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  1. Bunker heads instead of the chunk work good most of the time when Blues are around. Bass love them way more than Blues. Give it a shot next time.
  2. Found the new book helpful... as well as Season On... Always something new to learn... Thx for some more winter viewing pleasure. P.S. I killed the jumbo porgy this year fishing for Bass bucktailing. Was trying to keep it a secret...
  3. Yeah man, nice tone...... and nice work.... Cool to share...
  4. I see what you're sayin' on NOAA There is no description listed for "subm racks" in U.S. Chart No. 1 To anyone interested in a better understanding of US Nautical Charts, download U.S. Chart No. 1 from the NOAA website. I think the rules of SOL state I can't help you with a direct link to it... If I'm wrong let me know Mods, Leaders, Tyrant
  5. Submerged Racks.... It's a good spot to drop anchor and.... uhh, yeah.... use your imagination... Ooops thought I was in the Tavern. Submerged Rock and the number sometimes assigned to it is its depth... and Obstruction as stated above Quote: Originally Posted by NeedFish Anyone happen to know what "Obstn and Subm Racks" means on a nautical chart? Came across an etched box on the chart labeled as such, and I'm not sure what to make of it.
  6. Someone had to authorize this and more someones had to carry it out.... and they were all OK with this!!!????
  7. That's cold.... Quote: Originally Posted by fish'nmagician When Dinghy says he's hitting the gym, he spells it with a J.
  8. Never a gym day in your history huh fish'nmagician? Quote: Originally Posted by fish'nmagician and you "do" them at a Gym...... while guys spot?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by HugeDinghy 25's mothafunka!!!
  10. himself out of nowhere is on a roll.... Quote: Originally Posted by himself America's Next Prop Model?
  11. When they see a 10 on each side, don't worry, they know.... Quote: Originally Posted by HugeDinghy when i am doing legs at the gym, I ask guys for a spot, even when I dont need one...
  12. This post made me run this song through my mind so I'll put that on the list.... Quote: Originally Posted by Ravioli Wake me up before you go,go.
  13. That sucks... The engine's louder than the prop. I guess if you're not around small planes enough, you could forget... I think I read it was nighttime
  14. Hey there fishinambition.... You're really going to town with this thread... Hmmmmm.... Is this the coming out...? Quote: Originally Posted by fishinambition I use product in my hair
  15. Beet, how much does it weigh? Quote: Originally Posted by squidlips That bluefish? Yeah I caught it. Oh, probably about 347 pounds.