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  1. On 11/30/2022 at 0:18 AM, bass11 said:



    Someone from a Western culture with an open mind.

    We try….

    On 11/29/2022 at 7:09 PM, RWP said:

    I just watched this episode of wild and whole on meat eater the other day and I'm obsessed with the idea of dry aging fish now. Going to start looking into it more this winter.



    Very good video. There was an article about him on Food & Wine (.com) it was the 3rd or fourth thing I read.

  2. 21 hours ago, Stonefish said:

    It mainly had to do with salmon, but would likely apply to many types of fish and how that are dispatched and handled after harvesting. 

    Some guides and folks in the seafood industry chimed in.
    Since you can’t post links here, I’ll send you a pm and you can read through the thread.


    When you have a spare minute, could you send me that link as well? Thanks! 


  3. 5 hours ago, TimS said:

    :th: Red is actually surprisingly's kinda weird and off putting :squid:


    Yeah, kinda thought he’s a pointy head sociologist studying us natives. Keeping tabs on us for “THE MAN”




    The thing we know as Redfish Killer is actually the Avatar of some superior being from god knows where (or the lizard people).

    Either way, I think we should stay on his good side. 

  4. No one is going to be using the Metaverse except for dweebs like Zuk. Even the Meta staff refuse to use it. Meta investors have demanded spending on development be scaled way back as well. 

  5. As an aside, one afternoon when my daughter was about 3, I was prepping chickens to go on the Weber and I had put the livers on skewers.


    So, my daughter trundles up and asks me what’s on the skewer. “Well” I say, “those are chicken marshmallows” And since, like any 3 year old, she considers marshmallows a great delicacy she requests a sample. “Well” I say, “This is adult food.”


    ”No, no, no! She says, “ I love marshmallows and I want to try!” 

    So out to the Weber we go and I sear a liver to medium rare. I gave her a piece and she has loved them ever since! 



  6. 13 hours ago, ErikT said:

    Yeah you are probably right about that.  Part of me thinks they wouldn't pay attention anyway because of the hood they were in and how much they disregarded those people...  But sometimes you gotta just be a f'en cop and say "Smells like dead people" and then do something about it.  


    Sad all around...  Glad he was caught.  The father not bailing on him is kinda wild too.  I'm not quite sure how I'd handle my son being a serial killer.  I think my instinct would be to take him out of the world the same way I brought him in. :o:o 



    With your pecker???

    Catcher’s mitt?


    Just watched the first episode. It was gnarly, but, yes, I am intrigued! 

    Wifey usually gobbles this sort of thing up. She didn’t quite seem to have the “palate” for Jeffrey’s culinary delights tonight!