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  1. Good thread ccb. I tag for the American Littoral Society. Here is a picture of the lock tag and needle I use. I tag primarily on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Quite a few of my tagged Striped Bass find there way up to Long Island, Conn., RI, MA and as far as Portland, Maine. I have also tagged bass in the Cape Cod Canal and the Cape Cod Bay. There are also other clubs that tag and use a different styled tag. There are some threads in the Main Forum on tagging. Nice to see some interest.
  2. Next year maybe I’ll return to Sanibel if the red tide and algae blooms clears up Good Luck to all that venture to SW Florida
  3. Hey Joe I’m 68 I am trying to figure out your meaning here lol Have a good day
  4. ^^^^^^^^^ So true. I call this the old guard Thank you Mr CWITEK for this statement
  5. Nice post Mr CWITEK Especially the part about Florida
  6. What airport ? what airline?
  7. I am glad you said this. I have been trying to figure out how to post something like this Puts a smile on my face.
  8. Welcome The two hander is addictive. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks here Good Luck
  9. Well you have just about the whole canal.!!!!! Both sides as a target zone for theft and vandalism. I would assume nighttime fishing is a risk wherever you go.
  10. Are you saying the parking areas {cut outs} along the highway? Then you cross the railroad tracks to get to the canal? When we where at the canal we parked at Fishermen's View. Never had a problem. I fished first light till mid afternoon.
  11. Thanks to all for your responses.
  12. In this day and age, why is vandalism and theft so prevalent at the Cape Cod Canal? Why hasn't it been kept in check? Does this also pertain to the rest of the Cape Cod area?
  13. Classic Thanks for the chuckle Mike Tom