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  1. Is that PVC deck material?
  2. Did that and confirmed the prop isn’t spinning. It’s. Brand new prop and hub so I’m assuming it’s either the clutch or shift rod that’s wrong
  3. Sorry if I’m not being clear. I put my motor in a garbage pale filled with water. I wanted to see if my new prop was working okay. I was able to rev in forward and reverse and I can see my prop was working but upon further inspection I realized that the prop spins in both directions in neutral (that’s supposed to happen) and in forward (should only spin in one direction but it spins in both directions) and reverse same as the latter. I think something may be off with my shift rod or my clutch rod. But I think this would require me to take off my lower unit if it is something with the clutch. M
  4. I installed a brand new prop on my Johnson 15HP and the prop doesn’t lock when in gear (motor is off). Shouldn’t the prop be locked in the opposite direction when in gear i.e. in forward it shouldn’t be able to spin counter clockwise and in reverse it shouldn’t be able to spin clockwise? Again this is a brand new prop with a brand new prop hub so I’m not sure what might be wrong here.
  5. So plastic washers would be a good solution? I saw rubber washers exist too but they would dry out in salt water quick right?
  6. Yeah, im going to look for plastic washers to create a buffer
  7. A friend of mine had his dad help me. He used construction sealant tape that’s use for air conditioners etc and aluminum plates I hope this should do the trick.
  8. The reason I bought my kayak back in 2011 was because of my passion for fluke fishing.
  9. I’ll take the SS bottles if giant passes
  10. I’ll take the troller if something changes
  11. I’ll take the 2oz BM darters if coldclam passes