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  1. Offer $50 for 2 and 4
  2. Sure PM coming
  3. Bump
  4. Great post! Can you show us some of your soft hackle ties? I also like sportsman it’s a really fishy spot. Do you fish it as late as January February? I’m sure it gets a lot of fresh fish as I don’t see that run as a deep “holding” pool correct me if I’m wrong.
  5. $35 shipped and it’s yours.
  6. AH troller new $80 SS Calamari new $85 SS No Rattle $45 Sporting Wood New $35 BM old run darters lightly used $48 each add $5 to shipping take the whole lot for $300 + $5 to ship
  7. The method that RAW gave me was fly line to 4’ of 8lb to 18” of whatever tippet you use 6lb or 4lb. He said that allows you to have greater control of your drift without creating any drag on your indicator or fly. I’m curious to know where the weight would go though. Would also like to hear other perspectives from other anglers.
  8. Absolutely
  9. Update, it’s been found by a resident on the street. Thanks to everyone commenting trying to help!
  10. UPDATE: rod was found by a kind neighbor who wrote a note! Really lucky thanks for all the support guys.
  11. Thanks! I posted on a few of the fishing groups I know and also posted in the LBI lost found stolen page as well… I know my chances of finding are slim but figured I’d try.
  12. Thanks! Haha
  13. Yeah I figured but can’t hurt to try. Thanks.
  14. Missing: St croix tidemaster paired with VR50 white braid in LBI if anyone finds it I’ll provide a reward.