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    salmon steelhead fisherman jetsled and drift boat
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    fishing duh?
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    who cares
  1. (*Edited - yes, read the rules. You are not welcome to buy, sell or solicit here. Contacting someone to see if they want to buy your reel is soliciting. You are not allowed to do that here. You are not allowed to PM or email anyone here to buy, sell or solicit. Doesn't matter if you know someone collects something or not, you are not allowed to buy, sell or solicit here. Please read the FAQ - thanks. TimS)
  2. (*edited - you are not welcome to buy, sell or solicit here - please read the FAQ, particularly the section on new members - http://www.stripersonline.com/a/faq TimS)
  3. I am -------------------------------------... not here you're not! Please review the rules (I see you've got but 2 posts to your credit), so maybe we can classify this as a rookie mistake But the bottom line is - NO Selling, NO Buying, NO soliciting in any forum except the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum Please follow the rules - they are not complicated Thanks