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  1. No longer for sale. Decided to keep it for now
  2. 1 year old aluminum surf rack. 6 vertical rod holders on back of rack. 2 diagonal rod holders on front. Rack measures 30”x60”. Is mounted with two stainless mounts that go to the tow hook mounts on the front of a truck. Mounts can be moved to fit other trucks. Rack comes with bucket holder. Bait table and 6 extended sand spikes that mount on rear of rack. Price: $675 location: Lewes, De
  3. Hey guys I have a 60"x30" aluminum Reynolds rack for sale. Comes with 4 sand spikes. Has 6 vertical rod holders abd two diagonal. Has removable hate cutting board. As well as bucket holder. Also comes with aluminum ruler riveted on floor of rack to measure fish. $400 picked up in bethany beach Delaware
  4. Thanks but looking for a one piece.
  5. So what's the overall length of the rod right now?
  6. Is this still available? I'm looking for this exact rod
  7. Hey guys. So recently I went in to my grandparents shed and pulled out an 11'6 honey lami rod that was custom built at old inlet tackle in rehoboth beach Delaware. I used the rod all the time as a kid but never realized it's potential till lately. A few months ago I had it completely redone at old inlet and it's been amazing ever since. I'm trying to find a similiar blank to build an identical rod. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Phill
  8. I'm looking for the 2-6 ounce model. Will be throwing heavy metal and bait rigs the majority of the time
  9. Just picked up a vs200 lookin to get a rod for it.
  10. would you be willing to sell it for 180 shipped? thats 150 for the rod and 30 to cover shipping?
  11. ok, thanks for your help. have a good one