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  1. Mail it out this morning, tracking number USPS 840 5110 0178 00031 96336 02. 

    Please let me know when you get it

  2. Sold to wicked-fly
  3. Sold, waiting payment. Thanks SOL
  4. Fishpond Tomahawk fly tying bag. $115.00 shipped.
  5. Cleaning out my fly boxes, 18 wooly buggers, Have them for years, never fished them. $15.00 shipped.
  6. Oval knob off a VS150. $45 shipped. (Bolt has grease on it, not rust)
  7. Willing to sell sink tip leaders separate, $40 shipped.
  8. Rio Versa Tip II WF7F fly line for sale. Line was used a few times, 4 leaders are new, unused. $80.00 shipped.
  9. Thanks
  10. Wanted to know whats the best hook to use to tie a wooly bugger. Thanks
  11. Sold to JimA. Thanks SOL
  12. Price drop $115.00
  13. Reel sold, thanks SOL.
  14. Unfortunately i got rid of it. Afterwards I thought that I should have kept it.
  15. You are correct, if they are on you 24-36 hours you’re at risk. Just not sure what kind of tick it is. It’s not a wood tick or deer tick.