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  1. It’s a 4 Stroke but yes agreed... now I just have to order the right gaskets this time
  2. I think the main culprit has to be the carburetor it shouldn’t be leaking like that... I’ll also look at the fuel pump diaphragm and replace the fuel line. I had trouble ordering the right gasket kit for this carb and only one matches so I used the old ones as they looked okay.
  3. Okay makes sense I actually have a new fuel line and primer ball let me try that. the carb leaking has me stumped a bit too I’ll have to pull it off.
  4. Yes the bulb does stay hard but let me pay a bit more attention to it maybe it’s got a tiny vacuum leak from either the line or the carb gasket
  5. Yes
  6. The fuel line is old but didn’t think it was an issue because it’s priming just fine and fuel is definitely getting to the carb
  7. I posted a video below my carb is leaking fuel when I press the bulb
  8. So if I adjust the motor to make it level with the bottom it should stop bogging out? Any advice on the carb leaking fuel? I just removed it and cleaned it but when I press the primer ball it leaks.
  9. IMG_5574.MOV
  10. I’ll check tank and lines again. I just pulled the carb off recently and cleaned it wasn’t gunked up at all. I’ll also put fresh spark plugs in again. This one has me stumped.
  11. Bulb is hard and the carb was cleaned and we tuned the throttle adjuster... I’m not sure where my fuel filter is on the motor it’s a 15hp Johnson but wondering if maybe the filter is clogged. also wondering if it could be a fuel pump or electrical issues maybe a bad spark plug even though I replaced them or maybe the coils are bad?
  12. My motor is having issues bogging out as I increase throttle. Watch at 14 seconds. It’s a new prop so I don’t think it’s a prop huh issue. After this happened a few times the motor eventually stalled and I couldn’t get it to start again. any idea what’s causing it?
  13. 13’ aluminum with a redone transom 15 HP Johnson with a new water pump, prop, and spark plugs. load rite trailer in great shape I have title for boat and trailer. located in North Jersey... good little boat for the river and bays chasing stripes and fluke. $2200 priced to sell