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  1. I have a black 711 with the box if you have any interest?

    711 black.jpg

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    2. technologist
    3. avid fish

      avid fish

      That's a nice reel but I will have to pass ! Thanks

    4. technologist


      I've seen them go on ebay for $675. Thought I was being reasonable. Thanks



  2. I'll take this
  3. I'll take it, shoot me your PayPal please
  4. Would you entertain $550 ? Immediate PayPal Actually (as per rules)shoot me your best price and I'll Take it
  5. Sold to Eric_H , great sale, nice guy ! Thank You SOL and Eric_H
  6. Eric will do your offer if picked up this weekend
  7. Not really but could maybe head towards there if you want to meet up
  8. If you go to Asbury Park flea market this Sunday you can get all you want !!! Hooks by Roolcast ( Jimmy ) and Steve ( Evil Stevel ) both be there !!!!
  9. Surf Day Lost & Found Someone left their surf fishing journal /note book @ Surf Day ! If it's yours please contact me for return arrangement's