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  1. Thanks will PM you
  2. I’m going to research your info and get back to you I appreciate that!!!!
  3. Mmiller, has hobie ever considered providing a lifetime warranty or even a protection plan for their users? I know manufacturers like GoPro started offering that... a small fee per year can give you coverage etc. I only bring this up because these kayaks aren’t cheap and insurance plans like that go a long way especially with building brand equity etc.
  4. Hmm interesting, I got the opposite reaction on another thread I posted because I indicated we would be on foot. I think what they were saying is the smaller rivers tend to run dry and the air quality is typically bad because of wild fires. I’m sure the larger streams run better but I was told you need a foot or drift boat for that style of fishing. Can floats or drift boats be rented?
  5. As a consumer I find It refreshing and appreciate that manufacturers step up and support the little guys. I know ensuring profitability is the only way a company can survive but building equity with your consumer base is equally important especially in the dynamic environment of retail today.
  6. I’m planning a bachelor party for a friend of mine in August of 2019 and after starting a thread on western trout fishing most of the feedback I received indicates that it’s not a good month for that location. That said, looking for feedback from the SOL community on where we can fish either inside the US or outside (within reason) and what type of fishing that location can offer. We are trying to keep flights inside the US around 350 and we will use air B n B to book accommodations. Open to fresh or saltwater fishing. Our group is used to chuck and duck fly fishing GL tribs and have experience fishing dries for trout as well. We are by no means proficient 80 yard casters to target species like bone etc. we would be open to fly or spin fishing or a combo of the two possibly even a charter but not trying to break the bank. Also, we would be open to spending more on flights outside the country so long as our accommodations and expenses are offset by the power of the US $ so places like Costa Rica etc wouldn’t be out of the picture. Trying to keep everything under $1500 a person.
  7. Sorry for your neighbors loss. They don’t appear to be worth more than $100 each brand new from what I see.
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  10. Thanks! I’m totally clueless to the western fishery which is why I defaulted to this thread for guidance. Seems like the month of August is beat we may have to explore elsewhere possibly the salt...
  11. 4-5 max. Based on the feedback it seems like we need to rethink our plans. We really wanted to hit up Olympic national park and try for steelhead but It seems like that’s way too early for the run there too.
  12. Similar to my last comment I think a float plan is required right?
  13. Those are all pretty big rivers I’m assuming if I’m going to fish them effectively I’ll need a water craft right?
  14. Hey All, Planning a bachelor party for a long time friend of mine in a western state i.e. Colorado, Montana, Utah, etc. sometime in August. Looking for some guidance on fishing opportunities. We will likely stay a minimum of 5 nights and would like to target wild trout on dry flies and nymphs. Would also like to target bigger fish if possible. We are restricted to wading as we won’t have any drift boats or float tubes. From the research I’ve done so far I stumbled across a spot called boxwood gulch in Colorado which seems to produce some nice fish. Thanks in advance. Mag