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    You'll find me either saving lives or fishing, and sometimes both.
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    Nurse. And I catch stuff that swims.
  1. Quote: Originally Posted by ChumShot Arent u yellow bomber too Matt? Pretty sure theres a fourth name u used to pm guys and try to get them to tell u their spots too... Nope not me.
  2. Eric, I do not want to get in a pissing contest on a forum. I just want to point out a few things. I wanted to change my name. I am medical, thought intubait was funny. So what! Judge me. Next, the first picture is from a thread regarding stripers tail slapping prey. That happened to be the fish that tail slapped me. I actually took the picture down right after I posted it because I didn't think it was necessary a ways back. It apparently is still listed as being in the thread. Regarding the picture posted by Morning Bite, that was in a September Report thread. Look it up. I am not bitching about fishing. It is a hobby my dad and uncle who I am very close to passed down to me. I love it, but right now I do not have time to fish as much as I used to. Full time school and full time work is really kicking my ass. Once I have a break from school I will be back at it. Also I never went after your intelligence. We both know you are a very smart guy. There is no need to go after that. I know you run a business and have kid(s) (don't remember how many sorry) and congrats on going back for your master's. That is awesome. I am in the process of getting mine also. All I said was that some guys have a lot going on and to call them report chasers is unfair to them. I admit to report chasing when I first started. That is what happens. You live and learn. You can call me an arrogant know it all. You can call me whatever you want. I know what I am. My family knows what I am, my good friends know what I am, my patients know what I am, my coworkers, etc. I put everyone else above myself. That is what I do as someone in the medical field. I put people's welfare over my own. I may have a big personality, I may be confident, but in the words that you have said to me before "people often mistake confidence as cockiness." The truth is I DONT know everything. I quite frankly don't have a CLUE as to what I am doing when I am fishing. I go out, I throw some lures at some structure, and boom, if I hit a fish so be it. If I don't, oh well. Learning situation. Case and point the bridge that you know I hate (don't want to spot burn). Here is the deal. I just tried to add to a discussion and it got way too personal. I apologize if I offended you in any way by this post or the previous. What you think of me does not change a thing. Good luck the rest of the season. Hopefully this clears the air. Tight lines, Matt P.S. to the guys who called me a bum, and that I cheat at golf, I do. I mean come on, everyone fluffs up when they are in the rough. And I didn't post it three times, the one you see is a rod rack I tried to sell and the other is a flying mullet that was in the light line of a bridge.
  3. So when I am bored I watch videos on a certain site about fishing. I do not care what type, I just love fishing. I have been watching a lot of kayak videos recently and have seen guys getting big redfish WAY in the back of marshlands. Now I am from South Jersey where we have tons of marshes and back water that cannot be explored with your regular boat and I cannot afford a skiff right now. My question is, for this style of fishing, is it worth it? More so I mean do we experience feeding habits in the day time that are worth the purchase? Now this is no spot burn question at all. I am looking more for experiences. Do stripers behave in such a way in shallow water WAY in the back to the point buying a good kayak to stand on and site fish for them worth it? Or am I making too much of stretch. Thanks guys.
  4. I am in South Jersey. I do not know if a meet up is going to be possible. Shipping a 10 foot rod will cost just about as much as the rod is worth. I mean if you happen to be somewhere in NJ that is from Sandy Hook and below I would be more than willing. But trading is my only option right now I cannot pay cash.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by prican1 Appreciate the offer Bill but I'm not looking to trade unless you have a GLoomis IMX 1204 Carlos I have a lamiglas that meets your exact specifications. It is a Lamiglas XSRA 1204 one piece. 7/8-3. Mean rod. Very sensitive, casts a gosh darn country mile and looks as if it was on a store shelf since I bought it. I could throw in a couple plugs along with the rod if you were interested to trade. Or I will move that rod for 350 and a superstrike plug of your choice.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Ambergris Which one? The CC is a 23' Seacraft, and the flats boat is a Maverick, 19' I think... Both particularly. I am in the market and I am looking into which type of boat I want. He makes flats boat fishing look absolutely epic! I do live in South Jersey where we have amazing amounts of flats and unexplored marsh land. So maybe a flats boat might be the best bet.
  7. what kind of boat is that?
  8. 350 shipped.
  9. Cabin fever: check.
  10. Morning bump. Will accept best offer of cash too. Rod is still available.
  11. Morning bump. Will accept best offer of cash too. Rod is still available.
  12. Whatever you say dude. You aren't going to sell me on a premier because a. You can't even spell the name correctly. B. you are trying to say I should only fish the way you fish. Well listen you "professional staffer" I am not interested. And I will never be. So get lost.
  13. I really would like either an old gloomis or mojo/legend. Thanks for asking though.
  14. Okay so getting a good picture of a 1 piece rod is rather difficult. Here are the numbers. The guides are in great shape along with the reel seat. The rod is basically new. Like the OP says either a mojo, a legend and Ill pay some extra cash, or a cash offer to buy the rod outright.
  15. From the album WTT Lamiglas XSRA 1204