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  1. That’s what my son and his friends call farting as you walk by the “target”.
  2. So, what the hell were you two fighting about that she had to go outside and kick the trash can so hard? You musta ticked her off something good! Looks like a couple of cracked metatarsals. X-Ray= better pain killers (and probably a boot)!
  3. Just remember that you get what you pay for. $34-$37 may be a little on the tight side. But, once again, it depends on the complexity of the work and your expectations/ willingness to manage.
  4. I had to look. It was there in The Oklahoman News.
  5. I’ll bring the makings for cheese burgers.
  6. Come Saturday morning you may just have to show that to me in person. (Sorry for the interruption - now back to scheduled programming….)
  7. Found this on YT. This is the trail we rode a couple times. We both crashed on it! If anything it was more of a jump line went we rode it than shown in the vid.
  8. Get it. Lasts forever (mostly) Will retain good value past 100,000 miles.
  9. I really liked this one as well. One of Michael Mann’s early successes. Great sound track by Tangerine Dream. James Caan was a complete bad-ass in it.
  10. Just back from Stanley/ Redfish Lake. There are some great longer rides in that area but we didn’t have enough time, so just Redfish Lake trail while big momma lounged on the beach at the lodge. Really challenging 950 foot climb through chunk, rock, and roots. Yes, I hiked the bike some! Quick Pro tip, if you are ever in this part of Idaho, bring the family to hang out at the Redfish Lake Lodge. It’s fantastic. I’d suggest staying in one of the cabins or in the lodge, but getting a reservation is a real challenge.
  11. Greetings All! Sitting on the deck on Warm Springs Road in Ketchum, ID. Short ride last Friday to start getting acclimated to the higher altitude. Great ride Sunday, Adam’s gulch to Eve’s Gulch, to Serpent and down Forbidden Fruit. One crash on Forbidden Fruit Yesterday rode the lower part of Red Warrior
  12. Who

    Wilt was a lover, not a fighter!
  13. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  14. If it were my yard I’d say coyote. But I have lots of coyotes in the neighborhood.
  15. Went out Tuesday Thursday and Friday evening. Tuesday’s weather was fantastic. 2 stripers and a surf perch. Thursday was freaking cold one striper landed. Had a hit from something bigger near the end of my session but it came unbuttoned. Went back Friday and nothing landed except that one big hit that came unbuttoned. Again.
  16. I’ll wait to read a Scooby or Alan Hawk review. But that said, it would need something really special or to be a revolutionary change from previous Penn offerings to complete with twin power and certate. Did someone say this was going to be made in China? Both the Shimano and Daiwa are made in Japan. Oh boy…..
  17. Good on ya mate!
  18. How about a handshake & a bro hug and admitting they both overreacted a little bit.
  19. Nice looking. However they made decisions that mean you’ll be stuck with proprietary products. Hope looks to be a well respected manufacturer but this is only their second production bike. What’s the geometry? At that price just buy American; Yeti, Ibis, Santa Cruz ( or just go Trek or Specialized).
  20. Laughed my ass off!
  21. Just a simple question, what do you do to keep your keepers fresh when you’re walking the beach and casting. Given I’m walking 2 to 4 miles round trip, and several of my spots are accessed by steep unimproved foot paths, an ice chest is a non starter. Does anyone have a setup they like? I googled “Fish Bags” and none were suited to the walking fisherman. Ideally I’d want something compact when not in use and possibly slung over my shoulder once it has a fish in it. On the flip side, it won’t be more than a couple hours before I could get it on ice. Thoughts? Solutions?
  22. Kangaroos are a$$ wholes!
  23. The folks I’ve known in entertainment have all told me the same thing. Personalities who get to that level of stardom or celebrity are VERY self involved and generally awful people. I guess for a boring afternoon it provides a bit of distraction.
  24. Yikes, sorry for the triple post