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  1. Okay done
  2. $240 for the loomis?
  3. The zeebaas knob sorry... it’s new right? also, does It come with a washer or anything or no?
  4. I’ll take the knob
  5. Thanks, if you change your mind let me know.
  6. I’ll offer $30 shipped for the korkers.
  7. Are you interested in any trades?
  8. I’m between an 11-11.5 would these be too big?
  9. I don’t suggest a trailer as that limits your acess to parking and certain fishing spots. B
  10. Opening this back up
  11. I won’t be making It to any other shows. Good luck with sale
  12. If the rod is new or lightly used I’ll take It pending inspection. My goal is to be at surfday.
  13. Great cinematography
  14. Bump 2
  15. Bump