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  1. Double IPA
  2. A very good shoot.
  3. Given he has, and uses, his middle name, “Star” gives the nod towards him being a loon. The subject matter of the article just confirms it. What the ph**k is he thinking? She’s utterly unqualified, she’d be eaten alive (ok that could be fun to watch)! Clearly a guy who spends way too much time on progressive/ woke Twitter.
  4. Remember that we can’t have formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan. It’s not something we had with them since they were voted out of the UN. Therefore, the president, Vice President, or Secretary of State, can’t go. So, for you candy-assed homos who say “Oh, this could escalate into ww3” multiply the Beijing’s bitching by 10, and that’s where we’d be if anyone from the executive branch went.
  5. Alway struck me as a class act as well.
  6. Lake City, CO Durango, CO Fairplay (aka “South Park”) CO Pinedale, WY Taos, NM Borrego Springs, CA Sebastopol, CA Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
  7. Out
  8. I think you forgot the other important part of the story, the meth!
  9. That’s a happy couple…
  10. I had a great time and it was good to see everyone.
  11. Sounds like a Marvel produced TV show.
  12. A big commonality between the Porsche drivers and the Corvette drivers is they drive the hell out of their cars. Original 550 spider, I’ve seen them out on the road. Singer 911’s - out on the road, some have been restored twice! Ferrari guys? Not so much. They’re like, “hey, I gotta Ferrari! But I can’t drive it, it will lose value!” Don’t be a Ferrari guy…..
  13. Also, be aware that there is a huge swell running this week. While it’s subsiding over the next few days, there still may be some residual effects next week while you are there. You will want to be careful.