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  1. A 12 casting special would be perfect to increase line capacity. Please make it!
  2. I decided to keep one. $200 shipped for the remaining reel
  3. Both reels still available.
  4. I can go down to $210. $200 for me and $10 to cover the shipping. Just a warning, there are some 7ht mag st’s out there that run really slow and some run way too fast despite the amount of tuning that is done to them. Both of these are just right. I tell ya what, if you buy this one, take a look at it and cast it. You’ll see it is butter smooth and casts really well. If you don’t like it due to cosmetics or anything, send it back to me and I’ll refund you.
  5. Hey Dave, the nicks are kind of hard to see in the pics, but I did my best. They are mostly small and are along the top edge of the left side plate on both. Reel on bottom in first pic: Reel on top in first pic: The bottom reel has less nicks
  6. I have two of these up for sale. I installed the brass pinion support sleeve for both of them and I purchased Daiwa power handles for them because I didn’t care for the carbon fiber paddle handles that came with them. They are included as pictured. Box and papers included as well. They are 10/10 mechanically and have some nicks on the left side plate on both reels. I’m not quite sure how to grade nicks as far as cosmetics... $225 each or $400 for both.
  7. Are the spool bearing sizes for the Fathom 2 (non casting special) the same as the first Fathom? Thanks.
  8. Okay $170 it is. I’m in Burke. We can take it to pm’s from here.
  9. Kironafly, I found the rod online for $199 plus $6 shipping. Would you be willing to come down a bit in price?
  10. Let me know if you decide to part with it and how much please. I’m in the Northern VA/DC area and willing to travel a bit if that helps.
  11. Let me know if you have one you’re willing to part with.
  12. Anyone have pics of these fathoms from icast?
  13. I’m in!
  14. You guys should check out Massdrop. I got 3 Ferrum Forge/We Knives collaborations from there. 2 Gents and 1 Falcon. The Gents were $80-$90 and the Falcon was $125. They all have S35VN blade steel and titanium handles. One of the Gents has G10 scales and the other has carbon fiber scales. Ferrum Forge, a US knife company designed the knives, We Knives in China produced them and Massdrop distributed them. I’ve owned plenty of ZTs, spydercos, and BMs. These are just as good imo and half the price. They all flip smooth, granted they don’t fire out as hard as a ZT. Here’s the catch if you don’t know how Massdrop works, you sometimes have to wait quite a while to get your item, sometimes not at all. They get good prices on items by pre selling. They know exactly how many units they need to make or buy from a manufacturer to get a lower price. They have all kinds of different brands of knives as well