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  1. Pictures?
  2. Hmmm - as you know, most of us are up here in sf Bay Area. NorCal Kat started his fishing career down in San Diego County so try connecting with him. Uncle Stu is half way between and might have advice. I think Silverado is down there as well. That said, since braid is so prone to abrasion I would question why you would want to drag the last couple of feet through the sand and across rocks.
  3. Good as new by Tuesday…
  4. IROC on steroids? Really? IROC was featuring current top drivers from Indy, NASCAR, and F1 and the series was held on both road courses and the big ovals. Looks like these are held on 1/4 or 1/2 half mile tracks. While this may very well make for good entertainment, it ain’t IROC and the only steroids to be found will probably be in the meat in the hot dog. And so as not to be Mr. Snooty here, the better option for these tracks would be outlaw sprint cars! Then, we would see what these guys are made of.
  5. Premium dollars were paid for that rod. ODM should fix or replace.
  6. Look on PinkBike. Otherwise, Craigslist, maybe out here in the SF Bay Area
  7. That was cool. My HS principal was a jerk-off
  8. Thank you all for the feed back.
  9. I guess it does look like a chicken leg…
  10. Details? Caliber? Looks like it was smacked hard with a baseball bat.
  11. Yes, How could I forget!
  12. That’s a lot of money.
  13. Happy Tuesday. I’m heading to Cabo in a month and looking for a high speed reel. My local store has the 6500 HS in stock and I can use points to get about $70 off. Thoughts? Anyone with experience with one? The other option would be a Saragossa 14000 SWA, but no one has in stock locally.
  14. Here a couple to help you sleep… I like thi one a bit better…