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  1. Pictures? You can compare with the pictures in my post. I can take more pictures of the parts for you to compare.
  2. I agreed with you. PENN needs to make the brand more competitive
  3. Great idea! I'll try it with my cheap reel First, Thanks for sharing
  4. I think the broken gear in my picture is "55-TS5 Ball Bearing part #: 1200399", not "55A-TS5 Ball Bearing part no 1211094 ZAFisher mentioned above. I have ordered new one from PENN, but I will keep looking for upgrade, If I found I'll post it here. I think ABEC 7 version gear is good replacement, Thanks to RedGreen! How can a such nice solid reel has a mistake like this.?
  5. Wow, Great for ALL SHARING! Brown Paper Bag, Really ???
  6. Hi guys! I had accidentally dropped my reel, which caused the Spool has little scratch (When running my finger across I can feel the scratches). I tried to use very fine sand paper to smooth it out. Can anyone share how will they fix this problem? Thanks for any inputs!
  7. O NO....I ordered earlier Somehow, I feel like the Crosswind Gear and the Crosswind Block should be cover under PENN Reputation Warranty because I am one of the PENN fan who brought the reel when it came out.
  8. Thank you so much for this BIG tipS! I'll probably order that from PENN, hope they had upgraded the quality of the bearings otherwise, I really can't fish with this $750 Reel (How much when I brought it) with much confident. BTW, I think it's the "55-TS5 Ball Bearing part #: 1200399"... If not, anywhere else I can buy Highest Quality Bearing??? Thanks again!
  9. Thank you so much for your help, Jim! I'll give you guys a call! Just curious, how the pin got disconnect from crosswind gear happened (Shouldn't them be one piece?)? I love my PENN TRQS5-B, if anyone who like to share their thoughts please do so!
  10. Dear PENN & ALL, I am one of the guy who purchased the PENN TRQS5-B when it came out. Recently, I was performing maintenance on the reel, I found the "43-TS5 Crosswind Block" has a big scratch (Please see picture, the Silver part) & "231-TS5 Crosswind Gear Asm-1200407" is little weird (Please see picture). 1) Do you think I should replace it? 2) Can I purchase the parts directly from PENN? 3) Since I have the 1st Generation, is there any other parts I should updated as well? 4) Also, there is a plastic washer under the "231-TS5 Crosswind Gear Asm-1200407" is broken, Can I use a washer from other reel to replace it? My reel had been serviced by Penn before, Excellent Service (Great People)! Thanks for any inputs! The huge sliver scratch, I think it's cost by "231-TS5 Crosswind Gear Asm-1200407". Does it look wear out? After open it these two rings were hanging on the "39N-TS5 Spool Shaft", I just put them back in. Is there a way to secure them in place or Just like that?
  11. LOL! I can't stop laughing. Thank you guys!
  12. Thank you so much for all of your replies! I will give it a try. BTW, I lost three HUGE fishes because of that but I am sure I'll get more!
  13. Thank you so much for your suggestion! My question is for a $500 fishing reel, their designers should reverse the thread of the Line Roller Screw to prevent issue like this happened to such great fishing reels. I am surprised that only happened to my reel, maybe I am one of the first group who purchased this reel.
  14. I've been a fan of PENN for many years, that's why I purchased Penn Torque TRQS5 Spinning Reel several years ago. In the last three years, this reel's Line Roller Screw(46A) keep giving me a huge problem is it keeps loosen after every cast/reel (Sorry for the long delay, coz New Future Fishermen is in the hood :)). I need to use my nail to screw back in, that's my nail is not pretty. There was another issue with it's Gear Assembly, but Tony(PENN) took care of it fast. That's why I am still with PENN. Anyone have same problem? Does anyone have a solution to this problem? If it's not cover under warranty, how much is the part(s) to solve this problem? I really want to fix it. Thanks!
  15. Thanks! Linesider69 Custom Plugs