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  1. You mean this one? Yeah, I just took a look at it. I’m looking forward to seeing the reel. I think it will also have the beefed up line roller as well. Any real world experience with this? Anybody?
  2. Can anyone fill me in on Shimano’s water resistance feature they call X-Protect? A month or so ago I sent my 3 year old Ultegra 5500 Ci4 XSB to Shimano for service. I just found out they are warranting the reel and sending me a new one. However the XSB has been discontinued and they are sending me newer XTC. X-protect has been listed as one of the improvements and for me, if it is effective, it would be a great thing. I’ve really liked the Ultegra, but it’s been a challenge to keep it dry. Moisture intrusion has been a problem and and I usually only get in 6 or 7 trips before I start feeling the bearings starting to go. Usually by the end of the season it’s well past time for a complete service. In fact, my plan was to put the reel on the BST as soon as I got it back and put that money towards a slammer or maybe a used Torque 5. However, if X-protect provides a better level of protection, I’ll reconsider. While I’m not expecting a Slammer/ Torque level of sealing, I’d like to hear if anybody knows anything about this. Thanks in advance.
  3. “Girl next door” redhead, I liked her on MythBusters. And I’ll raise one companion to the 11th Doctor, and the mother of Dr. Song.
  4. Exactly
  5. Much of Penn’s product line is manufactured in China. The tariffs are going to have a substantial negative impact on a company that has a presence on this site, and has a long history of supporting our little niche. The tariffs will not bring manufacturing back to the U.S. but they will jeopardize a vast number of brands we rely on every time we go fishing.
  6. I was just visiting the Penn website and saw that they will not be fulfilling orders from there. I also noticed that the reels I was looking at were listed as out of stock. I have a couple of questions. What gives? Is this situation going to impact product availability through your retailers? And on a slightly different topic, what is Penn’s strategy for dealing with the new tariffs. Is this going to be an immediate price hike for all your goods being manufactured in China? And the intersectional question, do you know if the incoming tariffs have driven a spike in demand, or is your lack of stock being driven by increased demand for some of your great new products, and improved brand strength?
  7. Are you trying to hijack my thread??????? :-) Mike, you da man!
  8. Ok, a tough one... I grew up in Colorado Springs and lived a couple hours south of GJ in Telluride after college. You may find your biggest challenge being spring run off. The nearby stretches of the colorado river are almost always muddy so that limits opportunities there. How far are you willing to travel? There is the Eagle River closer to Vail, check out opportunities near Basalt (going toward Aspen). Going south, you will find the Gunnison river near Montrose. The Dolores river is a major tributary if the Colorado that flows into the colorado from the south. Way back when, I fished various stretches and had a great time. I’m sure with a little research you’ll be able to find good fishing far closer than what I’ve been able to give you. Good luck!
  9. Last time I checked with local builders they didn’t have much, but were focused on building stuff for a couple of shows on the East Coast. Otherwise, I buy local when I can. Just sayin....
  10. Sooooo.... The goodies I ordered this weekend from Tackle Direct just arrived and I was a bit surprised to see this thing, I thought I had ordered the smaller 2 oz. version, this thing is massive, 5 oz., 8-1/2 inches long! What at would you do? Keep it and fish (my “heavy” rod is rated to 4 oz.) or return? Are any of you fishing anything this large?
  11. Add Shimano Coltsniper Stickbaits to your bag. Was tossing a 1.2 oz white over pink and got two halibut. Sadly both were just under the limit.
  12. These are a good starting point. But(!!!) always look with a fresh set of eyes. Last night I was fishing a beach with very little structure but there was enough that it got me a couple of fish. Two observations, The rips were very light, They were noticeable because of the difference in wave form and I could only confirm it by casting my lure in and watching it drift. These were also running at a 45 degree angle to the beach, not straight out. The most significant structure were sand bars and a lip in about a foot of water. Thing is, the near shore sandbars were perpendicular to the beach. What I saw was a swell coming in and growing as a wave would normally do; but the crest would only develop to 20 yards wide and carry in for 60 yards or so towards the beach with the crest not getting any wider or breaking; then, at the afore mentioned lip, the rest of the swell would quickly grow and break right with the part of the swell that had been cresting fir the last 60 yards. So, what I was doing was casting along the edge of the crest and fan casting out to about 45 degrees.
  13. Hmmm. I’d imagine there’s a consistent ratio of “trying to be good” or “good” fisherman to goofballs, morons, posers, and dilettantes in any given population. Add in the Hollywood (“dude - I bought this ‘Rover from the guy that bought it from Rod Stewart!”), and other factors of utter douchiness, and, well, I guess you’re right! But still, there some guys down there that know what they’re doing.
  14. In a fly, nice!
  15. When out and fished the early incoming. Fished these and got a surf perch for my efforts.