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  1. I think it was... the FBI wanted a back door so that they could brute force the passcode (requires coding) w/out the device wiping itself after so many failed attempts. Not a simple request to unlock. No reputable company dealing with sensitive/personal data stores passcodes or passwords.
  2. Worth emphasizing that the back door could have been used on ALL iphones. I'd suspect Roger isn't dumb enough to not know the difference between icoud where he choses what data is stored there vs a physical iphone whose data is easily destroyed.
  3. You have to realize some people put in a lot of time and money to build online communities and they create rules for good reason even if you don't get it. Here's your video, you shoulda just posted it. It looks safe for SOL to me ...let's see...
  4. He's Director of Parts and Accessory Sales, Warranty and Technical Support at hobie
  5. I'm with BillZ on this one. I'm thinking that would suck to have on the hot summer days too.
  6. Reel all the way to the sand
  7. The fly guys are especially funny with that rod in the mouth stuff.
  8. Interesting. Lots of folks say you can bend back w/out problems... but in my experience those masts don't like any kind of bending. I've only broken two so that's not much experience with broken masts, so take it for what it's worth.
  9. Did that mast ever bend in the past? I've broken two. One was a mast i bent pretty good and gently bent it back... a few months later it broke. The other was a mast i only slightly bent. It's bend was so subtle I just left it the way it was and didn't bend back... 8 months later it broke.
  10. Poor guy, I see why you want intel handed to you.
  11. You guys know these plans are for monmouth beach bathing pavilion right? Access is currently restricted at the north side of the lot for staging construction stuff, but when it's all said and done we're supposed to get approx 15000sq more parking according to the latest communication... we'll see.
  12. Here's an email i just got on related to this subject... included the final plans too. Dear Residents, On August 10, 2018, we forwarded an email through GovOnline to the Borough residents regarding the seawall project. As you may recall, the construction of the seawall was mandated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA required that a continuous seawall link be provided from Sandy Hook to the south near the Long Branch border. The seawall construction project is being administered through and overseen by the NJDEP Division of Coastal Engineering (DCE), who awarded a contract to J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. in September 2017. This project is intended to bolster the existing seawall and fill the historic 650 linear foot gap at the Monmouth Beach Bathing Pavilion to create the mandated unified, contiguous shore protection structure throughout Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach. FEMA and NJDEP believe this will act as the last line of defense from the Atlantic Ocean. Discussions began in 2015 to determine how to mitigate the obstructed ocean view and access limitations as a result of the seawall construction. The Commissioners determined at that time to apply to the NJ DEP Land Use Division for a Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) Permit to allow the Borough to expand and elevate the existing timber Pavilion deck. This decision was made so that our residents, visitors and patrons of the Bathing Pavilion could continue to enjoy the same wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean. In February 2016, the NJ DEP reviewed the Borough’s application for completeness and the application was published in the NJ DEP’s bulletin on February 17, 2016. A Notice was sent to property owners within 200 feet of the Bathing Pavilion on February 10, 2016. In addition, a legal ad was published in the Asbury Park Press. The CAFRA permit to expand and elevate the Pavilion deck was issued on April 1, 2016. This permit included permission to use the contractor’s staging area for materials for the seawall construction as a future gravel parking lot after the project is completed. In order to fund the permitted deck, Ordinance O-10B-16 was introduced on June 29, 2016 and adopted, after a Public Hearing, on July 26, 2016 at the Borough’s regularly scheduled meeting. Although work has been ongoing in Sea Bright for over a year, the construction of the Monmouth Beach seawall began on September 10, 2018 as requested by the Mayor and Commissioners to ensure that construction would not adversely impact the 2018 Summer Season. Work has been primarily focused in the area adjacent to the Bathing Pavilion. To date, the contractor has completed the initial excavation. The dewatering process is ongoing. The contractor is currently working south to north with respect to the actual seawall construction. Construction of the emergency vehicle cross over is expected to begin in the next week. Unfortunately, the weather conditions this fall have presented some challenges and sand has eroded from the stockpiles during the October 26, 2018 Nor’easter, however, the work remains on schedule. The existing seawall at both the north and south ends of the Bathing Pavilion property are located approximately 60 feet east of the existing north parking lot. When the new seawall is constructed, to “fill in the 60 foot gap”, there will be an approximate 15,000 square foot area north of the existing deck that the NJDEP DCE’s contractor will be using as a materials staging area. As noted above, once construction is complete, this gravel staging area will remain and will be used to provide some additional parking. On November 8, 2018, the Mayor and Commissioners received bids for the construction of the new elevated deck which will continue to allow for the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean that we currently enjoy. This new deck will run the length of the existing deck (approximately 187 LF) and will be approximately 40 feet in width. The expanded deck will be elevated to Elevation 19.25 to provide access over the top the new seawall to the beach. A new shade structure will be constructed at the south end of the expanded elevated deck. Bids are under review by the Borough Attorney. We hope to award a contract for the deck so that the work can be complete in time for Memorial Day Weekend 2019. A copy of the layout plan for the new deck is available on the Borough’s website: The Commissioners and I would like to thank you for your continued cooperation during the project. If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact Borough Administrator, Judy Wilson at 732-229-2204 ex 1000,, or the NJDEP Project Engineer, Rob VonBriel, at (732) 255-0871, Sincerely, Mayor Sue Howard Commissioner Jim Cunniff Commissioner Dave Stickle
  13. Check out that st croix mojo yak rod... I picked up the 7" 6' medium and put a bunch of albies and bass to 15ish lbs on it, nice rod.
  14. You probably coulda let out a bunch of line and pedal away while holding onto the spool and pointing rod directly behind you at the snag.. you'll either pull it out or break it off. Obviously a bad approach if your rod is perpendicular to the yak... you need to keep it all kinda parallel.
  15. Sounds good, I'll shoot you a PM.
  16. Yep, Thanks, I was pondering my skunk. Colin from the average angler blog took the pic. I stumbled across it reading his blog 5 or 6 years back.
  17. I stumbled across a couple the other day digging for bugs.
  18. Hi Mike... What kind of reel seat is on the 1145, and can you tell me the dist between butt and reel seat?
  19. I get the same message, must be a site issue.
  20. I don't think it's tricky... kayaks should have halfway decent hatches, especially expensive ones.
  21. Yeah, good point... another reason to use longer leader. Shark fishing too... keep that braid away from their skin.
  22. Same here, don't want to be paying attention to where a swivel is. I usually only have a few feet of leader even with the Alberto, but during, say, albie season, I'll tie on a good 15 feet of leader so I can retie terminal tackle direct all day w/out worrying about shortening up the leader too much.
  23. That's awesome... Craig said he was going to get me a VS hoodie when I had to get a new vs 250 fixed, but all i got was a t-shirt
  24. I think the Revo 16 has a good front hatch... assuming we define good as something that doesn't let much water in. Been in plenty of slop with much less water in the hull compared to outback or 13. It's got two gaskets on it so will have to see how long those last, but so far so good since early spring.
  25. The guy who started that thread says he found his leak where the bungee is fastened. I had the same exact issue with my first revo 13... gooped that screw and it stopped. Based on miller's comments, sounds like there's more to it, though.