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  1. They suck, don’t use them.
  2. Hooked up!!
  3. Im In
  4. You will be fine as long as your not laying into the blank with anything close to the max range. But when there is fish at the end of your cast with a one ounce tin you will be pushing and pulling that blank the best you can to stay in the fish. if I were you I would step it up one size. for the record that vt I built was freaking awesome. Great for the range your talking about throwing.
  5. You can look at my build for more info on this, but I built a vaportrail rated to 3oz and it broke casting a 2.3oz plug. They sent me a new blank of a heavier rating that their designer said would “handle” that 2.3oz plug. in short I would step up to a heavier blank if you plan on laying into a cast with 1oz.
  6. Yeah, let me start by saying I'm still new at this. Its a colville outfitter reel, custom reel builder near buffalo ny. The artwork is from yusniel santos check him out I have a print of his work in my living room. Diameter of the spool is just under 5" Definitely a few different ways I could of gone with the guides.
  7. First build for someone other than myself. 13' 6-10lb Fuji ti sic gunsmoke Kl16h Kl16 Kl12 Kt10 Kt8 Kt6 (#7total) Arowana tip ring 8 for easy ice removal Forecast but, seat and trim Pro wrap Electra metallic, and silver metallic The silver metallic separates when worked was a PITA to do the olive branch with. Others than that was a fun build, first cork lathed grip. Slightly heavy on the finish at the hook keeper. Enjoy
  8. I just built the carbon surf canal blank. That rod will work for what you want.
  9. 20" size limit at 2 fish
  10. Freshwater bass 43"
  11. Long leader, grab the leader fg knot to braid.
  12. I think in another thread on sol they talk alot about using dogfish for bait, crabs have a hard time cleaning it out and ammonia puts off a good scent trail if I remember correctly. Do a search for nj shark fishing, there is a lengthy thread there.
  13. That secondary triplex, the N is bare with two hot legs. As long as there is no metal showing and the connecters or on the insulation you should be ok.
  14. Look into the bomber tops or other brands of kyack splash tops where you have to cut the neck gasket to your neck size.
  15. Pssshhhht.... There are stripers in the C_anal.