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  1. we want to see the real side of you lol! Jk
  2. How come we never see you vaping on your YouTube videos? Lol... I bought the Huk buffs and apparel last year and they are good quality and don’t fog my lenses.
  3. That’s too far of a ride for me. I’m interested if you’ll ship. Otherwise good luck with sale.
  4. Where down the shore are you located?
  5. I’m interested, do you have box and paperwork and would you ship?
  6. Hopefully this can help new anglers avoid these mistakes in the future... can turn into something life threatening is ones not careful.
  7. Yep, a lot of people learn that the hard way. I’ve seen that bay flip and It can get dangerous real fast.
  8. If you’re new to kayak fishing I would suggest that you don’t fish RB in an east wind unless you have a sweet spot that gives you shelter. The bay can get really dangerous in an east wind. If you have a difference in opinion would love to hear your thoughts. Good luck and be safe out there.
  9. Thanks for posting!
  10. I haven’t seen that thread. Would love to know if it’s driven by a manufacturer issue.
  11. Appreciate that. I’m so limited on time I may have a welder cut out the aluminum and weld a new piece all together.
  12. Always keep your keys and phone on you at all times. Under my dry suit in cold weather and in warmer weather I use a dry bag and keep It on my PFD
  13. Great tip
  14. North Jersey by Rutherford
  15. 2002 if I remember correctly. There’s definitely some serious corrosion going on which is causing some pitting and leaking. It’s only going to get worse unless I wire brush all the oxidation and braze It after hearing everyone’s feedback. You can literally see the wood backer from the outside of the boat.