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  1. Well- Ain’t that the question! As far as I can guess. Option-one: someone is conning someone Option-two: Mass hysteria/ psychosis we’re seeing what we want to see Option-three: local tech not ours (earth) Option-four: not-local tech (not from earth) Option-five: ‘Merica (least likely- unless it falls into option one) Given the quality of our preparation, options one and two are should result in less-bad outcomes. Options-3&4 Will result in bad outcomes.
  2. I was in Tacoma that day. Trying to study for finals. The News was very distracting. edit- That’s a damn fine photo! Kodachrome lives!!!!!!
  3. What lures are you normally fishing? Are your preferred lures falling short of the spot where you think fish are holding? I took both my 10’6” 3/4-4 and my 11’3” 1-6 to the beach on Sunday morning. I decided to use the longer/ heavier of the two because the wind was coming up and I wanted a bit more grunt. I was spooled with 20 lb power pro. The only hits I got that day were all at the end of my cast. Otherwise this is a beach where I’d say a 9 or 10 footer is sufficient. Moral of the story, a nine or 10 foot is probably sufficient- until that day where an 11 is a good idea. What do the other locals use?
  4. Probably with some mushrooms…
  5. Lol
  6. Ok, so isn’t the question, really, “Who’s more pathetic, the folks who stream or the folks watching the stream?
  7. The bottom line is that I’m a dunder head because I didn’t upgrade the split rings. As I mentioned above, I’m surprised that failed with what I’d describe as something less than significant pressure. Was the fish pretty feisty? Yes. Was it big? Sheesh, I can’t say that it was that much more than 15-pounds or so. Shimano Coltsniper stickbait.
  8. Nearly 40 years is like yesterday. The truth of the matter is that I took a close look at that split ring and I think it’s original. Dang! I have only you know who to blame. I know I would have been very happy with the fish, IF I LANDED IT. Still, it didn’t feel like a monster. I’m stunned how these things can fail when you least expect it. Time to burn some mid-night oil with the split ring pliers.
  9. Early to mid-October is when the Aspens turn and is an excellent time to go. Unless you get an early snowfall of course. As I mentioned before, find a jeep tour. However since you moved your trip to October you might want to book something like this early.
  10. Yes I swore. Luckily there were no children present. The hooks were definitely upgraded. I think I upgraded the split ring as well. I was really pissed!
  11. Yeah, just ask me how fishing was this morning.
  12. I grew up in CS. All good suggestions. The shb route above is good. I’d recommend a detour into Westcliff and the Wet Mountain Valley. On the East Slope I would recommend Estes Park & Rocky Mtn National park. I prefer the West Slope a bit more. I have wonderful memories of Lake City (hence my screen name) and Ouray. Do a jeep tour. Telluride is great but I lived there in the 80’s and I was a bit dismayed by the development when I went through a couple years ago. Have fun.
  13. Since Elon has said that he could improve Twitters value with better algorithms to root out bots, having that be a lower number would make the purchase less attractive to him. I saw a comment where he expects an “extreme work ethic” out of Twitter staff. How valuable of a company is he going to get if his most valuable staff jump ship? Since Elon really hasn’t ever managed something like Twitter, I could see him running it into the ground pretty quickly.
  14. This is such a great thread. Time for a bump.
  15. Look up Keltan’s thread on all the mods he did to a 551. Very impressive. I sanded & polished one and it looked very nice, very similar to what’s in the moded 704 thread. There are a couple other DAM threads. I would guess you would get between $30 and $60 each.
  16. Don’t forget all the leafy vegetables. Cauliflower will be your friend. check out Dr Sten Ekberg on YT. Your singing from his song book.
  17. Here in Cali I would also put forward Ling Cod.
  18. A leather or canvas satchel or man’s leather backpack, maybe. Anything else is too metro.
  19. Fill ‘er up pops!
  20. Pfizer 3x. No problems at all. ….I was a bit disappointed.
  21. I think you are looking for too wide a spread. What weights are you casting most of the time? If you can find a rod that casts 1/2 to 2.5 or 3 pretty well let me know. If you find a 1/2 to 2 that’s really solid throughout that range I’d probably buy it. You need to compromise at one end of your range or the other.
  22. It was a good read, except it was in Canadian! (There are some fantastic Canadian writers by the way) What I got from the article was that for some reason he really can’t run his business any other way. Psycho DBag.
  23. The more I think about it, it’s just the next thing kids are doing to annoy their parents. Checked in with my son, he’s a Junior, no furries. Just about everything thing else, but no furries.
  24. Some thing to consider… from PB The interior of Andante Bikes, a longtime Florida bike shop, has been destroyed by a fire started by a e-bike battery left unattended, our sister publication Bicycle Retailer The fire started after the shop closed April 9. The culpable bike, shop owner Mauricio Orozco said, was manufactured about two years ago and was sold last December, but was returned by the customer two days later when the battery wouldn't charge. The shop sent the battery to a company in Nevada to be rebuilt. Upon receiving the rebuilt battery, the shop left the battery to charge overnight. Instead of properly charging, it caught fire. No injuries were reported, but the fire destroyed much of the shop's merchandise, along with the inside of the shop itself. The shop's insurance does not cover the damage, so Orozco has started a Go fund me to rebuild after the massive loss. As of this writing, the fundraiser has raised $11,987 of its $75,000 goal. Lithium ion batteries can potentially catch fire, experts say, and should not be left unattended while charging. Inexpensive batteries are more likely to pose risks as manufacturing defects are more common than in high-end products.
  25. As I suggested in the other thread, you identify as a cat, you get cat food for lunch. Of course a High School spay & neuter clinic might be the next step.