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    Union Glazier, retired!

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  1. Renzettie Saltwater vise. Located in Staten Island. $175
  2. New Simms vest. Medium. $75.00. Located in Staten Island.
  3. I use Flex seal clear Spray. Small can is around $5.00. Sprayed the inseam, dried flexible. It’s been about 4 months, still good. I used AcquaSeal in the past, found it too thick. Flex seal spray came out nice. First time using it, not sure how long it will last.
  4. Simms sling pack, new condition. Located in Staten Island.
  5. Fishpond Summit Sling pack, great shape and Fishpond Dry Shake bottle holder. $60. Located in Staten Island.
  6. New Premier Technical Euro Nymph line. Located in Staten Island $40.00
  7. Yes. If you get Thule aero bars they should fit. Just check with Thule. If you c a ll them they are very helpful. The ski racks list for $370, plus the cost of the locks.
  8. It’s a pretty universal mouthing bracket.
  9. I had it on a 2020 Toyota Rav 4, factory bars What type of Vehicle do you have?
  10. Rack is in new condition, had it on my car about two weeks. 6 keyed alike locks. Located is Staten Island. $250
  11. Really appreciate your help Herb.
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