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  1. 1600 Tons ? Last I heard Sanibel had 410 tons not including the canals and Gulf waters.
  2. Looking at this a different way. How about removing the drop girder making a flush header using a Glulam or a Flitch plate and joist hangers ? You would have to have an architect spec this out. Good Luck
  3. From all the reports I thought things where getting better. Depressing.
  4. What dblhauler said. ^^^^^^^^^ Can't say it any better. Thanks
  5. Much appreciated. Thank you. Looking forward for the report Tom
  6. I canceled my fly fishing trip to Sanibel because of the red tide and fish kill this October and February Interested to see how you do and the conditions of the beaches
  7. Run is half the span
  8. Sistering it how 2 x 6 rafter or plywood?
  9. Your saying a run of 5 ft?
  10. Same here Good Luck
  11. Think about it If you rip a piece plywood 48”or 96” and cut into a void what happens to the strength ? Some plywoods have a solid core cross banded. He is doing something structural here. Good Luck
  12. Wrong grade of plywood. If you are going to do it this way you need a plywood that doesn't have any voids. CDX and ACX allow voids. Good Luck
  13. I would sister complete rafter from the ridge to the lower top plate. Bolted. Dry wall screws or deck screws are not structural. Sometimes it is difficult to get a new rafter in there but it can be done. Stain the new rafter to match the old color of the rafters. Better for resale if you are going to sell the house.
  14. Doesn’t the condition of the beaches with the dead fish and I’m sure parasites in the sand and the red tide in the water make you nervous about fishing in it ? What about effects on your health ? Good luck
  15. You got that right. Been thinking the same thing Very disappointing By the time Florida gets this corrected I’ll be pushing tulips