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  1. I think in another thread on sol they talk alot about using dogfish for bait, crabs have a hard time cleaning it out and ammonia puts off a good scent trail if I remember correctly. Do a search for nj shark fishing, there is a lengthy thread there.
  2. That secondary triplex, the N is bare with two hot legs. As long as there is no metal showing and the connecters or on the insulation you should be ok.
  3. Look into the bomber tops or other brands of kyack splash tops where you have to cut the neck gasket to your neck size.
  4. Pssshhhht.... There are stripers in the C_anal.
  5. Thanks, that's a heck of a lot of information. Ill have to buy some clips and check out the rigging styles you mentioned above.
  6. I haven't, getting sick of holding the weight of the rod with my teeth while the waves try to push me off my spot. Also curious what other ways guys are finishing the hitches with. Aka the knot
  7. Thanks for your response @Don B I'll check it out when I'm home tomorrow. I will be changing the layout for the new blank.
  8. Thanks @ZAFisher I'll get on looking at what you put up.
  9. Not sure what your getting at Charlie, tourzite guides are more durable than sic, less weight, and have less casting friction.
  10. I know the next size up from that fights 20lb bass easily in big current.
  11. So cts designer told me that the way it broke indicates a overload not a manufacturer error. I sent him a picture of the plug that I want to throw (2.3oz) and he recommended the vt 1002-2 (20-30lb 2.5-5oz). So they are sending me that new blank for the cost of shipping 30usd. I would say @Local66 the blank I broke is max a 1oz rod good for light back Bay stuff. Honestly I freaking loved that blank untill it broke. With that being said my brother has the blank they are sending me and I love that one as well.
  12. Thanks for the input, I will make shorter leaders for the fish finder, and try a pully rig. Also I'm thinking about going to mono mainline.
  13. I'm assuming you don't want to buy from online places.
  14. I've seen this a few time growing up at herring point
  15. Looks really good is that kl guide train?