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  1. All I can say is that I’m really happy Winch made it to the fling and wasn’t sidelined with a birthday party! I’ve had a few productive days including this one right at 30” And then a couple of days later had three in about 30 min with this one being the largest, The best part, all top water, all on the little 4 inch popper I picked up from Winch at the fling. Winch, that thing’s DA BOMB!
  2. Eewwwwww!
  3. I bought one a few years ago as a present for my son. I think the stated range was 1/2-2 oz. It was way too stiff to cast anything in that range.
  4. A few suggestions - There is a whole forum devoted to fly fishing. Generally, what is discussed for the east coast can be applied out here. If you are fishing the beach, start by targeting surf perch. There are more of them within range, and once you get one, there tend to be a few more in the vicinity. Once you you have enough posts, reach out to Uncle Stu. He’s the resident fly guy. As you saw in the “Catch anything today forum” He’s had some good luck this week with his personal best striper. Get good at reading the beach for structure. There is a lot of good information on the site pertaining to this. Possibly more than anything else, this is what drives success for us who are tossing lures, it will be even more important using a fly rod.
  5. Very sorry to hear. Condolences to the family.
  6. Welcome to the land of fruits and nuts! (You’ll actually be more in the land of nuts. The land of fruits is farther south....)
  7. PLEEEEEASE DON’T USE GENDERED SPEECH!!!!!! These are the types that would tie a plastic bag over your head for stepping out of line if they ever came to power. .... and it would be a very thin line....
  8. Got it. Ive not lost a spouse and I’m deeply thankful for that. I can only guess at the challenges you face personality and the challenges you face with the emotional fallout inflicted on your children. I have had to deal with significant family dynamics challenges where I had to be the glue holding things together with really no way out. I think that coincided with what I experienced above. Get help! Frankly sleep aids like Ambien scare me so I’d focus on stress and being sure the kids were getting the help they need.
  9. Aphas- afraid of being unmasked for the *****s they are, Omegas- bro, put the bong down and move out of mommy’s basement! Betas - wake up, drink more coffee, wipe your own ass. Los Zetas!!
  10. Maybe it was the dog? Yeah, it’s happened to me. Generally it has to do with my mental state, stressed - paranoid, tired lots of things on your plate. Also, usually had an arm under my body immobilizing it. Or, sleeping in a way where your bedding is pinning an arm down. So yeah, you wake up disorientated and not fully in control of your mind and problem solving skills. It can freak you out.
  11. We want ACTION photos!!
  12. That’s one big ass reel. What will you be using it for?
  13. If the dog is moving around and eating some I’d wait a bit. You will know when it’s in pain or distress. By by the way, it’s manly to cry in front of the vet.
  14. Looks a little Moscovian to me....
  15. Ray & Little Ray