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  1. Hey Pauley, I'll take it. I'll make it 90 to cover the Pay Pal fees. Shoot me a PM with your payment info and I'll get my shipping address to you, thanks.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by pauley1 I have a good condition 7000iCS Pro Rocket. USPS money order. $85 shipped Might be interested. Could you post some pics? Do you not accept Pay Pal? Thanks.
  3. Still looking....
  4. Looking for an Abu 7000i. Condition is a factor, want one that's either new in box or used, but not fished. Don't care if it's been casted, just want one that hasn't been fished yet. Like to see some pics if possible and I'll be paying with Pay Pal. Thanks guys....
  5. Interested in the BY. The reel has only been cast over grass, correct? Any scratches, scuffs, or blemishes? Could I tell the difference between it and a brand new reel if I were holding the two? Not a deal breaker, just trying to get a handle on the condition of your BY.
  6. I guess my price is too high. Just going to close the thread on this one. Thanks for letting me use the BST forum.
  7. Take $50 shipped.
  8. Selling my Penn Slammer rod. Used a couple times, just too big for the freshwater I'm fishing. Model # SL2050C66. 1 pc 20-50lb line. Like new condition. Looking to get $40 plus $15 shipping. Will ship in PVC tubing with packing for protection. Will also provide Delivery Confirmation with tracking #. Accept Pay Pal only.
  9. "Welcome, now shut up.", didn't feel very welcoming to me, sounded more on the side of sarcasm. I was simply throwing out my opinion and not attacking anyone. Maybe something was 'lost in translation' in his post, but it didn't sound very sincere to me.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Otter ok some of you guys are talking crazy now. 1st platformtender, welcome. now shutup. you arent calling for silva anything. the guys 36, near the end of his career probably as the greatest all time pfp. he has nothing to prove going up or down or sideways and will pick and choose his fights from here. jones would be suicide for his legacy, he's not going there. sonnen is his last great obstacle. if he chooses to fight sonen again, and wins, he is the man. if not, he is still the man. but he is not trailblazing at this point and taking on all comers. you sound like you have action figures of these guys or dont realize they are human and age over time. leben? please the guy was decent but a classic neverwas. a stepping stone in every way. now jones as HW. dont laugh it could happen. at this point i think someone has to prove that jones can be stopped. by my math, so far noone has been able to get near him and stay upright. he gets sloppy with his strikes, which are also very dangerous, but nobody can wrestle with this guy so standing there at the end of his reach and getting pummeled is the only option. im very interested in the machida fight because of machidas counterstriking. jones was vulnerable a few times against rampage who was not quick enough to capitalize. if the same JBJ who abused shogun steps into the ring, everybody better watch out. including big name heavies. i am sure he would taste defeat alot sooner in that class but im not convinced anyone can stop this kid right now. somebody needs to expose him as human before we can have that talk Ah, excuse me. I retract all my opinions as I only just joined and have a feeble post count. Do I purchase post count before I can begin contributing? What a ****
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by gray gables Just read that Chris Leben got suspended for 1 year from the UFC due to substance abuse, this is his 2nd offense, man this kid needs to get his head screwed on straight, That's really too bad. In a sport where it seems like a guy will fight 2 or maybe 3 fights at most and earn a title shot, Leben has fought everyone....and I mean everyone. Win or lose, it just kinda seemed like he would never get the recognition he deserved and now he probably never will. And this time he is the only one to blame.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by longcaster If you are going to be on a platform off the Fla coast, you will be on a "big fish magnet" Get your 7000's serviced by one of the reel guru's mentioned here all the time. They will be your best bet of the reels you say you have. If you want to get a "new" reel I suggest a Penn 535 or Penn 545. They are beasts & will offer plenty of power for the monsters that will be swimming under your feet. Thanks for the input.....I'll search around the site and see what I can dig up. By saying getting my 7000's serviced, I'm assuming you mean get them salt ready?
  13. Can't wait to see how many analyst start back-stepping their negative comments on Tebow tommorow.
  14. Wow, John Fox just lucked out there. Novak misses, Tebow takes over!
  15. I swear, if Tebow wins another one in OT we'll never hear the end of it.....