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  1. Such a serious young man! What happened? Nice catch young man!
  2. Sheesh. What’s next? A thread about man- thongs? That said, Tom Petty, “Don’t come ‘round here no more” And of course The Blues Brothers movie.
  3. Yeah, it’s kind of creepy. But on the other hand, is it that much different than having our remains turned to ash? Or for that matter, the natural decomposition of all once living organisms. As G. Gordon Liddy once said, “We all end up as worm food” this just makes the process a bit quicker.
  4. Nice pictures Mike.
  5. All true, but enough people do that it further deteriorate the spit Putin is in.
  6. I was on my HS photo staff way back in the day. Bad lighting, slow lenses, Tri-X pushed to 800 or 1600 ASA. Something like this would be a miracle photo. Nice work!
  7. Given the talking to Putin got from Xi and Modi over the last couple of days I would have to think nukes are off the table. Things are turning to **** very quickly for the guy. There is a growing call for his impeachment, evidence of Russian atrocities are stacking up, Brittney Griner is sick in prison, and he getting his azz kicked by Ukraine. Maybe it time to start the Putin Dead Pool thread!
  8. Oops
  9. My brother skippered or crewed large yachts for a number of years. A top priority for crew selection was maturity and getting along with others. Basically the selection criteria was “no drama” Even among hook-up’s no drama. Also, if you got kicked off a boat word got around very quickly. Another reason is that the owner and their party usually brought enough drama on board that everyone was tired of it by the time they left. I don’t watch it.
  10. Hey, maybe they are on to something! Great thread. Thanks
  11. Oopsky!
  12. Any of you watch this? Insane. This year it was won by the rookie.
  13. … or died of TSB…
  14. I have the surf machine elite 1-6 and I’m very impressed with its range. It does a very adequate job casting down to one ounce and excels up to 4 ounces or so. While I’ve cast up to 5 ounces with it, it’s a fairly slow roundhouse cast and don’t expect to get the distance you will see at 2-4 oz.
  15. Oh, have they! As long as you’re not behind the wheel they usually just tell you to dump it out.
  16. That’s just down the street from where I pick up my favorite burrito. SRPD is usually pretty good.
  17. This is insane.
  18. He tried to bring his country into the 20th century. RIP
  19. Not quite true. First, there is always common sense and willful unsafe operation. There is also this, the floatplane was to the vessel operator’s right it was specifically up to her to give way in those instances… 14 CFR PART 91, SECTION 91.115 RIGHT-OF-WAY RULES: WATER OPERATIONS The right-of-way rules for operation on water are similar, but not identical, to the rules governing right- of-way between aircraft in flight. (a) General. Each person operating an aircraft on the water shall, insofar as possible, keep clear of all vessels and avoid impeding their navigation, and shall give way to any vessel or other aircraft that is given the right-of-way by any rule of this section. (b) Crossing. When aircraft, or an aircraft and a ves- sel, are on crossing courses, the aircraft or vessel to the other’s right has the right-of-way. (c) Approaching head-on. When aircraft, or an air- craft and a vessel, are approaching head-on, or nearly so, each shall alter its course to the right to keep well clear. (d) Overtaking. Each aircraft or vessel that is being overtaken has the right-of-way, and the one over- taking shall alter course to keep well clear. (e) Special circumstances. When aircraft, or an air- craft and a vessel, approach so as to involve risk of collision, each aircraft or vessel shall proceed with careful regard to existing circumstances, including the limitations of the respectiv
  20. Fished Friday and caught my first fish since June. He came in a little roughed up so I invited him home!
  21. Too bad they don’t come into the beach. Nice catch.
  22. Ocean beach. When the surfers got to him he was a floater with no pulse. Revived on the beach and sent to the hospital. Yikes! Anyone know anything about this?
  23. I haven’t been in Carlsbad for a few years but there are some nice communities in the area. If you can afford the beach look at Encinitas and Solana Beach. I lived in Escondido for a few years when I was a kid. One house we rented was surrounded by avocado groves (or are they orchards?). It was pretty nice.
  24. Where are you looking for a place?