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  1. Agreeing with Fishjerk and Denny on this one. I was out last week, wading in knee deep water and had leopard sharks to 40” swimming up to me and drifting out into the current. Pretty cool, and kept me entertained since I wasn’t getting any bites. Casting to the horizon isn’t always necessary. Whatever you get, or whatever you’re using, is only going to deliver what you want with practice. My personal feeling is this becomes more acute as your casting weight/ rod length increases. Instead of buying something new, maybe avoid the rod-on-a-plane hassle and ship your rod to your hotel.
  2. If it’s tight it’s right! ;-)
  3. I use a Ronstan spray top over my waders. Tight fitting waist, nearly waterproof cuffs and good closure around the neck. No hood, but I’m not really a good type of a guy. So far, nothing gets in. Gill makes something similar. Last time one I looked at patagucci it was way out of my price range.
  4. SCS- while I like the Trifecta for lures an ounce and below, and I think your shoulder will like it too, I reach for my Fiberstar more often because I too prefer more backbone once fish are hitting 8-9 pounds. Working larger top water plugs and metal lips is a lot of fun as well! ZA, the Trifecta was sold to me as a casting rod, not trolling, and I used the 10 footer with an Ultegra 5500 ( for a while) with little issue except for overall casting performance. But what you said about trolling vs casting weight makes sense.
  5. Brings back memories! Didn’t have the Voodoo, had a smaller version that used an .049. Also had the PT-19 I have an old RC glider unbuilt and in its original box. Hope to find the time to build it with my son before he graduates HS.
  6. SCS, welcome to our little slice of heaven. You owe us a joke. Go check the West Coast forum. There you will find a pinned thread on who is using what here on the west coast. I have good experience with both the 10-foot and the 9- foot (907-2) models and have fished these along side my more standard surf rod which is a 10’ 6” Fiberstar rated 3/4 to 4 ounces casting weight. The fish I’ve caught on these are generally stripers that are 15 pounds and under. I fish a mix of lures ranging from Luckycraft 110’s (5/8 oz) to lighter Kastmasters to sp minnows, and upward to wooden metal lipped swimmers and a few other plugs and metals weighing up to about 3 oz. I’ve thrown heavier but not with regularity. The Tri-fectas are a good option for hucking 1/2 oz to 1 1/4 lures and are a very good match for the afore mentioned luckycrafts and size 13 & 15 Sp minnows. Bucktails up to 1 - 1.5 oz are an ok match as well. When my first Fiberstar grew legs and walked off, I needed to use the 10’ Trifecta reach fish that were a good distance out and was relying on a 2 oz mickey jig to get there. The rod is a bit too soft for this much weight but it still worked reasonably well. The 10 foot Trifecta developed a crack and was replaced under warranty by Phenix with the 907-2. This rod is slightly stiffer than the 10 footer but the same lure weights as above apply. If you are fishing lures where you need to impart action, I find the Trifectas a bit too soft to work anything but a small pencil or a very small popper. I bought the Trifecta from a local B&T as a lighter action rod to use in the surf and inlets. If you are fishing near shore these will be fine. I fish spinners, so I can’t help on that part. I’ve been using it with a spin fisher V 4500 and 20 lb braid. I think down there you can go smaller and with lighter line. Watch for sharks!
  7. Way too many good times behind the wheel to even nick the surface of here. The first great road trip with just my older brother & me was Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California. We met up with our parents in SoCal then back to Colorado. He was just about 18 and I just got my drivers license. I’m itch’n to get back on the road again!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Ur cherry had been officially POP’ed! Congratulations! We just wanna see more in the coming weeks!
  10. Late reply. I’ve learned so much I’ve forgotten almost all of it! And sure, I’ve taken a close look at pictures, but as Winch once said, “ at any given time there are going to be fish along the coast of ———— County, but it is up to you to figure exactly when and where!” The bottom line is that a picture ( or Google earth) may show you where, but it is up to you to figure out when, why, and how.
  11. +1, the BST is your friend. Otherwise, if you are willing to go old school, along with Penn and Mitchell, DAM Quick reels are a good choice and you can find 331’s and 441’s for $40-$50 bucks. The “n” models are high speed retrieve.
  12. Every day!
  13. 59. To be clear, however, I’ve never talked about where I fish. But more recently I’m not even discussing the type of water I’m fishing (bay, beach, etc....)
  14. Went out last night and nada! But I had all these leopard sharks keeping me company, best I can guess, 5-7 of them. I was in knee deep water and they’d just drift in and peel off once they came within 2-3 feet of me. There were 2-3 small ones, a couple in the 2-3 foot range and then one at 3+ feet and one pushing 4’. Jigged a couple of bucktails in front of them along with a couple other lures, they weren’t interested.
  15. Stick with what you have for the next couple months and then look for used gear on the BST when the season is over. You will notice lots of guys are selling good, lightly used, gear at a good price to make way for gear they’re buying over the winter. Good Luck!