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  1. Sold, thank you very much.
  2. Ok, I'll send a pm.
  3. 2 yellow metal lips. The Mucie is out of the package but it was never tossed, both new. 30 shipped for both.
  4. Slow sinking magic swimmer added, that's 5 plugs for 45 shipped.
  5. Sure thanks for your interest.
  6. Good call lol. The green says 155 FL s&s. Gold one says 155 sk.
  7. I'm sorry I don't remember. They are a few years old now.
  8. Since this thread isn't getting any love I will add an extra plug in, all 4 for the same price.
  9. Sold, thank you very much.
  10. Ok they are yours. I'll send a pm
  11. Ok, sorry I'm at work checking as often as I can. Thanks for your interest.
  12. I'm sorry I don't remember, they are like 4-5 years old. I want to say 2.5 but I'd be lying if I said I knew for sure. I apologize
  13. 2 stick shads, the green is brand new and the bunker was fished and actually caught a few times lol. Sinking flat shad is new. 45 shipped for all 3. Thanks for looking.
  14. Next up are some Sebiles
  15. Sale complete. Thank you very much. I have plenty more going up North, maybe we can make a deal on one of the next ones. Thanks.