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  1. Well, it has to be asked.... If someone snags Big Jim, gets a picture attesting to the fact that Big Jim was successfully landed, and then returns him to the water unharmed; will that qualify the fisherman for one of Orlando’s NorCal Kat plugs??? I haven’t seen Big Jim next to a tape, but it sure looks to me that he’s over 36 inches!
  2. Downward Dog....
  3. I remember Dick Dale’s from way back from when I was a kid in S. Cal. I think my cousin knew him. And I am really glad that Tarantino used it in PULP FICTION!!!!!
  4. I commonly fish a 10’6” as well. Seriously consider the 4500. Maybe drop down to 20 pound test if abrasion is not the issue in your planning on 30 pound. I’ll double down on this if most of your fish will be 15 pounds or less. Consider the 5500 if you have bigger fish in your future and/ or you think you may need to bump up to 30/ 40 pound test. Or get both! While 200 yards is fine in many cases, my preference is 300 or more. This way I can break off 20-30 yards ( maybe even twice) and still have enough to fight a bigger fish. I wouldn’t consider the 6500 unless you are targeting much larger fish. And at this juncture you would probably start considering a heavier rod. my 2cents....
  5. The guy couldn’t make it past 25 or so with the NYPD. Loser from the get go.
  6. Ok, with all the drama and stupidity surrounding this week’s college admissions scandal I just wanted to throw a question out to you parents of kids getting ready for college. As as you probably know, the UC-system schools are very competitive. UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, and the others. The acceptance rate for these schools are all in the 10% range. And yes, the kids need top grades and SAT scores, and all the after school activities. So, on the face of it, rich parents freaking out and making bad decisions almost seems reasonable. Right? HOWEVER, here in California there is another “side door” that’s reasonable, very cost conscious, less stressful, and actually enables students from the broadest variety of backgrounds to get into a top tier school. The deal is this, if a student does their first two years in California’s community college system, and maintains a 3.0 or better, they are virtually guaranteed junior Year admittance into a UC. Is this the same in your state? Oh, and by the way, we don’t consider USC to be in the same level as the UC’s.
  7. I bet you’ve been pissing and moaning about the other TJ’s patrons ever since the time you were in L.A. What pissed you off more, people handing out their head shots, speaking loudly about the audition they got, or gushing that they just saw Tom Cruise at the Peet’s coffee next door?
  8. I usually take two rods with me and leave one in the car. My first is a 9” Phenix that’s for lures of up to an ounce or ounce and a quarter. My other rod is a 10’6” fiberstar I use when I think the fish will go after a bigger profile or I want more distance.
  9. They just threw that in on top. Rolled and fried taco. Aka taquitos aka tacos dorado
  10. Really happy with my Ultrgra 5500 Ci4. But, as everyone else has said, keep it DRY!!!! I have this on a 10’6” fiberstar and it’s really nicely matched, but because of where and how I fish, I’ll probably switch it out for a slammer 3
  11. My local Taco Truck
  12. Happy Birthday Red!