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  1. Something to look forward too. Till then let's speculate...
  2. I wonder if those stats include pedal drive yaks. The survey says "Kayaking involves the use of a double-bladed paddle...". The stats are from 2006 - 2013.. I'd be curious to see what's happening since 2013.
  3. Yikes man... I hope you're saving up for a new yak!
  4. Think you were trying to post this you tube vid of the 2019 outback "surf" test... Edit: it is interesting to see how well protected the rudder is when he drags it down.
  5. I like those sea striker "quick slides". Easy on, easy off, no retying, and can quickly get the right weight on.
  6. I agree except for the "Tough to make quick turns..." part. I'd say it's impossible to make quick turns :). The MD180 comes in real handy for me though. I use reverse all the time when bottom fishing out of the 16.
  7. Hey Folks - I'm heading to Jacksonville for work in a couple weeks, and I'm thinking about bringing a rod, reel, and a few things to cast. I know nothing about the area. I was looking at some maps and St John's point piques my interest. Is that accessible? I see there are some beach access points, but also see a naval base in the area so I'm not sure. Maybe north side via Hugurnot park would be better? I really won't have time to explore myself which is a bummer. I'm hoping folks here can help me nail down a little game plan since I'll only have one, maybe two, shots to see the water after work.
  8. He makes it sounds like a tri fin causes more drag that "just having a fish on the clip" dragging through the water. Maybe a typo ...gotta be a typo.
  9. I think it's an awfully light rod for 5oz in 50 feet. I wouldn't even use it with 3oz in 30 feet. You might consider getting the ML version instead. I love 'em both. I'm a big fan of the Shimano Calcutta D reels. I use them on the L and ML.
  10. I gotta think it still sucks at least one donkey ball for paddling.
  11. Look for "Report post" at the top of any post.
  12. Yeah, first one is for the MD180 cables. Not sure about that other one.
  13. Yes. It'll be the contractors primary access/staging area.
  14. I carry a VHF tethered to my pdf at all times in the yak. I never used a spot so couldn't compare.
  15. Yeah, I guess if you flip your kayak for car-topping or storage. I just leave everything in there.
  16. When (I mean if ) your current bucket breaks you might think about using one of those storage containers like below. Cut it to height, then cut it in half long ways. Feed the halves in from the front hatch (they'll bend in) and get them situated under your center hatch, then just zip tie together. If ya need more space than your bucket, this is a really cool option.
  17. Yikes... I feel your pain man. I get worked to death at times with the web dev I do, but there's a HUGE machine supporting our site where I work... dev teams, QA teams, project mangers, DBAs, security, etc... I do not envy the solo webmaster
  18. You using a bookmark? It sounds like you're using a URL that doesn't exist anymore on the site. For example, try this link ...clearly it does not exist, and gives same error you got.
  19. Maybe you and Joe aren't accepting the cookies from SOL? If ya go into the iOS settings you can search for Safari in the search bar on the top, scroll down and see if you're blocking cookies. I assume the site uses cookies to keep you logged in, but these days that's not the only place to store it.
  20. Are you checking the little box under the password field that says "Remember me"? It works fine for me... iPhone 7
  21. Sept 22nd in full force. Maybe some trickle in a little ahead. But hopefully I'm wrong and they show tomorrow.
  22. I like to use a boat bag. The really simple PVC ones that are flexable. This way I can put a drive on top of it and bungie down for a really secure way to surf launch. Plenty of room for planos and other stuff like leader and misc tackle. Something like this...
  23. Did you have anything like the yakima boat loader? I found it quite easy to put an outback on the top of my truck with it. You only lift half at a time. I'm with ya on the trailer... there's so many places I park that aren't trailer friendly.
  24. Already got a couple
  25. Was in Giglios earlier and they got one on the shelf.