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  1. Thanks Tom ...
  2. Bunch of nobody's trying to be somebody. As usual,the media will help them out.
  3. Release the Hounds
  4. Same thoughts.I guess they don't think anyone else can catch a ball.
  5. Why we hate ..... this could be a series.
  6. Definitely a lose/lose move. Not that it matters. I read when she got hired at HP,she hung a big portrait of herself next the the ones of the founders H & P.They say that got some chuckles and head shakes right off the bat. The new guy took it down.There was no replacement put up. Obviously,his ego was a tad smaller.
  7. "Fiorina is a graduate of Stanford University, whose Cardinal football team took on the Iowa Hawkeyes, but the GOP presidential candidates indicated she'd put aside school loyalty for Iowa – home of the first caucuses on February 1". The response was quick and harsh, including from Iowa fans who scolded her for not rooting for her own team. ......... Dumb as a box of rocks
  8. Just in case you don't visit the Photo forum,I wanted to post once more.A first for my eyes,how about you .....
  9. Well,these are my first pictures on the first of the year of something I've seen for the first time.I thought I was so hungover i was seeing things.Then I remembered I didn't drink last night so I pulled out the binoculars and saw a guy with what looked like a strange item in a kayak.As I scanned I began to realize maybe someone got a Christmas present he wanted to use no matter what.Anyway,here they are.A first for me. .... Happy New Year !!!
  10. The best..
  11. Thanks ..