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    just trying to get this whole "angler" thing figured out!
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    fishing, skeet shooting, hiking, movies, track and field, training, olympic weightlifting
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  1. hey sudsy, how much for the tow strap, tire deflators and tool kit?
  2. lol well its certainly an upgrade for off roading. Nice rig!
  3. Whoa thats a hell of a setup. Im not sure im able to install all that just yet, ill keep it in mind though for sure. Any thoughts on a portable viair air compressor?
  4. I would pretty much be driving IBSP exclusively, never used the air stations at the park. Are They any good?
  5. great thanks a lot Jim yeah im definately getting deflators, thanks for the info shark is there a negative to filling them up? i usually drive at 70psi. very technical, i didnt know that rule of thumb regarding rim height from the pavement. thanks for the info dena.
  6. Regarding airing down, would I still need to air down to 15-20 psi or could I air down to a higher psi? I have a 2000 Ford Excusion 10 cylinder gas. this may be a stupid question for the experienced beach buggy people here lol.
  7. great ill take a look thank you sir!
  8. thanks for the info boss, ill take a look.
  9. Afternoon all, does anyone here know of a place in the north NJ area that can help with vinyl seat repair? need to get my 2000 excursion looked at and possibly get an estimate for changing all the covers on the seats.
  10. ok 120 it is. ill take it
  11. I have been using ODM Nex1 11' 3/-8 oz with a saltist 5000. unbelievable set up. hauled in heavy sand tigers, browns and rays from the surf. casts 8oz and a mackerel head with no problems.
  12. is it for a lefty reel? or does that even matter lol...i forget
  13. are you willing to negotiate down to $100?
  14. rac a rod