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  1. Doesn't it just completely blow trying to get something like this organized! I'm still good for a couple of hours or more with a 10:30 - 11:30 start. I might have a conflict with my wife's schedule but that would just mean that the little cannibals would be tagging along and may not hang too long. Food, if a good sized group plans to show I'll be happy to bring something. If it's just an handful we might take a pass on that. Just my .02
  2. Thanks for the feed back. So let me generalize this a bit. Are there any differences between high and low snow-pack years?
  3. I plan to be there. What time were you planning on?
  4. Hey my brother, I gotta ask ya, what do you do when you have a runny nose? Quote: Originally Posted by fishstriper
  5. Howdy, I’m new to the site myself and I can’t tell you enough how valuable surfing the forums and using the search functions will be to you. You may want to start by going through the regional forum relevant to your area. Or, just try putting “VS” into the search function and you will find volumes written on VanStaal reels. You will find he same thing on any other topic you can think up, line, leaders, terminal tackle, etc… The information is very granular so type of fish & type of area being fished will all have their adherents to different approaches. Needless to say, these are all personal opinions, but the information contained represents a huge oral history. And dare we speculate on the actual number of centuries of combined fishing experience? It’s time consuming, but really enjoyable, for curious types like me, a bit addictive. Since you are looking for a rod to match your VS, check out the rod building forum. Even if you are not considering custom, there is a wealth of knowledge. I’ve just started using the advanced search feature. It’s pretty easy and I’ve been able to zero in on some pretty arcane subjects quickly.
  6. Just looked at Hi's website, a candy shop!
  7. The 14th? Baker Beach in the AM? Sounds great! I'll bring salsa and whatever else to put inside an urban food log.
  8. And the drive up 101 is nicer than the 580/80 drive. I'll check it out. Thanks
  9. Thanks Norcal. I'll will check fishery supply out when I'm down there.
  10. Cool! I'll keep my calendar open!
  11. What do you mean? Lots of people in Marin fish...... once a year in Idaho or Montana! I think WSS did pretty good business. They always had plenty of Sage fly rods on hand!
  12. I was at West Marine the other day getting epoxy for dry rot and noticed the old Salty's space hasn't even been leased. Not that much in the way of tackle, but nice people worked there. A couple of Christmases ago, the woman kept the place open an extra hour so I could get there to get my 5-year old (at the time) his first fishing rod. DMBT sounds like it's worth checking out. Thanks
  13. Incredible to think, Marin Co. was at one time a hunting and fishing destination. Now there isn't even a friggen tackle shop. How pathetic! Maybe it's time to go into retail....
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by moocks I would beg to differ Discount Marts Bay Tackle is closer than either of those. just a hop skip and a jump across the Richmond bridge. If you have been paying the exorbitant prices at Western you won't mind the bridge toll There is a shop in Sausalito across from West Marine also if your just looking for hooks and such Hmm. Don't know that one. As for the Sausalito shop, if you are referring to Salty's, It closed down 12 - 18 months ago.
  15. I'm interested in checking them out as well.
  16. All I'll say is "Leggo my EGO!"
  17. Lami - thanks for starting this thread. These are a lot of great questions. If they say "yes" to a surf rod, when and how much?
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by BrianBM What - and whose - is that yacht? The yacht was built by Tom Perkins who's from here in the SF Bay area. He's of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Beyers. One of the leading VC firms in silicon valley. Check their website and you will see they've been involved in A LOT of big tech and bio-pharma start-up's. The work was completed by Perinni Navi, but since Tom is an engineer himself he has a lot personally to do with the systems.
  19. Start here: Then start searching on "Bucktail" in the forums. You will find plenty of info.
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by lamiloomiland I'll ask that next week when I get a tour of the NFC plant.... will report as to what the Loomis' has to say. Good question though... If they decide to put something out, you'll know it will be top notch right? It will certainly be one to take a close look at. I'm sure other SOL'ers will be interested to hear about your trip to NFC. Looking forward to seeing a report!
  21. Beautiful rod. And what will you be getting in return? Has NFC produced a Surf Stick yet? They have the category in their online catalog, but nothing is in it. AP
  22. Beautiful work!
  23. A beautiful clip! As a newbe I've not seen your others, I'll check them out. Fantastic talent. Stuff like this is a great answer to the comments of my non-fishing friends "Fishing? Isn't that like watching paint dry?"