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  1. Great rods I have the challenger bank 801 and the cape cod. Nano 10'6 GREAT ROD
  2. (*Edited - you've been here long enough to have read the BST Forum rules - I'm removing you from the BST Forum until you read the rules and PM me letting me know you figured out why you are being removed. Thanks. TimS) (*Edited - updated - never mind, you just got your gangsta tough guy ass removed from this site, I have no desire to suffer tough guy fools on my website - buh bye TimS)
  3. I'll offer $125 Thanks
  4. Selling my accurate bx2 400 Mech. 10/10 cosm. 9/10 Used for one trip that's it Comes with 65lb izorline Clamp Phenix reel cover And pouch Asking $425 shipped+ add 3% for Paypal or Money order Thanks will try to upload pics
  5. I have some brand new echos that are a beast to saw What gear do u have?
  6. Sell it? If so how much?
  7. Paymen sent Thanks
  8. I'll take it if u agree on the price $140 shipped?
  9. I'll take At $140 shipped Live in Cali, will be leaving to Phili tonight if u are in the Newark area??!!
  10. Looking for either reels to buy Would prefer the torque over the fathom but let me know what u have Thanks!