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  1. Sill plates for new houses and additions What is the alternative?
  2. Lol you got me
  3. That video is disturbing. Where did it happen?
  4. That’s the old treatment. Then it went to ACQ. Now ?
  5. Search American Littoral Society home page. Fish tagging Program. All the information you want.
  6. I tag for the American Littorial Society Contact Jeff Dement. He is the tagging director. Picture of a lock tag and needles $6 for 10 tags. $7.50 each needle So every time you tag a fish 60 cents
  7. Sold to Lurp66 for $160.00 picked up Long Beach Island, NJ. Sunday Am sending PM. Thanks SOL and TimS
  8. Model XS 101 MHC 3-6 oz ONE PIECE Excellent Condition No Trades Cash on Pick Up Picked Up Long Beach Island, NJ $195.00
  9. Great. Sold to Catch This for $33.00 shipped. Sending PM. Thanks SOL and TimS
  10. My rake. For scratching the sand. Don't forget the basket.
  11. Common pear ( Pyrus communis )
  12. Troll question? You have been a member since 2007. So I assume you know the answer to your own question. I will take a swipe at this. Yes he was a moderator here. Over saw the MA forum very well. I recall TimS used to go up to MA once a year for a annual breakfast gatherings. All on him. I don’t know if he still does this. Very nice gesture in my opinion. Angler #1 introduced bob G as a moderator for some reason I believe. Now look at the MA forum.
  13. Pathetic !!! Rules for everybody else but them.