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  1. The merry band of knuckleheads here on SOL? You’re probably right. However, there are people who would eagerly use this change in the law to make life miserable for any web publisher.
  2. Quite true, wise Mr. Brian! The only thing our FEARLESS LEADER ( as opposed to humble head tyrant) has in mind is his own interest. However, there is one law that both the left and right will agree on. The law of unintended consequence. So while FEARLESS LEADER has a hair up his azz over Twitter, this would open SOL to some other nitwit who had a hair up their azz with some other petty beef.
  3. Good luck with your search!
  4. Sounds more like fish-god squirrel than blind squirrel!
  5. Thank you for looking that up. Maybe I’m a little bit overwrought on this, but while we live with the vast evidence of the holocaust being a denier seems to have become a popular position. They are the ones who take history for granted and doom us to repeat it.
  6. I could swear there is a version of the story out there that included a cape and ass-less chaps.
  7. My my God! No! It just can’t be true! “Why Mrs. Cleaver, you look quite striking today..”
  8. That was a nice area. Spent two years there. Just didn’t like not being able to see the sun from November to March!
  9. U. of Puget Sound
  10. Wow, 40 years! I was going to school in Tacoma at the time.
  11. First (and I don’t say this lightly) thoughts and prayers for all of you who have family in assisted living. We moved my MIL out of her place on Russian Hill in SF and placed her into assisted living (with her quickly sliding toward memory care) in Berkeley right at the first of the year. It was not even before the end of January before we had to fill out a health questionnaire before we could get into the facility; have you been to China? Have you been with anyone who has traveled to China?... Sadly, she passed on 2/22. While my wife and BIL are mourning her departure, none of us can shake the sense that she (we) dodged a bullet. Have a relative in assisted living or memory care? It can’t get any tougher, you have my best!
  12. Just think of it, here in the U.S. our old time surf casters turned to Penn 704’s as the simple, indestructible, reel to do battle in the sand and salt. But hey, we cudda has an Alvey!
  13. Throw some Rube Goldberg in a shaker, add a splash of steam punk, drop in two cubes of antipode contrarianism and shake. Presto, you have yourself an Alvey!
  14. The op stated it’s the 11’3” 1-6.
  15. I run an ultegra 5500 on mine. Either 20 pound or 30 pound braid.