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  1. Found several items about this online last night. You guys ever give it a shot? Results? When do you think a fish tastes best, immediately after harvesting, or after resting few days?
  2. We try…. Very good video. There was an article about him on Food & Wine (.com) it was the 3rd or fourth thing I read.
  3. When you have a spare minute, could you send me that link as well? Thanks!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving. In Albuquerque with my brothers. The local food ain’t bad! Checked out the Unser museum as well
  5. ….And Katguy, welcome back. I think the last post I saw of yours was from somewhere in the western pacific. Guam?
  6. Yeah, kinda thought he’s a pointy head sociologist studying us natives. Keeping tabs on us for “THE MAN” -or- The thing we know as Redfish Killer is actually the Avatar of some superior being from god knows where (or the lizard people). Either way, I think we should stay on his good side.
  7. No one is going to be using the Metaverse except for dweebs like Zuk. Even the Meta staff refuse to use it. Meta investors have demanded spending on development be scaled way back as well.
  8. That’s a bummer. Pictures of your “new friends” could be entertaining.
  9. Fished for about 90 minutes this afternoon, Managed one surf perch and a smallish striper.
  10. Where?
  11. Their apparel is all of hats and t-shirts.
  12. Let’s hope it’s just a rebranding. I use the CS stick bait ( lipless) A LOT. Casts a mile, lots of different options for presentation, I’ve caught plenty of fish on them.
  13. That sounds knarly!
  14. On the other hand, check this guy out. Gurka, SAS, all 14 8000m peaks in 7 months.
  15. As an aside, one afternoon when my daughter was about 3, I was prepping chickens to go on the Weber and I had put the livers on skewers. So, my daughter trundles up and asks me what’s on the skewer. “Well” I say, “those are chicken marshmallows” And since, like any 3 year old, she considers marshmallows a great delicacy she requests a sample. “Well” I say, “This is adult food.” ”No, no, no! She says, “ I love marshmallows and I want to try!” So out to the Weber we go and I sear a liver to medium rare. I gave her a piece and she has loved them ever since!
  16. Vegetables in aspic made with clear Gelatin. Just the thought of it makes my throat start to constrict. Just about anything else I’m ok with.
  17. What’s in ‘em? Let’s see a picture of the back panel!
  18. Looks great to me…
  19. I’ve never seen so many humiliated women in one place.
  20. And here is my striper from Sunday..,
  21. Baja California Sur..
  22. Watched the video. Read a lot of the other commentary, it’s an important topic and they were brilliant in how they managed it.
  23. Of course, he could have gotten away with it if he just took them camping. … Like Colorado or someplace like that!
  24. With your pecker??? Catcher’s mitt? Just watched the first episode. It was gnarly, but, yes, I am intrigued! Wifey usually gobbles this sort of thing up. She didn’t quite seem to have the “palate” for Jeffrey’s culinary delights tonight!
  25. Such a serious young man! What happened? Nice catch young man!