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  1. Get this dude his meds. I do agree, if your scared of the dark don't go night fishing...
  2. C and r ?
  3. One from last week, 33 lbs on white bucktail safely released (vs 250 for size reference)
  4. Offer 150 for the googoo lot
  5. Yes there are (at times) a ton of fish that are easily caught at the canal. But it seems to me that the majority of the time you have to work for your fish there the same as you would at any other inlet or canal. The early morning right before sunrise the pencil popping and swim shad throwers come out of the wood work. They pace the canal on their bikes looking for any sign of top water action. They might stop at a spot and throw a few cast, but then it's back to the bike or they sit on the bank and wait. And most mornings nothing happens for them. The guys that consistently get on the fish are usually fishing at night and jigging. This is too much work for the majority of the biker boys and girls that Chase the blitz's along the canal. As far as people getting mad at a guy trying to get a glamor shot and then release, I can understand that. Only if they are being stupid about it. I can weigh a fish have a quick pic and have it back in the water in less than a minute. One more thing that's been bothering me, say a guy or gal catches a fish over 30lbs and he or she revives it for a few minutes before release it kicks off strong. Now some people say it still has a bad chance of survival and it dies. The person that lets the big girls swim off most likely lets every keeper that they catch go. Imo pic and release is better than outright killing that fish. All the vids of guys lined up with fish on the bank I can understand how that makes guys upset. But can you imagine what happens when there are hundreds of boats sitting on bait balls. Almost all of those guys are playing for keeps. Just because you can't see it as easily doesn't mean it isn't as bad.
  6. My brother caught one on an plug
  7. What's your go to bait/ rig for scup
  8. I'm assuming the cape side a well, get away from the crowd on the mainland side.
  9. Lol I don't think I can target swordfish or tuna
  10. I am going to try for flounder at some of the Sandy bar areas I've found. Just wondering if there is something else I can target as well. I primarily fish at night for stripes so I'm looking for something to do during the day.
  11. Old traditions, old ways, hopefully die with old men. With that being said I would be ok with the legal harvest of large marine mammals if it was managed like large land based mammals.
  12. His stuff works for me. Second pic is roughly a 40" was caught on his wine red
  13. I have a hard time believing that commercial harvest is that small.