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  1. Payment received, line mailed out. Thanks SOL
  2. Send me you r name and address. Thanks
  3. The line retails for $99.99 The line I’m selling* is new. Would like $55 #hipped. Thanks for the offers.
  4. I bought it for the cape. Was suppose to go last month. It says cold water series. It was recommended to me for fishing here. Maybe check the Rio website. I’m working now. Will try to find out for you. Maybe someone in sol would know.
  5. New Rio Coldwater Series InTouch Striper Fly Line. 400 gr 10, 11w $63 shipped.
  6. Rod sold to lureman. Thanks SOL
  7. Price drop, $200.
  8. Lamiglas specs list 2-5/ounce rating. I am selling the rod, someone wanted to know if it would throw anything heavier. I never fished the rod so I don’t know. Thanks for the help.
  9. Pretty sure it’s OS
  10. Would a 22x23 inch hoop be good for blues and stripper size fish here? I know he goes off shore fishing as well as back water. I was looking at the Ego S 2. I have no clue. Thanks so much for your help.
  11. It’s dark gray. I bought it around that time. It’s been sitting in my rack, I never fished it.
  12. That’s pretty far for me, I am by the Outer Bridge, the other side of Staten Island. Are you familiar with Bernies tackle shop in Brooklyn? That’s not too bad of a ride for me.
  13. Really not looking to trade how far are you from Staten Island.
  14. My bad it’s a 132. Been sitting in my rod rack for a few years. I never used it.