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  1. Is this a GENERATION 2?
  2. Thanks I'll get back to you.
  3. Can you post better pictures of the 4210?
  4. Great thank you.
  5. Hi Jared I’ll $70 shipped MO for you.
  6. No thank you. Looking to sell as a lot.
  7. I notice that you seem to be selling. I'm moving some plugs for a new fly rod.
  8. 2 new 2012 Basswood swimmers One large one peanut. Tail hooks have some rust from storage. $75.00 shipped PayPal.
  9. Can't beat a TICA for the money.
  10. I got the 7wt only casted it at the show I have line and backing arriving today hope to play around with it this week.
  11. Payment received Thanks Tim and SOL.
  12. You got them pm on the way.
  13. No thank you going let them ride a little longer.
  14. My scale is broken one larger and one smaller. I believe that you correct the large is around 3oz and smaller is under 2oz.