly fish? No fish here in NJ.
  13. Not really To much time and effort to research. i just read and put it in memory. Lol Maybe you can research it Thanks for the response. Tom
  14. Mr Moderator The reports are there. Not so much this year but previous years very much so.