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  1. Well I've mostly fished out of NJ or all the way down at the tip of Virginia Eastern Shore. The Regulations in NJ are stupid so looking for some help in finding a few options and spots where I can put the boat in. The boat is a 225 Edgewater express on a trailer till I commit to the right location. I've got numbers all along the coast so I'm not restricted to a certain port. OC Md is about a 3hr tow so from there North is what I'm thinking but if you have a spot south of there you'd recommend would love to hear about it. If you had a few ramp locations or people or shops to talk to I'd be appreciative. Looking to do mostly near shore stuff but on the right day can hit the canyons. Enjoy wreck fishing also and got those numbers, so I'm not looking for anyones spots.
  2. Yes but you can listen to some new old stories or at least as he remembers them
  3. Let me know when you're going, I think I need a ride to escape my quarantine. Think the FU guy is up for it?
  4. Doing well, took some time away to help my eldest son work on a farmhouse. Now getting back into it. Picked up an Edgewater Express for me and the youngest son and grandson.
  5. Left early and there wasn't hardly a car on the road. No issues even passed a cop with the empty trailer and he showed no interest.
  6. Taking a run down there early tomorrow and see what happens
  7. My boat is in Cape May on blocks, with the rules presently in place can I go get my boat without fear of being fined? No going to stop anywhere but at the boat and then back on the road within a hour.
  8. * They have a variety of materials, what is it that you recommend?
  9. Going to be cleaning and waxing the boat and was wondering what you guys are using to clean and wax the fiberglass and what are you using for the aluminum for the top.
  10. Making it easier to move the boat south and fish Delaware or Md.
  11. Before I was building Rods I had almost exclusively St Croix Rods